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All about Moi

Daisy, Growing

I'm a crazy head is spinning!!

Welcome to my website! Where you can learn all about ME! Aren't you glad you came? = )

I am a married mom of 3 little boys. They keep me on my toes! I like to have a good time and keep life interesting no matter what.

My favorite singer/songwriter/actor is the handsome and talented Rick Springfield. I am a 20 year dedicated fan. It all started when my parents were fans of his and I was 7 years old. The man is still fantastic. If you aren't a fan...become one! : ) Right now he is starring in the show EFX Alive at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. On the dates he isn't performing there, he is touring throughout the country. RICK,COME TO SALT LAKE CITY!!!

The Rick Springfield concerts I have been to were in 1993 and 1982 and I just went to Decatur on Oct. 20th 2001~ It was AWESOME!!!!!
I grew up in sunny south Florida. I now live in Ogden, UT! It's alot less humid and has much better scenery. But I do miss the beach.

I stay at home with my three boys. But I do try to go to school if I can. I am a Psychology major with only 5 classes to go before I get a BS. Little by little I am getting there.

As for hobbies, I enjoy chatting online, crafts, scrapbooks (of course, I'm a mom!) music (especially RICK!), obviously my children, and having fun! I have a wonderful husband too!

Me and Jesse

Jesse in the picture with me, is now 5 years old. He is so smart that he is my greatest challenge. Connor is 3 and Hunter is going to be a year old in September. I love being a mom. I get a little scatterbrained and I am missing many brain cells. But other than that I am doing considerabley well!