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Cult of Ecstasy

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Freaks Night Club
1500 N> Main Rd


Black stone Gothic structure with wrought iron gates and a spike top fence. The Chantry proper consists of many rooms in the sub-basement
The owner is a Deacon in the Chantry named Flash who plays guitar in a band at the club. There is (of course) much “partying” here in the club with recreational drugs and drinking.


Ivy Rendarch. She is the bartender/ manager at the Nipple Ring bar. She lives above this bar. She attends all meetings at the Chantry, however. She sold it to Flash in favor of the simpler job of managing the Nipple Ring. The owner there has a deal with her. She keeps things running and he stays out of her way. She prefers this to the stress of ownership.


Flash - Heavily pierced and tattooed. Guitarist in house band of Freaks nightclub. Called “Flash” because that’s what all his piercing do in the stage lights
Tiny - Drummer in band
Fried - Lives at the bar, and is called that because that’s what he is.

Note Many more fellows and Sentinels come and go constantly - the members of this Tradition constantly travel the world. The Chantry is on a Haven Node.

Sphere :Time


Incense Corr/ Spirit
Music Forces/ Mind
Ring Entropy/ Matter
Vice Life, Prime, Time