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(IMPORTANT: A proper non-toxic diet, a potent multi-vitamin, and EPA/GLA fatty acids to aid absorption of nutrients are recommended to be combined with these products, and medication and other herb / supplement interactions considered, to be most safe and effective.  Also, try to obtain supplements in extract form, sublingual (liquid under the tongue), or in the highest concentration doses, as health supplements are often weak, destroyed in the gut, and do not absorb completely in diseased individuals):


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Acne Formula

AIDS Supplements

Allergy Formula (If you have allergies, an allergy formula only treats the symptoms, and you also need to treat the cause by using an Immune System Builder)


Anti-Aging Complex

Anti-Anxiety Formula

Antibiotic -- Natural Colloidal Silver (Why it's safe)


Antioxidant Formula


Anti-Stress Formula

Anxiety Formula


Appetite Stimulant

Appetite Suppressant


Arthritis Relief Formula

Aspartame/Artificial Sweetener Detox

Attention Deficit Disorder / ADD / ADHD Formula

Baby Products -- Natural

Bach Flower Remedies

Bath Products

Bed Wetting

Bee Pollen (Blood builder, builds stamina, bolsters immune system, detoxifies the body, very high in vitamins) 

Benzodiazepine Safe Substitute


Blood Sugar Formula

Body Building

Body Fat Reducer/Muscle Tone Increaser

Body Sculpting Products

Bowel and Liver Cleanser

Brain Tonic

Breast Enhancement / Breast Enlargement

Breast Health

Bulimia Treatments

Burn Gel

Candida Cleanse

Cardiovascular Health

Chelation Products

Cholesterol Support Formula

Children's Vitamins

Chlorella / Chlorophyll / Algae

Circulation Formula

Colon Cleanse / Colonics



Depression Support Formula

Detoxification Formula

Diabetic Formula

Diet Formula

Diet Liquid Drops

Diet Patch

Digestive System Tonic with Enzymes -- Dairy Free

Diuretic - Natural

Ear Candling Supplies

Endometriosis Formula

Energy Tonic

Erectile Dysfunction Remedy

Essential Fatty Acids (Improves transmission of brain and nerve signals, attention span, and cognitive processes, and aides absorption of other vitamins and minerals)

Essential Oils

Eye Problems / Vision Formula

Fatty Acids

Fertility Formula

Fever Formula

Flea Killer - Nontoxic

Fungus Relief Remedy


Gland Formula

Hair Care

Hair Regrowth / Regeneration / Thinning Hair System

Hay Fever Relief Formula

Headache Formula

Health Tonic (Promotes overall restoration of good health)

Heartburn Formula

Heart Tonic

Heavy Metal Cleanse

Herbs and Uses

High Blood Pressure Formula

Hypoglycemia Treatment

Hyperthyroidism Treatment

Immune System Builder

Impotence Tincture

Incense Sticks - Aromatherapy

Incontinence Remedy

Insect Repellent

Jewelry - Healing

Joint Formula

Kidney & Bladder Tincture

Knee Brace / Magnetic Support

Lactose Intolerance Treatment


Leg Veins Formula

Liver Tonic

Lotions / Body Lotion / Hand Lotion

Lung Formula

Magnetic Therapy

Male Vitality Formula

Massage Oils

Memory Formula

Menopause Formula

Menstrual Cramps / Cramping Formula


Mood Aid Formula

MSG Detox

Muscle Relaxants

Nervous Tension Formula

Nursing Formula -- To Dry Up Breast Milk

Oral Chelation for plaque buildup and heavy metals

Oral Hygiene

Ovarian Cyst & Fibroid Support

Parasite Cleanse

Personal Products

Pet Care

PMS Woman's Defense

Prenatal Vitamins


Progesterone Cream

Prostate Formula

Radiation Detox

Sedative/Sleep Enhancer

Self-Tanning Natural Towelettes

Sexual Enhancement - Men

Sexual Enhancement - Women

Sinus Congestion Formula

Skin Care


Sports Performance Products

Stomach Medicine

Stress Formula

Sunless / Self-Tanning Lotion, Spray, Mist

Sunscreen - Natural

Thyroid Formula

Toothache Treatment

Trace Minerals

Tumor Inhibitor

Vegetable and Fruit Supplements

Vein Support

Viagra Alternative

Vision / Eyes


Water Purification / Filtration

Weight Control Products

Women's Health and Beauty

Wound Care


Products that Heal and Prevent Disease

The reason we created NatureGem is not just to offer the best natural and organic foods, herbs and vitamins, and personal products that help cleanse the body of toxins -- we believe it is critical that we educate people so that they can make informed lifestyle decisions that help minimize exposure to health threats, leading to optimal health for life.  Always ask the question:  "Is it natural AND is it being used as nature intended?"  Drugs and medications do not cure.  Drugs such as anti-depressants, cholesterol-lowering statins, antihistamines, and most other drugs only treat the symptoms by altering the body's natural response system, while they usually aggravate the underlying condition and cause frequent unhealthy and dangerous side effects.  (See  Death by Medicine)  There is an alternative.  Orthodox medicine focuses on finding cures, like the cure for cancer, with little success, instead of trying to find and eliminate the causes.  As with a drug addiction, our bodies may also have become accustomed to, and crave, unhealthy foods tainted with chemicals.   Our body is made up of billons of cells working in miraculous symmetry. But for these cells and our body to stay healthy and disease-free we must supply high quality nutrients and foods. Unfortunately our modern day processed, bleached, refined, adulterated, irradiated and genetically modified foods can't supply these essential wholesome nutrients. Your body may have subsequently, in its weakened state, also fallen prey to an overgrowth of viruses and bacteria.  NatureGem is here to help you make the best natural food and lifestyle choices to improve and maintain you and your family's health.  As your body heals, those cravings will diminish.  Read the following information carefully, work with your natural practitioner to help you decide what is best for you and your family, and feel free to print out this page to use as your guide.  We have also provided links to recommended natural and organic products that you can purchase online: Wholesome foods, beverages, herbs, vitamins, and supplements, or personal and home products through our web site.  Many people also lack necessary oxygen in their bodies at the cellular level due to pollution and depleted foods, which can allow disease to progress.  Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are believed to flourish in low-oxygen environments.  Increase oxygen to your body through moderate aerobic exercise, raw foods, deep breathing, distilled or oxygenated water, and other natural means such as oxygenating supplements like sea silver to speed healing.  Although there is much controversy in the field of health, we are confident that the true path to good health lies with nature.  It may take you a little time to learn how to make strictly natural choices, but it will bring you renewed energy, mental clarity, weight control, and can prevent and often assist your body to heal itself and recover from disease. 


  • No White, Non-Whole Grain, or Processed Breads, Noodles, Cereals, and Grains -- Avoid bleached, enriched (with synthetic vitamins), products that don't say "whole" on the label or products with a long list of ingredients you don't understand.  Semolina, durum, and "pearled" barley are not whole grain.  Click here to learn why white flour used in white breads and pastas is dangerous.

  • Limit Intake of Unnaturally Raised and Fatty Meats -- Fats store toxins.  Look for low-fat meats that don't have antibiotics, hormones, and other preservatives or additives, and have not been irradiated.

  • No Sugars or Artificial Sweeteners -- Artificial sweeteners (Aspartame, saccharin, neotame, etc.) can be extremely dangerous as they convert chemically to formaldehyde and other neurotoxins when heated, as at body temperature, in hot beverages, and baked foods.  Processed sugars such as white sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, turbinado sugar, powdered sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, corn starch, and molasses (a by-product of refined sugars) have little or no nutritional value and aggravate yeast and bacteria in the body.  The manufacture of sugar from sugarcane juice is a process that involves a cocktail of chemicals.  Sulphur dioxide, lime, phosphoric acid, formic acid, bleaching agents and viscosity reducers are just some of these.  Moreover, the processing of sugar is carried out in mild steel equipment, which leads to a high dosage of Nickel in the mother liquor.  Read the labels on gum, toothpaste, vitamins, children's aspirin, and other products carefully, as manufacturers are beginning to slip toxic artificial sweeteners into non-diet products because it's cheaper than sugar.  Also avoid non-nutritive simple "ose" sugars in packaged foods that are synthetic, have been chemically manufactured, or have been processed (cooked) and refined such as dextrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, or sucrose.  These sugars may be naturally present in unrefined foods, such as glucose and fructose in raw honey.

  • No Foods Fried at High Temperatures -- One order of fast food french fries was found to contain 300 times more acrylamide -- a carcinogenic water treatment chemical -- than is allowed by the EPA in one glass of water.  Oils change chemically at high temperatures.

  • Avoid Coffee -- Although coffee is natural and does have some benefits, it should be strictly limited or avoided because coffee overworks the adrenal glands, has been show to interfere with the absorption of nutrients, can aggravate existing heart and nervous conditions, can contain bacteria, and helps toxins absorb in the body.  As long as we live in a toxic world, NatureGem recommends avoiding coffee, or limiting it to very occasional use.  There are several delicious grain-based and plant-based coffee substitutes available nowadays, but read the ingredients for additives and sugars.  The healthiest and best tasting coffee substitutes contain chicory, dandelion root, carob, and other healing plant ingredients.

  • No Margarine or Partially Hydrogenated Oils -- Margarine contains trans-fatty acids, and is not in a natural state that the body can process.  Read labels carefully as partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated oils are being used extensively in many products.

  • No Low-Fat or Diet Products -- The body needs the right fats, such as fats from plants -- olive oil, safflower oil, nut oil, etc. eaten raw or lightly heated, not fried.  Many products labeled low-fat or diet actually contain fats that are not required to be reported as such by the FDA, contain unnatural ingredients, and toxic artificial sweeteners.  When you eat only whole grains and all-natural products, you will usually lose fat naturally with little exercise.

  • No Soda Pop -- The average can of soda pop contains 12 teaspoons of sugar, which aggravates yeast and bacteria in the body, and has no nutritional value.  Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that are toxic to the brain and nervous system.

  • No Excitotoxins -- Stay away from excitotoxins in food and beverages that overstimulate the brain and can cause brain damage such as aspartame, aspartic acid, cysteine or cysteic acid, monosodium glutamate (MSG), any ingredients that are listed as hydrolized or autolyzed, sodium or calcium caseinate, carrageenan, yeast extract or yeast nutrient, "seasonings", "spices", gelatin, bouillon, vegetable protein, texturized protein, plant protein extract, natural flavoring, and commercial soup, which often contain excitotoxins/MSG, but are not required to be reported by the FDA.  Also, MSG may be in malt extract, malt flavoring, broth, and natural beef or chicken flavoring.

  • Avoid Unnatural Personal Products -- 70% of what you put on your skin absorbs directly into the blood stream.  As with everything else, read the labels.  Anti-perspirants that contain aluminum compounds and prevent natural sweating and elimination of toxins (read about aluminum in antiperspirants), self-tanning products with unnatural dyes, and shampoos full of artificial ingredients and unrecognizable additives are only a few examples.  Shop for Natural Personal Products.

  • Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods There are about 40 varieties of genetically engineered crops approved for marketing in the U.S. As a result, 60-75% of the foods on your grocery shelves contain genetically engineered (GE) components.  To be safe, buy organic whenever possible.  Genetically engineered foods (commonly non-organic corn, soy, canola and cotton, and soon-to-be wheat if steps aren't taken) contain substances that have never been a part of the human food supply. They are not subjected to rigorous pre-market safety testing. And THEY ARE NOT LABELED.  Learn More.

  • Minimize Exposure to Electronic Devices -- Avoid harmful radiation from cellphones, televisions, and computers whenever possible.  The least expensive and most effective EMF neutralizer to stick on cellphones and televisions that I have found is by Aulterra.  You can't block radiation or the phone won't work, and you can't absorb it or it would overload the device, so the neutralizer changes the frequency of the signal to assimilate natural frequencies that don't harm the body.  If you are going to use an electronic device, choose to listen to music on the radio, as listening to positive music can be very therapeutic to the brain.  Far-Infrared from the sun penetrates deep tissues to help force out toxins.  Far-infrared therapeutic devices are believed to supply more potent and effective doses that help correct damage caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields. 

  • Limit Exposure to Artificial Environments -- Limiting exposure is tough, but be aware that indoor air can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.  For example, we are bombarded from outgassing of formaldehyde and glues in our new carpets and walls, our offices have fluorescent light bulbs, our car interiors outgas a huge amount of chemicals, and the list goes on.  If you can't control your work, at least try to control your home.  Open windows, use natural carpets, walk frequently in the fresh air and sunshine.  People weren't intended to be sedentary or cooped up indoors in air-tight homes or offices for an extended period of time.  Don't wear tinted or dark sunglasses or contacts, as natural sunlight provides nutrients through the eyes (never stare directly at the sun).  Moderate exercise, fresh air, trees, lukewarm bathing (preferably in non-chemically treated water), infrared from the sun, and distilled drinking water are all natural detoxifiers. 

  • Don't Smoke or Drink Excessively -- Smoking is poisonous to all.  The toxins cumulatively store in the fatty tissue in the body. Smoking affects everyone differently depending on what other levels of toxic exposures they've had and their genetic makeup.  Wine in moderation  when taken with a meal or in cooking can be beneficial, but if alcoholism runs in your family, or you have trouble with sugar levels frequently being too high or too low, you may want to avoid it at all times.

  • Avoid Microwave Ovens -- NatureGem does not recommend the use of microwave ovens.  Microwave ovens have been shown to alter the molecular structure of food, and the food in turn has been shown to affect the molecular and cellular structure of blood and tissue in the body. 

  • Avoid Tap Water and Unpurified Bottled Spring and Other Waters -- Tap water can contain harmful particles such as heavy metals, chlorine, arsenic, aluminum, nitrate, pesticides, bacteria, and viruses.  Chlorine and other chemicals in tap water are believed to react with cholesterol in the body, creating a gummy substance that sticks to the arteries, possibly leading to heart disease.  Several studies show that long-term consumption of chlorinated or fluorinated tap water can double the risk of rectal and bladder cancers in humans, and lead dissolved in tap water from old pipes can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological problems.  Spring water and other bottled waters often aren't tested for contaminants, and can contain caustic pesticides that have leached from neighboring farmlands and groundwater.  Try to opt for distilled water (at least short-term or occasionally as it lacks minerals and trace elements), a reverse osmosis filter system, or bottled water that specifically indicates a good method of purification.  If you must use tap water, try to use cold water and let it first run several minutes to help flush potential contaminants from the pipe walls and water tank.

  • Avoid Unripe Foods -- Unripe foods cannot be processed by the body and usually interfere with the effectiveness of other foods.  Food is best picked ripe, but food companies often pick them early and ripen them unnaturally while they are transported.  Bananas with any green on them are not yet at the digestible 25% grape sugar stage, green peppers should be avoided -- eat red or yellow peppers, and use cayenne pepper instead of unripe black or white pepper.  Whenever possibly buy organic fresh picked fruits and vegetables, untreated produce from your local farmer's market or roadside stand, or preferably organic frozen fruits and vegetables that are picked fresh, frozen immediately, and therefore have no need for any added preservatives or other ingredients.

  • Avoid Products with Added Nutrients -- Stay away from products that have added minerals such as calcium and vitamins that shouldn't normally be in the product.  Although calcium sounds great added to orange juice, often when you combine elements that don't normally go together, or in a ratio unnatural to the food, it can be counteractive, canceling out each other's nutritive properties.  Eat and drink foods as they were intended to be taken in.  Unfortunately, many non-organic foods are depleted of nutrients, because our over-chemically processed soil is very depleted.  If you eat a wide variety of whole-grain, wholesome, and pure foods, and you take a potent multi-vitamin to compensate for the lack of nutrients in our soil, you will be less likely to have deficiencies.

  • Avoid Store-Bought Condiments -- Mustard, vinegar (except for alkalizing apple cider vinegar), and other common ingredients in condiments may cause fermentation in the stomach.  These elements often are intended for more external medicinal uses.  Minimize the use of processed salts, salts with preservatives, and salty spices -- use sea salt and fresh and bottled organic herbs, packed with antioxidants, for seasoning.  Avoid store-bought condiments and read the labels.  Natural healthy condiments can be made fresh from scratch using horseradish, eggs, organic sour cream, herbs, vegetables, plant oils, lemon, and other healthy ingredients.



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 Healing Foods & Products to Use:

  • Whole Grain Breads, Cereals, & Pastas -- Whole grains bind toxins and fat and remove them from the body.  Some good choices include whole wheat, whole rye, millet, flaxseed, whole oat, wild rice (really a grass), brown rice, corn, spelt, and quinoa, to name only a few.
  • Proteins & Low-Fat Meats from Naturally Raised Animals -- Consume meats with no antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, growth stimulants, or other additives.  Avoid fatty meats, as fats store toxins.  Look for meats from animals that were fed natural organic products and raised free, rather than caged.  When selecting seafood, choose small non-fatty northern deep sea fish that are least exposed to mercury.   Mercury can also come from fallout from power plants, vaccines (including flu shots), dental amalgam fillings, and other sourcesCilantro is a simple natural chelator for removing heavy metals.  Chelation therapy is a good way to remove mercury, other heavy metals, and contaminants from the body, and break down plaque in the arteries.  But don't chelate at the same time you take vitamins or you'll chelate them out, and removing metals may strengthen any bacteria or parasites, so take acidophilus to build up your good bacteria that may have been destroyed by the use of antibiotics and other unnatural substances. Consume lots of legumes and a moderate amount of shelled unsalted nuts and natural nut butter without hydrogenated oils or additives.  Eat brown eggs from naturally raised cage-free chickens.  Eggs are an excellent source of nutrition and, contrary to popular belief, will not raise cholesterol levels.  Cholesterol is produced within the body as a defense mechanism to combat oxidation.  Eating the right foods will help prevent oxidation and whole grains will help bind out the fat and toxins that cause disease.  To speed the lowering of your cholesterol, you might want to try natural cholesterol binding supplements such as policosanol or red yeast rice.  Only use until you reach the optimal cholesterol level, as some cholesterol in the body is beneficial and too low of cholesterol can be dangerous.  Also, cholesterol is believed to react with chlorine and other additives you drink in tap water, forming a gummy substance that sticks to arterial walls and leads to heart disease.  For this reason, try to use lots of distilled water for at least drinking (at least short- term or occasionally as it lacks minerals and trace elements), use mineral supplements, and/ or buy good water filters or spring waters purified by reverse osmosis, carbon, or other effective means.
  • Fresh Fruits, Natural Sweeteners, and Desserts -- Fresh, preferably organic, fruits are the best natural sweetener.  Fresh-picked frozen is next best.  Other natural sweeteners that should be used in moderation include brown rice syrup, Jaggery , raw cane sugar, barley malt syrup, pure maple and other tree syrups, stevia leaf, and raw honey.  Cocoa and carob are great in desserts.  Avoid unnutritional processed sugars that aggravate yeast and bacteria in the body, and contribute to chemical imbalances in the brainProcessed honey is unhealthy for anyone to eat, but raw honey is excellent for anyone over a year old. Honey can sometimes contain Clostridium botulinum spores, the bacterium that causes botulism. Heat treatment is not sufficient to destroy C. botulinum spores, but the high sugar content of the honey prevents the spores from germinating, thus preventing the risk of deadly botulism. Normal adults are not at risk of botulism from eating honey; however, the gastrointestinal tracts of young infants (under one year of age) may promote spore germination. For this reason, infants under one year of age should not consume honey in any form.  Watch out for sulfured wines or dried fruits, like raisins -- read the label.  Applesauce made of only apples and water can substitute directly for sugar in baking.  Non-organic fruits can be soaked in a gallon of water and cup of vinegar for 15 minutes and scrubbed to remove some of the toxic pesticides.
  • Fresh Vegetables -- Choose fresh, preferably organic, vegetables of all colors that will be eaten within a few days.  Green, leafy vegetables are the best.  Otherwise choose fresh-picked frozen.  Vegetables should be either eaten as raw foods, baked, cooked in as little water as possible at low temperature or enzymes will be destroyed, lightly steamed, sauteed, or broiled.  Do not fry in oil as oil undergoes chemical changes at high temperatures. If desired, add a good nut or vegetable oil when done cooking. Use garlic and onions regularly, as they possess excellent antibiotic, immune-building, and healing properties.  Limit canned and boxed foods and carefully examine the labels for added salt and preservatives.
  • Beverages -- Drink a wide variety of hot or iced herb teas, fresh fruit juices, low-fat non-homogenized organic milk with the cream intact, purified water, and natural coffee substitutes that contain chicory and other beneficial plant ingredients.  Water is one of the best detoxifiers, so drink a lot of it.  NatureGem recommends distilled water for drinking, which is closest to nature (at least short- term or occasionally, as it lacks minerals and trace elements), take mineral supplements, or use a spring water purified by reverse osmosis, carbon, or other effective method.  If you must drink and bathe in tap water, use a good filter that removes chlorine and other chemicals (which are believed to react with cholesterol (cholesterol oxidation), forming gummy plaque that sticks to the arteries, possibly leading to heart disease) and other additives or contaminants.   Fluoride can also damage nervous tissue.  If you don't like water, squeeze a little lemon in it.  Also bathe frequently as 70% of what you put on your skin absorbs directly into the bloodstream, whereas only 30% absorbs directly when ingested.  Let fresh air into the shower and avoid too hot or steamy conditions, as you'll be breathing in the chemicals from the tap water.  Many bottled spring waters actually contain contaminants such as pesticides from agricultural runoff.  The labels should tell if they used a good purification process.
  • Oils, Butters, and Condiments -- Use extra virgin pressed olive oil, nut oils, plant oils, and vegetable oils in moderation.  Butter should be real, natural, and organic with no additives, and also used in moderation.  Do not heat to a high temperature to avoid chemical changes.  Add oils to foods when done cooking.  Unnatural margarine with its trans-fatty acids should be avoided at all times, as it is viewed as axle-grease to the body -- the body cannot process it properly.  Add oil and lemon to salad for a healthier and delicious dressing.  Avoid store-bought condiments with vinegar and mustard which cause fermentation in the stomach, hydrogenated oils, and artificial ingredients.  Make your own fresh natural condiments.
  • Dairy Products -- Choose all natural, low-fat cheeses and use in moderation.  Dairy products from naturally raised animals without antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives are preferred.  Select the lowest fat organic milk.  We do not recommend the use of soymilk, as soy contains detrimental properties when not fermented properly (only use soy in the form of tempeh or miso).  Buy plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit or honey.  Yogurt has amazing properties -- the live culture can help replenish the good bacteria in your body that has been destroyed by antibiotics and build your immune system.  Ice cream typically contains processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Make your own ice cream by whipping chilled heavy cream in a chilled bowl, adding fruit, nuts, and/or honey, and freezing.
  • Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements - Because of contamination in the water, air, and earth, even the best foods have diminished nutritional value.  This is why we believe a potent daily vitamin, herbs specifically chosen for your needs, and nutritional supplements help promote healing.  Plants, berries, bark, and leaves are our natural and best medicine, but be very careful with herbs -- read the labels, research each product as it relates to your condition, and be aware of any interactions with medications you may be taking or other herbs.  There are herbs for every ailment, including ones that bind toxins and ones that relax and heal the nerves naturally. Bee Pollen is one of the best natural foods you can eat -- it is virtually a cure-all and tonic to the body.  Fatty acids such as EPA/GLA's will help the vitamins and nutrients you take in absorb properly.  Ask your natural practitioner if you are unsure.  NatureGem can help you find a reputable alternative medicine practitioner in your area, research products, and purchase the best healing products online at reasonable prices. 
  • Personal, Cleaning, and Home & Garden Products -- Select products that are all natural and contain no chemicals, glues, solvents, or other unnatural ingredients.  Use full spectrum light bulbs to simulate natural sunlight or leave your lights off and open the windows.  Clothing, bedding, carpeting, and walls often contain toxic chemicals that outgas and are inhaled and absorbed by you and your family.  Plastics may leach into your food when plastic containers are heated.  Deodorants, hairsprays, soaps, and medicines may contain harmful unnatural substances.  Search for Natural and Organic Personal, Cleaning, and Home & Garden Products.




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Required Disclaimer: The information provided within these pages is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice or treatment of your healthcare practitioner. Please remember that true health involves addressing all the systems of the body, and not just using one particular product as a "quick fix" -- there is no such thing. Much of the information presented on the NatureGem web site is based on personal research, experience, and resulting opinion.  Products recommended by, or contained in, this web site have not been evaluated by the FDA, and therefore are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Before adhering to any recommendations, especially where you may be combining natural treatments with prescribed synthetic drugs, you may want to consult with your personal health care professional. Understand that you are solely responsible for the way that this information is perceived and utilized, and do so at your own risk. In no way will NatureGem, its officers, or affiliates be responsible for any actions taken, injuries, adverse reactions, or other difficulties that might arise due to the use or misuse of this web site or the advice contained within.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK YOUR HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER

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