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What is Fantasy RPG Sim?

Welcome to to one part of the RPG Fantasy sim. If you don't know what the RPG Fantasy sim is... Well, it is an association over the internet that allows you to join a city/village/town. To join click the link below that reads "Become a member". Now, if you do not fully understand what is going on, this site is where you will costomize your own character. Some of the jobs you can choose from include: An assasin, sniper, magician, mercenary, soldier, spy, or another job that you suggest to us. Once you have joined you will become an official member of RPG Fantasy sim! This is completely free. Once you've signed up for a job... You will have to carry out the orders given to you, or your job/class. Your Officer of higher rank will inform you on events and happenings on the RPG Fantasy sim network. Your main objectives will be decided by the officer, himself. Be ready, be prepared, and be willing to kill.