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Akashic Brotherhood

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Origami Martial Arts Store and Dojo
3000 Cleve Ave NW


Crumbling black brick storefront backed by large gothic house with spires that pierce the sky.
Working store and Dojo with Chantry proper hidden below by locked door behind tapestry wall hanging of Japanese alphabet.
Note: Any PC that joined in the last 5 years would have learned here and been taught by the Pedagogue, Deacons, and Fellows described below.


Samurai: Diminutive Japanese man with black hair and eyes who appears ageless and ancient at the same time.
Store owner and highly respected sensai in Sleeper society as well as Mage society
Runs extremely traditional Dojo as dictated by Japanese society. One exception-women are not considered inferior here-as long as they can show their skill and dedication.
Runs Chantry along strict lines. Follow Protocols (Game terms-all members of this Chantry must take Code of Honor: Protocols at its highest point cost and roleplay a strict adherence). Follow Path to your Do. Learn basics well and practice hard to advance in hierarchy.


Brother Maryn Jans: Teacher of methods to guide one to their Do
Cathleen Lee and Faruk

Tarana Wong: Teacher of History of Akashic Brotherhood and Path to Do
Mariah Kim: Teacher: The Approach to the Spheres
Fred Jun: Teacher Judo , Meditation to The Search for Your Do

Sphere :Mind


Do Corr/ Mind/ Prime/ Time
Purification Spirit/ Entropy
Weapon Life/ Matter