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Celestial Chorus

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Celestial Chorus


St. Valentine Church
1 Church Blvd


Mazelike church and buildings that appear deserted, but are actually a very small neighborhood church.
Stone church with heavy iron cross on steeple. Large statues of dark stone flank 3 sets of double doors. Their eyes seem to follow you menacingly.
rectory of same dark stone with two dark stone angels flanking the entranceway. Their eyes are closed. Father Jarwin lives here with the Deacons and Sentinels who work inside.
There are 2 other buildings to house the others who choose to live there - men in one, women in other . Most choose this option, but not all.


Father Ezekial Jarwin. Older man with thinning gray hair and genial demeanor. He takes care of the congregation of the church as well and his Chantry


All carry title of Deacon in church
Brothers Samuel, Peter, and Matthew

Sisters Sarah and Maria
Brothers Luke and Mark

Sphere :Prime


Holy Symbol Forces/ Mind
Fire Prime/ Spirit
Pure Water Entropy
Song Corr/ Life/ Time