~Miss Blue Sky Neeley~
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~Miss Blue Sky Neeley~

~Sky and I~

~Sky and I~she and me~
~alone together~one were we~
~quiet the house~dark the night~
~her sleeping face~dim the light~
~study her expression~ponder her birth~
~tears flow freely~warm from the hearth~
~the feel of her hair~on my lingering lips~
~little suckles she makes~in her sleep she sips~
~soft her skin~smooth the touch~
~can I but again~feel love this much~
~God is good~God is kind~
~such Peace such Joy~fills my mind~
~Ranes then Blace~Solom then she~
~another gift~from He to me~
~feels the same~the weight of them all~
~the fit in my arms~each one I recall~
~one at the time~held close to my breast~
~each being perfect~each being best~
~after all is touched~after all is done~
~Sky and I~we were one~

~July 8th, 1997~
~First Born Daughter Of Blace~

~Blue Sky is Growing~
~Christmas 1997~
~Five Months Old~

~Look~I have Feet~
~And I am sitting up~
~Valentine's 1998~

~Teeth Happened~
~Along With Some Southern Mosquito Bites~
~Easter 1998~

~In my 'Good~Night~Moon' shoes~

Mother's Day 1998~

~Valentine's 2000~

Miss Sky got flowers from Mamoo~

~Return to My~land~