~Brenda's Land of Acushla~
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~For Mauri~ Whose Little Ears Do Not Hear~
~And For Grady~Who Speaks With His Heart~


~New Developments Include The Addition Of Two New Grandsons~

~Tyson Ranes Carter~ Born September 18th, 2001~

~Braydon Paul Carter~Born September 15th~1999~

~Ranes has a website dedicated to~
~ ~ ~ John Leonard Dekle, the Immigrant ~ ~ ~
~This site is based on the book~
~By Ansel Dekle, and updated by Anne Dekle~
~This site already contains almost 2,000 names of descendats~
~and thousands of names are yet to be added~
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~Stay Tuned For Further Updates~

~~Peace is a Precious Commodity~
~I Believe That Part Of Our Purpose In This World~
~Is To Help Each Other~

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~An Image Is Only An Image~
~Nothing More~


~i am so glad and very~merely my fourth will cure~the laziest self of weary~the hugest sea of shore~

No~Thought For The Day

"To Begin at the Beginning, and Continue until you reach the End,"
as told to Alice in the Wonderland,

Acushla is an Irish word with the literal meaning ~beat of my heart~
passed in this direction by a dear friend.
Being a lover of words and friends, most information in my~land is referenced
to~ by~ and from~ both avenues~
~the composite of my pulse~

In the beginning there was light, created by God,
and the golden emmission, whether the source be candle or sun,
continues to shine on me.
As ~Imagination is the Hallmark of Genius~
I invite you to many small light shows,
all revealing my roots, my growth, my foliage.

My~land contains the Mulitude
~Stylists Barbershop Quartet~ ~Utah Skyline Chorus~ ~Yanni~
~Tommie in The Forest~ ~La Grande Louvre~
~e.e.cummings~ ~The Poet's Page~
~Coldfish Photo Composite~
~For Ears That Hear~Eyes That See~Souls That Feel~
~The Bard~
~Complete Works~ ~Illustrations~ ~Utah Festival~ ~Insults~
~Companion Birds~ ~Dogs~ ~Cats~ ~Tropical Fish~

~so far your nearness reaches~a lucky fifth of you~turns people into eaches~and cowards into grow~

~Click Image to Feel The Love~Access Missing Children~

~My Branches~
~Ranes and Blace~
The primary family grew a bud one spring,
~Solom Lake~
and blossomed as tenderly as flowers do,
into a summer sun, dew drenched beauty,
~Blue Sky Neeley~
~Then in the fall of 1999, an autumn leaf futher graced my tree,
~Braydon Paul Carter~

~The secondary family is comprised of my Little Friends~

~African Grey~

~along with a little serving of Swamp Gravy~
~a slice of life~
~rule breaking within rule keeping~
~to get in touch~we need to touch~

Through the Awesome Power of the Internet, I have Friends over the World,
~Beginning in this Area~
~Extending Further than can be Reached~
~But close enough to Touch~

~South Africans Abroad~

~South Africa~
~Renett's Home Page~

~Dillingham, Alaska~~Home of Nick and Bobbi~
~You Can't Change The Wind~
~But You Can Change The Sails~

~Australia~ ~Germany~

~England~Jamie's Home~

~India~Home of Nishak~

Sahnoun's Home
~PARIS~FRANCE~ Sahnoun's Home~
~Your Heart Is A Camera~

~Japan~Bakauma's Home~

~Jersey~Channel Islands~Home of the Coldfish~

~Key West Florida~


~Home of Juan Manuel~Amigo~

~Acushla Is Also A Celtic Folk Band~~

~South Georgia's Atlantic Coast~

~Switzerland~Home of Antonio~

~Texan in a Kilt~Quin's Home~


~Rhodesian Embassy~

~Russia~Home of Denis V Volkov~

~Last~Not Least~My Very Own~

~our can'ts were born to happen~our mosts have died in more~our twentieth will open~wide a wide open door~

~for healthy animals~

~for a healthy earth~

~~we are so both and oneful~night cannot be so sky~ ~sky cannot be so sunful~i am through you so i~
~You are friend to visit my~land~

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