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  Say a prayer for Marni  



Marni Pont O'Doherty
3/27/70 - 9/11/01

Marni, was an intelligent, witty, and talented "Rick fan" that I did not have the honor of ever meeting. I am sure that doesn't even begin to describe what kind of wonderful person she was. She worked for KBW, 2 WTC, on the 89th floor. Light a candle and say a prayer for her and her family.

Here is a poem written by Kerry Stroh. Her words describe the agony of what all of us felt on the RLS list waiting to see an email from Marni to let us know she was okay on that tragic day.


The cry went up that fateful day.
The realization that one of our own
may have been in harms way.

Has anyone heard from Marni??

She posted this morning.
Who's time zone would it be?
Before, during or after
the horror playing out on our TV screens?

Where's Marni?

An address is posted
our worst fears confirmed.
She was in tower two.
The second one hit.
The first one to fall.

Where's Marni?

Surely she had left
when the first tower was hit.
She's just covered in ash
on her way home.
On foot.

We were glued to our computers
waiting for word.
The word that would never come...

Where's Marni?

Prayers went up.
Our hopes and fears voiced.
A posted list of our family
who had chance to be lost.
One by one checked off.
Shaken but sound.
One name still remained.

Where's Marni?

Our family along with the country
grew closer and strong.
Sharing our memories
our shock and sadness
our hopes and tears.
Day after day
we leaned on each other
and waited for word.
The word that would never come...

Where's Marni?

And still we have hope.
And we are changed.
A message gets posted
that would surely draw flame.
Instead posts from both sides
without nastiness or blame.
And we are changed.

United by a special person
who has touched so many people.
Hundreds in fact.
People she had never met
yet who can call her friend.

Who is by definition
someone who can make you laugh
or you can cry with.
Who can make you think
and reflect.
Someone who
by example
can help you become a better person.

Marni was
and did
all of those things.
Without meeting most of us
face to face.
Her creativeness, intelligence, wit
and ability to make us all laugh
will be truly missed.

And we must somehow go on.
We must fight our fears.
We must take to the skies again.
We must restore our confidence
in so many things.
For you see
if we don't
they get part of what they wanted.
Though they cannot break our spirit
the bad guys win in some way.
And the bad guys do NOT get to win.

Where's Marni?
She is in our prayers
in our hearts
in our memories
our laughter
our tears.
And in the hugs and love
we give our family and friends
having been taught one more thing
by our dear friend Marni.

Life is too short.
Live every day to the fullest.
Do the things that
truly make you happy.
There is no guarantee on tomorrow.

Most importantly.
Don't forget what we have all learned
These past days.
The unity
the love
the tolerance
the things that are truly important in life
and who the true heroes are in this world.
That is the best way to honor our friend Marni
and the others
who were stolen from us that fateful day.

Where's Marni?
"She must surely be near heaven........"

We love you Marni.
Thank You.


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