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How to Battle

Well, first off, before you attack/battle, you must state your HP amount

Also, you will have to state your MP amount (depending on if your a mage of some sort).

Next, You will have to tell your opponent what lvl you are.

You will state what weapon you will be using.

And, you will state your HYPER SLOT (limit break).

Now, after you have stated that, you MUST wait for your opponent(s) to do the same as you did above.

Now, once that is done, the person whom stated all of his information FIRST, they get to attack first.

When attacking, you must, first, announce your maneuver (which is decided by what lvl you currently at) by using the colan at the start of your move, and at the end of your move.


::Sword Slice::

Now, once you have done that, you must roll ONE six sided dice.

And, you can tell if you connected with your move, because the person that attacks first ALWAYS has to recieve an even number on his/her role of the die.

And his opponent(whom will strike second) MUST roll an odd number to connect with their attack.

The amount of HP that is taken off of your opponent once struck by you depends on your lvl.


You are lvl 2. Your 1st strike whatever it may be will take off 20 HP.

Your 2nd strike, whatever it may be also, will take off 25.

and your 3rd strike, whatever it may be too, will take off 30 HP.

Now, also, lets do one for a lvl. 3 person.

Your first strike will pick up where your 3rd strike of lvl 2 left off.

It will take off 35.

Then, your 2nd strike will take off 40, then 45 for your 3rd strike.

When you strike and you CONNECT you must say-::Connection::

And when hit you must state this-::hit-__hp:: Telling that you were hit and you have however much amount of hp left.

When the battle has ended, you will be awarded with a certain amount of experience depending on your opponents lvl rank.


You have just killed a lvl. 5 assassin. You will receive 50 experience.

If it was a lvl. 2, then you would have 20 exp. It all depends on what level they are.

Just think of it this way, what ever level they are currently at when you defeat them just add a zero onto their exp. to get your exp.

Now, all moves and amounts of damage that you take off of your opponent all result in your occupation, rather it be a sniper, soldier, or assassin.

Here is an example of a battle:

Usherboy11: ::Rifle Lunge::

OnlineHost: Usherboy11 rolled 1 6-sided die: 6

Usherboy11: ::Connection::

Prep Brad: ::hit-170hp::

Usherboy11: ::Big Shot::

OnlineHost: Usherboy11 rolled 1 6-sided die: 6

Usherboy11: ::Connection::

Prep Brad: ::hit-145hp::

Usherboy11: ::Rolling Bullet::

OnlineHost: Usherboy11 rolled 1 6-sided die: 4

Usherboy11: ::Connection::

Usherboy11: ::Big Shot::

OnlineHost: Usherboy11 rolled 1 6-sided die: 6

Usherboy11: ::Connection::