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Here are some lovely doves for your enjoyment
from someone in Texas

~To our Beloved Friend BRENDA~
~From your Friends Mohamed and his two ladies Ines & Hanna~

~i am through you so i~

Receive this Rose From the "ARC de TRIOMPHE" ~PARIS~

~Your roses, m'lady~
~In appreciation for all of your hard work and generous servings of joy in happiness, a bouquet of roses. May you enjoy them as much as your visitors enjoy your web site~
~Liberty Frederick~

The Liberty

Bob Werntin's
Poetry Award

Krewe of Bacchus Special Award

Krewe of Bacchus Special Award

Catfish's Pond Favorite Site Award

Gold Star Award
Presented to:
Awarded for your enjoyable webpages, and your wonderful contributions to our internet.
Thanks for the entertainment!~Dar

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