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Fantasy RPG
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Welcome to JUST one part of the Fantasy RPG sim, this is Sephalen Town. Now, being that Sephalen is a big military center, we do a lot of training here. Now, Sephalen is ONLY for the men AND women whom are fit enough to be in the world's greatest army. Now, in the upper sector are the military forts, bases, bunks, and other related objects. Down below, in the lower sector is the residential area, where the people are. Now, becomeing a member of Sephalen, you can either choose one or the other. You can live in the Upper Sector which usually results in what your job(s) appoints you to, or you can just be a resident. PLEASE note that some jobs do require you to live in either of the the sectors, just because you have a job, does not neccessarily mean you must live in the upper secotr. Also, each sector includes it's own unique features, which you can find out under the link(s):

Upper Sector


Lower Sector

Now, once you have become a member, you will soon be appointed by the officals, which are higher in rank, (i stated above in the first 2 paragraphs).

If you would like to find out what the Fantasy RPG sim is, then click on this link: Fantasy RPG Sim



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