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Hollow Ones

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Graveyard on Cleve Ave.


Graves, high iron fence. Small shack near the gate. Headstones and frightening statues loom everywhere, dark and heavy.


Jax Northen. Caretaker of the cemetery. She is underweight with shoulder length mostly clean dark brown hair and dark brown (nearly black) eyes. Very somber (never smiles.
She wears only black. Likes studded collars , belts, and cuff bracelets. She wears black army boots, lipstick, and nail polish. She has a line of piercings in her right ear. There is a horseshoe shaped stud between her nostrils. Her left eyebrow and tongue are also pierced. Can only be seen at the most dire of meetings. If Jax is there, it must be the start of the Apocalypse!


Pierce - Doesn’t talk - looks like his name. He stares sullenly. (Advantage: high pain threshold; Disadvantage: Odious personal habit-doesn’t talk; Skill: First Aid)
Sin- Black hair, white face make up, black eyes make up and bold red lips and nails-air head (Advantage: Attractive; Disadvantage: Odious personal habit-shallow; Skill: Acrobatics)
Freak- Cold, empty eyes. Obsessed with death and violence. Quiet (Advantage: Danger Sense; Disadvantage: Sadism; Skill: Criminologist TL7)
Leta- Tight black leather and studs. Curvy and talkative (Advantage: Luck; Disadvantage: Odious Personal Habit-shallow; Skill: Sex Appeal)
Sherry- Leather and blood red lips and nails. Hair the color of good sherry. Vague whiff of intelligence behind airheaded demeanor. (Advantage: Intuition; Disadvantage: Odious Personal Habit-Gum; Skill: First Aid)
Trip-Stoner with spiked mohawk. Occasionally spouts something profound (Advantage: Voice; Disadvantage: Addiction-Acid; Skill: Philosophy

Note While many Hollow One Chantries are serious about Magick, this one is interested in only two things, the next party and tweaking the other Traditions. That is why they resist the formal hierarchy and choose their leader like children on the playground (ex: it’s your ball, you can be captain. You sleep in the Graveyard, you’re "it”)