Tribute to Solom
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Sweet Solom's Song

What song were you singing Solom,
as your living spirit grew?
Were you sent to share a lesson,
is your message getting through?
We know you're in the clouds now,
where only spirits go,
yet also part of the sea,
the sun, the sky,
the flowers, trees and snow.
How about the thunder, lightening, rain,
dawn, dusk, or light?
Is your little spirit everywhere,
shining ever bright?

The Pain of Unmet Anticipation,
The Sorrow of the Loss,
The Disappointment of Change in Plans,
Hang like Oak's old Moss.
We were so ready for you,
for a full life on earth,
never knowing it would end,
beginning with your birth.
Is that the song you're singing Solom,
to love what's here to love,
as who or when or whatever,
is as elusive as the dove?

Should we lift our souls and eyes to God,
wear a huge smile on our face,
push to do the best we can with what we're given,
this time, this place?

I hear your Song Sweet Solom,
Your Sweet Solom Song Sings Clear,
To everything there is a season,
a reason,
to hold life so dear.

~In Memory and Honor Of~
~Solom Lake Castillo~
~April 9, 1996~
~First Born Son of Blace~

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