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  My LASIK experience  

After having this surgery, I recently decided to add this information to my website. It may help in your making the BIG decision. Read on...

July 19, 2001 was the day I underwent LASIK for my Farsightedness. Costing a pretty penny and looking pretty promising, I decided to go for it. Afterall, I HATED wearing glasses and why should someone as young as me have to wear hardwear on there face? When I looked in the mirror, I saw frames, not a face. I couldn't see close up and I couldn't see far away. Contacts made my eyes too dry to see and I could hardly see them when I put them in my eyes. So I did it!

My vision was definately corrected. I noticed it right away. However, my eyes had become so severely dry, that I was visually impaired. It looked like clear vision blocked by a haze of clouds. Like I have vaseline in my eyes...not fun. After a month of feeling very frustrated, and using every drop and ointment known to man, my doctor tried putting Tear Duct Drainage plugs in my eyes thinking they would plug it like a sink and hold my tears in that were draining too quickly. Well, the left eye sees much clearer most of the time and the right eye is still hazy. Sometimes I feel cross-eyed since my eyes are so different. I can get that left eye to clear up for a few minutes with drops, but it goes back to a blur pretty quickly. Glasses can not help with this problem. If I had proper tear production, I would have tears flooding my face after plugging the drainage ducts.

There is not a second that goes by that I don't think about my eyes. When you cut the cornea, you mess up tear production. Lots of people have dry eyes after LASIK. My doctor and surgeon say they've never seen such a case like mine though. Leave it to me to be the oddball!!

So, I share this information with you, so that if you are considering having this procedure done you may want to think twice. Nearsightedness is different from Farsightedness and the laser is different too. But both surgeries have caused lots of complications for all kinds of people. Even if you have the BEST surgeon, you don't know how your body is going to heal. So be aware.

Am I sorry I had it done? Sometimes I am. On days where I dress nice, I am happy that I am not wearing glasses anymore. On days that I just want to plop on the couch and relax with TV, I sometimes wish I could throw on my old glasses. Yes, I can now read my computer with no problem and I can drive glasses-free with my one eye that is clear. In time, this could get better, but there is no guarantee. And if my eyes remain like this for a long time, I will surgically have my drainage ducts sealed off...more money out of my pocket.

Of course, it's only been a few months. If I see better than I do now with time, I will definitely post it. Please check out all the information you can get a hold of before doing this to yourself.

And if I can't see Rick Springfield clearly when I go to his show, I will SCREAM!!!


It has now been about seven and a half months since surgery.  I see clearly out of my left still and my right eye still goes back and forth.  I recently went to a new doctor who told me to use an antibiotic drop for my eyes to cut down on my bacteria buildup.  Since I have my ducts plugged, it is like a stagnant pond.  The only place for tears to go is for it evaporate..therefore it leaves build up of bacteria.  The drops help me a lot.  I'm doing better.  I still hope that things will be perfect one of these days, but for now I am okay.