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2 Peas In a Pod

"All you ever wanted to know about Irish Twins and More!"

Hello, my name is Anissa Kearney and I created this website to inform and receive support, advice, tips & tricks dealing with Irish Twins. And no, its not about twins that are Irish! So, click around and have fun!

And attention to all parents that have Irish Twins - please e-mail me with your advice, tips and tricks, pictures of your Irish Twins. Check out recent pictures that were sent to me of Cute Irish Twins! KEEP THOSE PHOTOS COMING!! I want to share your information with everyone!

This site is dedicated to the 2 babies (now preschoolers!) that inspired me..Matt-2 and Peej! This site was updated on March 28th, 2004.

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This website has been designed and created as well as maintained by Anissa Kearney

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