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Your pay will be decided by the success of your objectives

An assasin will be trained to sneak into spots where they can not be seen and be able to assasinate other people from town villages. Once you have become an Assasin you will have many objectives. As an assasin, you will be faced with dangerous task so be ready to kill as your officer commands you to. You will get paid by the # of objectives you complete succesfully.

Weapon: sword(s)


$850 Weekly Pay

A Soldier is here to be always prepared when they are needed. You are here to fight in any battles or any other objectives that your commanding officer gives you.

The Soldier that is highest in rank will be appointed as Captain, and the second Soldier Highest in rank as Lutenant. The captian is in charge, if he gets hurt, killed, or captured the lutenant will be captian and the third in rank will become lutenant and so on.

Weapon: Rifle


Money will be awarded acording to the value of the items stolen.

You will have to sneak into the village of another site, and recover items. To bring items to our town, you will use the dice system which can be found at AOL keyword: dice.You will be mostly stealing weapons. Every once in a while you will have to get other things.

Weapons: Switch Blade


Pay per job

Your job as a Mercenary will be to go on just certain jobs, certain jobs that will be asigned to you. When you go on these jobs you will have to fight a lot and you will usually be going with about 3 other people. You will usually be sent to capture a location, or wipe out a region.

Weapons: Weapon of choice

Black Mage

Pay per job

A black mage usually works alone and starts with minimal magic like fire 1 and ice 1. Once you have enough cash, you can buy magic books to increase the magic you learn. After you have gained enough experiance and level, you may apply to learn higher level magic like ultima.

Weapon: Magic staff

White Mage

Pay per job

The wite mage used curative magic. You start with magic like barrier and cure. Like the black mage, you can buy books to learn more magic. You also have to apply to learn higher magic like Revive.

Weapon: Magic staff


Pay per kill

The sniper will be paid to eliminate certian targets wich will be provided to you by your captian. You will be alone during your mission and must carry provisions to last atleast 3 days. Most missions will range from 2 meeting periods to 7 meeting periods depending on the target. In other words you have a leave of absence for 2-7 regular meetings.

Weapon: Sniper Rifle