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Natural Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, & Nutritional Supplements




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It often takes years of unintentional abuse to arrive at a state of ill health, and there is no "quick fix," as our modern-day, fast paced, pill-popping society has come to expect.  Drugs do not cure and only do more harm.   The only way to heal properly is to use natural methods for life, including eliminating toxins in your diet and environment that can lead to disease. Besides the herbs available on this page, we also offer special formulations to treat specific diseases or conditions.   It is suggested that you open all capsules and chew tablets in your mouth before swallowing as it will allow faster absorption into the bloodstream and prevent loss of effectiveness in the stomach.






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Acidophilus (Helps repair the digestive tract, balances intestinal flora, and restores good bacteria that has been destroyed, such as by the use of antibiotics.  Read more about & order acidophilus.


Activated Charcoal (To treat food poisoning, toxin binder, gas in GI tract, gout, a natural deodorant and disinfectant, removes fungus, viruses, and bacteria from the body, mix with water to form a paste to relieve itching from insect bites/stings.  Do not take at same time as vitamins or other supplements as will bind to them and remove them.  Read more about & order activated charcoal.


Agar Agar Seaweed Extract  (Effective in treating hyperthyroidism, constipation, and diarrhea. Read more about & order agar agar.


Agrimony  (Since agrimony possesses drying properties, do not use when dryness of body secretions exist, such us dry mouth.  Improves coagulation of blood / blood clotting, is a blood purifier and digestive system tonic, effective in liver disease, jaundice, blood diseases, tuberculosis, anemia, colitis, fever, heavy menstruation, bronchitis / phlegm, appendicitis, hyperacidity, nephritis, bloody urine, conjunctivitis / pink eye, and parasites, used to control diarrhea in infants by the breastfeeding mother taking the tea, also helpful in liver, kidney, spleen, and lung diseases.  Read more about & order agrimony


Alfalfa (One of the most nutritious foods known, possesses anti-aging properties, used to effectively treat arthritis, anemia, rheumatism, cancer, morning sickness, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, blood purifier, liver detoxifier, antibiotic, laxative, antitumor properties, rich in chlorophyll, vitamins & minerals, especially Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and iron, contains more protein and calcium than beef, milk, or eggs, contains every essential amino acid, useful in kidney stones, diabetes, asthma, hay fever, contains natural fluoride which prevents tooth decay, tonic for kidneys, prostate glands, reproductive system, musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, and nervous system, grows a very deep tap root (estimated at between 20-70 feet deep) and thus has access to mineral nutrients that may not be found in depleted topsoil. Read more about & order alfalfa


Aloe Vera (Avoid during pregnancy.  Split stalks open and apply externally for skin rejuvenation, wound healing, burns, and age spots.  Can consume the clear layer of gel (closest to the skin of the aloe plant) internally for arthritis, allergies, immune system, and chronic fatigue.  Aloe vera is an excellent killer of parasites which are found in 85% of our weakened population, cause reduced absorption of nutrients, and contribute to disease.  Consume the bitter yellowish gel (the inner layer) for intestinal disorders, or as a very effective laxative, detoxifier, and cleanser, especially when combined with Cascara Sagrada.  Must be "whole leaf." (Warning:  Both taste terrible!).  To be effective during illness, take over 3000 mg/day of the clear gel layer for 3-6 months, and for maintenance 1000 mg/day.  Since this potency is hard to get affordably in supplement form and the taste can be difficult to swallow, you can also take whole leaf aloe vera gel or juice that has the bitter constituents removed (add lecithin granules to aid absorption).  Aloe vera often loses its potency in packaging because of oxidation, so look for organic and oxidation-free products. One of the most valuable constituents of aloe vera may be germanium, a strong immune system builder.  Read more about & order aloe vera whole leaf


Alpha-Lipoic Acid  (Can lower blood glucose levels, therefore do not take if hypoglycemic or an alcoholic.  Being both water and fat soluble, alpha lipoic acid is the universal antioxidant that can easily function in both cellular membranes and fluid media within and outside the cell.  It is an important coenzyme for energy metabolism, the only antioxidant that can easily get into the brain, and is used in Europe to treat peripheral nerve degeneration / neuropathy from diabetes and heart disease.  It has also been shown in studies to be capable of rejuvenating mitochondria in cells after damage from antibiotics and chemicals, resulting in increased ATP production, and hence an increase in energy in chronic fatigue sufferers  and a decrease in muscle pain in fibromyalgia patients (Read "New Hope for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyaliga Sufferers").  Alpha-lipoic acid occurs naturally in red meat and green leafy vegetables.  Read more about & order alpha-lipoic acid


Angelica Root (Angelica is an amazing herb, often referred to as the archangel, but don't take if pregnant, diabetic, if you have stomach ulcers, or if you have stomach cramps with vomiting.  Angelica tea when dropped into the eyes helps dimness of sight, and when dropped into the ears helps deafness.  Good tonic for the heart, liver, spleen, excellent in diseases of the lungs and chest, good for heartburn, gas, sour stomach, suppressed menstruation, and helps expel afterbirth. Read more about & order angelica root

Anise (Do not use if pregnant, natural cough medicine, expectorant, aphrodisiac, stimulates circulation, mimics estrogen, improves digestion, use for colic, gas pains, bloating, menstrual pains, muscle cramps, erectile dysfunction, asthma, bronchitis, increases male libido, female sexual desire, and breast milk production in lactating mothers, the flavoring used in black licorice.  Read more about & order anise


Arctic, Root of the  (Root of the Arctic Increases attention span, memory, strength, anti-toxic action, anti-tumor activity, anti-aging, eases stress, depression, heart disease, cancer, promotes longevity, a more effective adaptogen than ginseng in maintaining adrenal and immune systems, treats lack of menstruation, and improves endurance. Read more about & order Root of the Arctic


Arnica Montana  (Use small amounts as directed, as too much can be toxic, good for bedwetting, backache, muscle spasms, sports injuries, tendonitis, shock, sprains, bruises, stiffness, pain, prolonged use can cause allergic dermatitis.  Read more about & order arnica montana


Artichoke Extract  (Improves digestion, increases bile production in the liver, blood fat metabolism, aids in cholesterol management, dyspepsia, and flatulence.  Read more about & order artichoke extract


Astragalus  (Boosts energy levels, enhances immune system function by increasing activity of several kinds of white blood cells and boosting production of antibodies and interferon, the body's own antiviral agent.  Increases metabolism, sweating, and resistance to disease in general, helpful in cancer and liver injuries, adrenal gland function, digestion, colds, and flu.  Read more about & order astragalus


Barberry  (Barberry extracts should be used for no more than 2 weeks at a time, as can cause upset stomach. Exceeding normal dosage could cause lethargy, nose bleed, skin and eye irritation, and kidney irritation. Barberry should not be used by young children, particularly infants, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease.  In ancient times, barberry with fennel was taken to ward off the plague, improves appetite, good for diarrhea, fever reduction, and low energy.  Used for treating gallbladder disease, heartburn, dysentery, hepatitis, and indigestion.  This herb can also be used to treat infections, eczema, parasites, psoriasis, and vaginitis. Barberry is known to decrease heart rate, slow breathing, and reduce bronchial congestion as well. Barberry has been used in treating colorectal cancer, liver cancer, strep throat, and toxic shock syndrome.  This herb is also a remedy that corrects liver function and promotes the flow of bile. Using eye drops with barberry or steeped barberry tea, it works well for eliminating bloodshot eyes. Read more about & order barberry


Barley Grass (Barley Grass has a nutritional profile more like that of a green leafy vegetable than a grain. Natural barley grass has a greater nutritional value and lower sugar content than wheat grass or barley grass sprouted indoors, lowers cholesterol, strengthens immune system, possesses high levels of anti-oxidants, contains 11 times the calcium of cow's milk, 5 times the iron in spinach, and 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, inhibits cancer, stimulates peripheral blood circulation, aids in bronchitis, and promotes longevity. Read more about & order barley grass


Bayberry  (Gargle with bayberry tea for a sore throat, a good emetic for poisoning, antibacterial, antibiotic, combine bayberry with capsicum for excessive menstruation, boosts immune system, tonic for female organs, for gangrene use as a wash, poultice, or apply powdered bayberry to the infection, tea is excellent wash for spongy and bleeding gums, effective as a douche, use for jaundice, scrofula, diarrhea, dysentery, arteriosclerosis, ulcers, sinusitis, tonsillitis, mucous colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and canker sores, improves circulation, promotes perspiration, and tones up tissues. Read more about & order bayberry


Bearberry  (Do not use if pregnant, lactating, or have kidney problems. Uva Ursi is very high in tannins and should not be used for more than 2-3 days as it will cause irritation in the stomach lining and the kidneys. Also, the hydroquinone can be poisonous.  Good for back pain, bedwetting, cystitis, strengthens urinary system, helps eliminate excess water / bloating, antibacterial, diuretic, good for urinary tract infections, and effective in initial outbreaks of genital herpes or venereal warts.  Read more about & order bearberry


Bee Pollen (Bee pollen is a mixture of bee saliva, plant nectar, and true pollen.  It differs from wind-borne typical allergy-causing pollens in that its component is purely entomophile from plants that are essential for fertilization and dispersed by insects.  Wind-borne pollens are the heavier anemophile variety which are implicated in allergies.  Bee pollen is an excellent overall tonic, full of vitamins and minerals, especially good for asthma, do not use in very hot climate, increases energy, prolongs endurance, promotes weight loss, acts as an antibiotic, stimulates the immune system, improves blood circulation, raises hemoglobin levels in anemic individuals, fights cancer, reduces stress and nervous complaints, rejuvenates sex glands, helps prostate disorders, menstrual problems, normalizes cholesterol and triglyceride levels, stimulates ovarian function, improves appearance of skin, hair, and nails, high doses may cause insomnia, discontinue if causes itching in throat. Preferably take 1/2 - 1 tsp/day of fresh raw colorful bee pollen.  Read more about & order bee pollen


Beet Root  (Beet root contains about a tenth portion of pure fruit sugar -- one of the glucoses -- and is very wholesome.  It is an excellent source of iron, helps normalize pH in the body, builds the blood, increases oxygen uptake by as much as 400%.  Beet root has been used as a cancer treatment in Europe for years.  Consumption of large quantities of beets can make both urine and stools turn red, which should not be mistaken for blood.  Read more about & order beet root


Beta Carotene  (Beta Carotene supplements have been used successfully for years to treat photosensitivity diseases and skin conditions.  Unfortunately, the supplement is no replacement for, and is much less effective than, the fresh beta carotene found in raw fruits and vegetables.  Taking larger doses of the supplement than indicated and not eating enough of the fruits and vegetables may actually cause or worsen disease.  Beta carotene can be converted to vitamin A by the body and is a potent antioxidant that helps combat free radicals and molecules that damage cells and DNA, is good for treating cancer, and for preventing heart disease, sunburns, macular degeneration, and cataracts.  Read more about & order beta carotene


Bilberry  (Supports healthy vision, nourishes eyes, contains antioxidants especially beneficial to eye tissue, improves visual acuity and night blindness, strengthens red blood cells, improves circulation to the hands and feet, rich in fatty acids, bioflavonoids, zinc, iron, and phosphorous, boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, relieves stress and anxiety, acts as an antiseptic for the urinary tract, good for treating diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, light sensitivity, macular degeneration, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, helps regulate blood sugar in diabetics, and is a nutritious dietary supplement.  The leaf contains potent anti-oxidants (anthocyanidins) that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier to neutralize free radicals in the brain and other nerve tissue, including the eyes.  To make substantial vision-related improvements, bilberry usually must be taken over a period of 6 months, but not in too high of doses.   Read more about & order bilberry


Bitter Melon  (Not recommended for use by hypoglycemics or alcoholics because lowers blood sugar levels.  Excellent for hyperglycemia and diabetes.  A bitter anti-diabetic, which has been shown to increase production of beta cells by the pancreas, thereby improving the body’s ability to produce insulin. It is one of the few agents which has the potential to bolster a flagging pancreas.  Also helps with liver problems and HIV. It is an excellent natural remedy for the common cold, working in only 3-5 days.  Moreso, it is proven safe and effective to use, even for children and babies, because Momordica is a natural edible fruit). Read more and order Bitter Melon

Bitter Orange  (Do not take if you are pregnant, have heart disease, have high blood pressure, or are taking any prescription monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOAI). A valuable medicinal herb that originated in China and has been used safely for thousands of years.  Bitter orange has thermogenic properties, which for dieters means that the body burns calories while at rest without exercise.  Unlike ephedra, bitter orange has no effect on heart rate or blood pressure and will not cause “jitteriness”.  It is sometimes bought as an ornamental houseplant with dark green immature fruits.  Improves digestion / indigestion, circulation, dermatitis, and liver function, increases metabolism, acts as an expectorant and laxative, relieves flatulance, hypertension, nervous conditions, and reduces levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.  It yields essential neroli oil with sedative properties from its flowers, which is used extensively in perfumery and aromatherapy.  The peel has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.  Bitter orange is a uterine stimulant in high doses, and if taken in excess, its high acid content can aggravate arthritis.  The unripe fruit of the bitter orange contains cirantin, which reputedly is a contraceptive.   Read more about & order bitter orange.


Black Cohosh  (Used for menstrual problems and other female complaints, relief of menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, depression, sleep disturbances, irritability, vertigo, heart palpitations, tinnitus, anxiety, vaginal dryness, and night sweats, inhibits breast cancer and bone loss, may be a natural alternative to estrogen or hormone replacement therapy (ERT / HRT) Read more about & order black cohosh


Black Cumin / Black Seed  (Do not take if pregnant.  One of the most potent herbs known with a rich source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, called fitch in the Bible and "Love in the Mist" more recently, black cumin possesses anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, diuretic, and antimycotic properties, stimulates bone marrow and immune cells, protects cells from the effects of viruses, strong regulator of the immune system, useful in fungi infections and the treatment of chronic illnesses, increases antibody producing cells, lowers blood sugar levels, good for the spleen, has a 70% success rate in alleviating all types of allergies, effective in colds, influenza, bronchitis, fever, emphysema, stomach problems, asthma, dysentery, jaundice, paralysis, diarrhea, lung disease, inflammations, and skin and joint conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, and arthritis.  The seeds are used as a condiment in various breads, cakes, and confections throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and India.  Read more about & order black cumin / black seed


Black Walnut  (Used to treat worms and kill parasites, for athlete's foot, jock itch, fungal infections, yeast infections, and thrush, removes plaque and restores tooth enamel when applied to teeth in the powder form while brushing, oxygenator that removes toxins and fatty deposits from the body, regulates blood sugar levels, relieves constipation, helpful in treating herpes, cancer, thyroid disease, colitis, hemorrhoids, tonsillitis, warts and other skin conditions such as acne and eczema. The hulls can be used as a mild laxative.  Do not take for extended periods of time or if nursing -- stops lactation.  Read more about & order black walnut


Bladderwrack  (Useful in treating underactive thyroid glands, obesity, goiter, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, and kidney disease, increases metabolism, promotes weight loss, good source of iodine.  Because of the high iodine content, it is recommended that it not be taken for an extended period of time or in large doses.  Read more about & order bladderwrack


Blessed Thistle (Do not use during pregnancy.  Chiefly used to promote milk flow in nursing mothers, balances hormones, improves digestion, cleanses the blood, improves circulation, relieves acne, stimulates menstruation and gastric secretions, overall tonic for liver, brain, heart, and stomach weaknesses, and is good for menopause, menstrual cramps, and anorexic conditions.  There is also evidence to suggest that compounds in this herb have anti-HIV properties. Read more about & order blessed thistle





Blue Cohosh  (Pregnant women should not use except in the last month of pregnancy to promote easier childbirth and help prevent miscarriage.  Used for hormone imbalance, meningitis, regulating menstrual flow, joint stiffness, neuralgia, diabetes, spasms, epilepsy, memory, and nervousness.  Can use as a coffee substitute, only the root is used -- berries are poisonous.  Read more about & order blue cohosh


Borage Oil  (Nature's richest source of the essential omega-6 fatty acid Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is rarely found in foods and difficult for the body to produce on its own.  Benefits diabetic neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), blood pressure, and normalizes cholesterol levels.  Prevents blood clot formation, is an anti-inflammatory, and eases symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon.  Other sources of essential fatty acids are alpha linolenic acid found in flax oil and EPA and DHA found in fish oils. Read more about & order borage oil


Brewer's Yeast  (Brewer's yeast used for making beer is different from Baker’s yeast, which causes bread to rise, and is not related to the species that causes yeast infections.  It kills bacteria, aids sleep, lowers cholesterol, energizes, helps produce the calming brain chemical serotonin, assists the body in maintaining normal blood sugar levels, combats fatigue, is a potent source of B vitamins and minerals, helps in bronchitis, loss of appetite, colds, diarrhea caused by clostridium difficile, and indigestion. Read more about & order brewer's yeast


Bromelain  (A proteolytic enzyme that benefits digestion, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and pain reliever, speeds recovery from sports injuries and other minor injuries, reduces the pain and stiffness of arthritis, accelerates healing of bruises, tissue injuries, and accelerates recovery from surgery, effective in treating flatulence, bloating, diarrhea, and cramps, reduces symptoms of food allergies, and is used as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.  Read more about & order bromelain


Buckthorn  (Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, if frail or elderly, or if under 14 years of age.  A strong laxative used for constipation and liver cleanser that is also effective in lead poisoning, appendicitis, constipation, parasites, gout, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, jaundice, gallstones, warts, skin diseases, and as a mouthwash for gum disease and oral infections.  Use in a decoction with vinegar for head lice and pubic lice.  Fresh bark and berries may cause serious side effects (bark must be dried for 1-2 years before using) -- large amounts of berries, especially when unripe, can be poisonous. Do not use for more than 2 weeks continuously or repeatedly over a long period of time.  Read more about & order buckthorn


Bugleweed  (Do not use if pregnant or in cases of hypothyroidism, a relaxant and heart tonic effective in treating hyperactive / overactive thyroid, inhibits thyroid stimulating hormones, use to treat coughs, palpitations, tuberculosis, bleeding from lungs, nervousness, headache, hangover, early-stage Graves Disease, and excessive menstruation, improves circulation, increases appetite, lowers blood sugar levels, strengthens heartbeat, and reduces rate of heartbeat.  This herb is mildly narcotic, therefore take for short intervals only.  Read more about bugleweed.)  Order Bugleweed


Burdock Root  (One of the best blood purifiers, effective in all skin diseases, syphillus, rheumatism, indigestion, kidney disease, scrofula, canker sores, scurvy, gonorrhea, eczema, leprosy, boils, measles, vertigo, hives, dandruff, sore throat, insect bites, snake bites, and dropsy, has anti-bacterial, antifungal, and anti-cancer properties, use as a wash for poison oak and poison ivy. Read more about burdock.Order Burdock Root


Butcher's Broom  (One of the most potent remedies for circulatory ailments, including thrombosis, phlebitis, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. Also effective in relieving leg cramps, improving memory, and balancing blood cholesterol.  It is an anti-inflammatory, strengthens tissues, tightens veins, and cleanses the liver and kidneys.  Used extensively in France to prevent post-surgical blood clots. Expanded description) Order Butcher's Broom


Cacao Whole Fruit  (Contains more catechins than green tea, beneficial flavonoids, and is a heart tonic and antioxidant) Order Cacao


Carob  (Carob pods come from evergreen trees and the gum from carob seeds is called locust bean gum.  Natural sweetener used in foods, improves digestion, contains tannins that bind toxins but not proteins, inhibits growth of bacteria, the pods are mildly laxative, but the bark can actually be used to treat diarrhea, high vitamin content.  Expanded description)  


Cascara Sagrada  (Do not use if pregnant or nursing, if under 12 years of age, or if have existing abdominal pain, colitis, appendicitis, Crohn's Disease, or inflammatory / irritable bowel.  Excellent laxative, colon cleanser / colonic, use for parasites, cancer, liver disease, constipation, take in the evening for elimination in the morning, tonic for the liver, gall bladder, and digestive system.  Will sometimes cause griping at first, but this will pass and can be lessened with anise, catnip, nutmeg, ginger, thyme, caraway seeds, pennyroyal, lemon balm, or bay leaves.  Expanded description.Order Cascara Sagrada


Catnip (High in Vitamin C, antispasmodic, calms the nervous system, effective in treating dyspepsia, colic, cataracts, cramps, tension headaches, bronchitis, diarrhea, flatulance, benefits digestion, chew leaves to relieve toothache, helps reduce tobacco craving, promotes moderate sweating, cover and steep in hot water to make a sedative tea.  Never boil catnip or other herbs.  Although it seems a contradiction, catnip actually stimulates the central nervous system to heal while producing a relaxing and calming effect.  Do not use any form of mint, including catnip, in toothpaste, deodorant, or tea if taking a homeopathic formula as will interfere with effectiveness.  Rats/mice are repelled by the catnip plant.  Expanded descriptionOrder Catnip


Cat's Claw  (Do not use if pregnant.  One of the most potent herbs for stimulating and supporting the immune system, used to combat HIV in Europe, prevents and treats viral infections, bursitis, allergies, alleviates intestinal / gastric ulcers, relieves arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pain, has anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic, and wound healing properties, digestive tonic, stimulates white blood cells to destroy pathogens, helps reduce side effects of chemotherapy. Expanded description) Order Cat's Claw


Cayenne / Capsicum  (A fast-acting blood warming herb with antispasmodic and antiseptic properties that stimulates the blood to heal the entire body, increases circulation, contrary to popular belief, cayenne is not harsh on the stomach, but is actually soothing and will heal stomach ulcers, improves digestion when taken with meals, cayenne pepper is not a pepper at all, but a chili, high in vitamin C and beta carotene, speeds up metabolism to control weight, excellent for rheumatism, lockjaw, pneumonia, yellow fever, typhoid fever, and other fevers, chills, heart failure, coughs, diabetic neuropathy, bursitis, shock, diarrhea, dysentry, bloody stools, cancer, osteoarthritis, bloody mucus, bad breath, flatulance, asthma attacks (when combined with lobelia), psoriasis, shingles, stomach aches, scrofula, and kidney, spleen, and pancreas conditions.  Capsicum triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, which has a pain reliever effect similar to that of morphine.  When pregnant, only use as a seasoning and not in therapeutic doses. Expanded descriptionOrder Cayenne / Capsicum


Chamomile  (Do not use during pregnancy.  Chamomile may occasionally cause allergic reactions in persons sensitive to ragweed or daisies.  Excellent sleep aid, nervine for hysteria and nervous diseases, relaxes and tones the nervous system, has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, contains beneficial flavonoids, stimulates the immune system, relaxes muscles, general tonic that increases appetite, especially useful in treating digestive problems such as gas, colic, upset stomach, and ulcers, effective in typhoid fever if in the early stages, helps regulate menstrual cycle, use for dyspepsia, bladder troubles, insomnia, vertigo, stress, anorexia, colds, bronchitis, parasites, ague, dropsy, canker sores, jaundice, convulsions, kidney disorders, menopause, spleen problems, the tea makes an excellent wash for sore and weak eyes, and also for open sores and wounds, a chamomile poultice can be used to prevent gangrene.  Chamomile is considered safe for children of all ages in treating nervousness or teething pain, and can be added to their bath water if they won't take the tea.  The tea can also be added to bath water to treat sunburn and migraines. Learn more about Chamomile ) Order Chamomile


Chaparral  (Do not use in large amounts if have kidney or liver diseases, possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties, fights fungus and parasites, stimulates cellular metabolism, relieves the pain of neuritis, sciatica, and inflammations, effective in treating calcium deposits, cancer (supportive in skin cancers when used externally), dizziness, jaundice, liver problems, low blood pressure, quincy, arthritis, eczema, dry skin, rheumatism, lymph problems, dark circles under eyes, nausea, hangover, and leg cramps, is a potent bowel cleanser and blood purifier, very bitter but works fast.  Expanded Description.)  Order Chaparral


Chaste Tree Berry  (Do not use if pregnant or using hormone supplement therapies, normalizes and stimulates pituitary gland functions, particularly those involving the female sex hormones, improves fertility, purifies the brain and liver, increases lactation, reduces prolactin, effective in treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS), acne, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and especially menopausal changes, balances estrogen and progesterone, may counteract the effectiveness of  birth control pillsExpanded Description.) Order Chaste Tree Berry


Chickweed  (Contains steroidal saponins that emulsify fats, therefore it is a good remedy for obesity, it is mildly diuretic, suppresses appetite, possesses antibiotic properties, especially helpful in tuberculosis, respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, cough, colds, sore throat, and flu.   Expanded Description.)   Order Chickweed


Chlorophyll  (Possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, ameliorates bad breath, stimulates regeneration of tissue, helpful in long-term debilitating systemic conditions which lower energy and resistance such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, allergies and infections, clears heavy metals and harmful chemicals from the body, raises oxygen levels in tissue cells, detoxifies liver, blood, and cleanses bowels, reduces risk of cancer, increases resistance to x-rays, assists in breakdown of mutagens present in impure water supplies and processed foods that can cause cell mutations in the body.   Expanded Description.)  Order Chlorophyll




Chromium  (Improves energy, regulates metabolism, insulin, and blood sugar levels, promotes loss of fat and increase of lean muscle tissue, chromium deficiency is a major factor in the development of heart disease) Order Chromium


Chromium Picolinate


Cilantro (Naturally chelates out mercury and other heavy metals -- don't chelate at same time of day you take vitamins) 




Cobalt Ionic Mineral Supplement


Cod Liver Oil (Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, has been used for weight loss, breast cancer, PMS, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, eczema, and brain function)  Order Cod Liver Oil


Colloidal Silver - Natural Antibiotic (Why it's safeEffective in AIDS, cancer, viruses, infections, immune system disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, parasites, gangrene, Lupus, Leukemia, and many other diseases.  Reportedly disables the enzyme that viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism via catalyst action. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the body)  Order Colloidal Silver


Cornsilk  (Reduces inflammation & pain associated with urinary tract infections, cystitis, bladder stones, PMS, fluid retention, and enlarged prostate gland.  Avoid if have kidney problems, as cornsilk is thought to be a diuretic)  Order Cornsilk


Cranberry  (Effective antioxidant used in urinary tract infections, yeast infections, gallbladder attacks, stomach ailments, kidney stones, cancer, and high cholesterol.)  Order Cranberry


Creatine (M. Flint Beal of Cornell University Medical Center demonstrated that creatine was twice as effective as the prescription drug riluzole in extending the lives of mice with the degenerative neural disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease).  Creatine helps maintain optimal levels of ATP production during intense exercise, boosts energy levels, and may be especially useful for those doing short-term, intense (anaerobic) exercise.)  Read more about & order Creatine


Damiana (Breast problems, strengthens nervous system and hormonal system, depression, anxiety, aphrodisiac, male sexual system, anti-depressant, do not use if pregnant or nursing)  Order Damiana


Dandelion (Excellent nutritional supplement for pregnant or postmenopausal women, improves appetite, a natural diuretic, reduces serum cholesterol levels, effective in treating pneumonia, bronchitis, and upper respiratory infections)  Order Dandelion


Devil's Claw  (Used medicinally as a blood cleanser, helps remove joint deposits and uric acid, good for gout, rheumatism, & arthritis)  Order Devil's Claw




Dong Quai (Female problems, menstrual cramps, PMS, hot flashes)  Order Dong Quai


Echinacea (Immune system, infections, do not use if have auto-immune diseases or systemic diseases such as tuberculosis or MS)  Order Echinacea


Egyptian Blue Lotus  (Natural sedative and aphrodisiac, stimulates circulation, helpful with mild Alzheimer's,  migraine headaches, and  tinnitus.) Order Egyptian Lotus




Essential Fatty Acids


Essential Oils


Essiac  (Cancer fighter)


Evening Primrose  (Critical in the production of prostaglandins. In the body, prostaglandins help regulate fat metabolism, inflammatory response, hormones, as well as the cardiovascular, immune, and central nervous systems.  Contains essential fatty acids, heals skin, treats premenstrual syndrome, cyclic breast pain, and eczema.  Eczema results not immediate -- takes 4-6 weeks of use before seeing long-term benefits)  Order Evening Primrose




Fennel  (Remedy for flatulence, colic, cramps, jaundice, gout, high blood pressure, angina, and excessive mucus. Used to enhance breast size and promote milk production.  Helps to suppress the appetite, stabilizes the nervous system, and acts as a mild sedative. Soothes the digestive system and cleanses the bladder, kidneys, and liver. Order Evening Primrose


Feverfew  (Avoid during pregnancy, helps normalize function of platelets in the blood system, relieves migraine headaches, dizziness, brain pressure, promotes menstruation, used for long-term treatment as a blood thinner, but do not use other coagulants with it. Learn more about feverfew.)  Order Feverfew


Fo-Ti Root  (Lowers blood fat, increases red blood cell production, fights bacteria, stimulates immune functions, and has a mild laxative effect.) Order Fo-Ti Root


5-HTP   ( Do not use if you have a gut disorder such as ulcers, irritable bowel, Crohn's, or celiac disease.  Hydroxy Tryptophan (HTP) is an amino acid and precursor to serotonin, a brain chemical responsible for regulating mood, appetite, encouraging relaxation, and promoting sleep.  May prove beneficial in the treatment of depression, obesity, insomnia, and migraine headaches. )  Order 5-HTP


Flax Seeds


Fo-Ti Root (Sexual and cardiac tonic, improves mental ability, lowers cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, reduces hypertension, rejuvenator with tranquilizing properties)  Order Fo-Ti Root


Frankincense Oil 


Fulvic Mineral Complex  (Since our soil has been depleted and is lacking minerals, our foods that grow in them also lack minerals, and thus our bodies become weak from lack of minerals and poor absorption.  Fulvic acid with minerals helps the body absorb the minerals it contains and needs to strengthen the immune system, balances metabolic processes, nourishes the body at the cellular level, it is a strong antioxidant, deters toxic buildup, chelates heavy metals, aids in bone regeneration, improves digestive processes, and possesses electrolytes that restores electrochemical balance.  It is more absorbable than colloidal minerals and tastes great.)  Order Fulvic Mineral Complex


Garlic  (Powerful antibiotic and antibacterial properties, balances cholesterol and blood pressure, linked to reduced rates of stomach and colon cancer, detoxifies body, promotes healthy intestinal flora, fresh cloves (applied topically at night due to its smell)  will help acne and skin infections)  Order Garlic


Germanium Ionic Mineral Supplement




Ginkgo Biloba  (Improves mental sharpness, free radical scavenger and antioxidant, improves circulation to the brain)  Order Ginkgo Biloba



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Golden Root  (increases attention span, memory, strength, anti-toxic action, anti-tumor activity, anti-aging, eases stress, depression, heart disease, cancer, promotes longevity, a more effective adaptagen than ginseng in maintaining adrenal and immune systemsOrder Golden Root / Arctic Root / Rhodiola


Goldenseal (Do not use if pregnant / lactating or have high blood pressure, or for a prolonged period of time, good for upper respiratory infections, immune system support, sinus infections, tonic for digestive system, anti-cancer effects, antioxidant, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, treats / prevents urinary tract infections, peptic ulcers, colitis, colds, liver problems, open sores, eczema, ringworm, skin diseases, one of the best substitutes for quinine, can be used to make yellow dye) Order Goldenseal / Barberry


Grapefruit Seed Extract  (Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-virus, kills parasites, good for treating yeast infections and oral infections)  Order Grapefruit Seed Extract


Grape Seed




Gymnema  (Normalizes blood sugar levels in diabetic or hypoglycemic individuals, reduces cholesterol, and promotes regeneration of beta cells responsible for insulin regulation in the pancreas)  Order Gymnema


Hawaiian Noni   (Health elixir, anti-aging, possesses potent enzymes, has been used successfully to dramatically improve conditions and symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, pain, allergies, mental confusion, and low vitality and libido.)  Order Hawaiian Noni


Hawthorn Berry


Hops  (Estrogen promoting.  Effective in insomnia, sleep disorders, jaundice, multiple sclerosis, nervous disorders, neuralgia, schizophrenia, and tetanus.  Acts as a liver toner and mild diuretic.  Useful with high fever, toothache, and earache.)  Order Hops




Horse Chestnut




Jewel Weed  (poison ivy, poison oak, okra spines, stinging nettle, bug bites, razor burn, acne, heat rash, ringworm, skin disorders)  Order Jewel Weed


Juniper Berry  (Do not use when pregnant, with kidney disease, or for a prolonged period of time.  Never use the essential oil form internally.  Valuable herb that is high in natural insulin, a potent diuretic that increases urine flow, effective in bladder infections, regulates blood sugar levels, and reduces asthmatic congestion and fluid retention.  Also used to treat gout, indigestion, obesity, heartburn, bloating, sinus congestion, and prostate disorders.  May inhibit the herpes virus.)  Order Juniper Berry


Kava Kava (Not for use by persons under the age of 18. Do not take if have liver problems. If pregnant, nursing, or taking a prescription drug, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. Do not exceed recommended dose. Excessive consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Excellent for insomnia and nervousness, rheumatism, and gout.  Reduces anxiety, stress, and muscle tension.  Improves mood.  Mildly sedating and mildly intoxicating.)  Order Kava Kava


Kelp Seaweed


Kudzu Root (Treats alcoholism,  supports nerve tissue)  








L-Glutamine  (Excellent amino acid for alcoholism and related hypoglycemia, strengthens heart, immune system, liver, intestines, growth hormone releaser, for exercise endurance, glucose absorption in the brain for nervous conditions, brain fuel, improved intelligence.  Best taken on empty stomach and not at bedtime or can cause insomnia)  Order L-Glutamine


Licorice  (Effective for bronchitis, cough, sore throat, heartburn, indigestion, gastric ulcers / esophageal reflux, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, and as an anti-viral agent, laxative, and detoxifier.  Very strong -- take in small doses as directed for not more than 4 weeks.  Do not use if have high blood pressure, glaucoma, rapid heartbeat, diabetes, kidney or liver disease, or if you're pregnant, taking digitalis, hormonal therapy, or using other medications)  Order Licorice


Lobelia  (Helps lessen one's desire for nicotine / smoking addiction, reduces cravings & nervousness, bronchitis, asthma, meningitis, hepatitis, muscle problems, excellent in fevers, Palsy, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's Disease, conditions of the brain, most powerful relaxant among herbs, lockjaw, helps adrenal glands, gall bladder, migraine headaches, do not take if pregnant or lactating, do not take in large doses and only use medicinally internally until symptoms improve for not more than a few weeks at a time) Order Lobelia


Lutein (Anti-oxidant found in many fruits, vegetables, & flowers that filters and shields harmful blue light from the eyes and protects them against age-related macular degeneration; the leading cause of blindness in people over 65.  Protects against cataracts and other vision problems, as well.)  Order Lutein






Milk Thistle  (Wards off bacterial and viral infections, helps prevent hardening of the arteries, effective in cleansing the liver and for liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver, mild liver cirrhosis, liver poisoning, and acute viral hepatitis.  Anti-cancer effects in breast cancer and prostate cancer.)  Order Milk Thistle


Multi-Vitamin with Minerals and Iron


Myrrh  (Antiseptic, uplifting, normallizes mucous membranes, colds, gonorrhea, bronchitis, chronic respiratory disorders)  Order Myrrh




Olive Leaf (Heart Tonic, Anti-Viral, and acts like an antibiotic, but doesn't kill)  Order Olive Leaf


Oregano Essential Oil (Use for bronchitis, viral infections such as to kill the herpes virus, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pains, respiratory and digestive problems, irregular menstruation, sinus headaches, diarrhea, psoriasis, vomiting, jaundice, cold sores / fever blisters, and fungal diseases.) Order Oregano Essential Oil


Oregon Grape  (Blood poisoning, gout, jaundice, leukorrhea, liver & kidney problems, menstrual irregularities, arthritis, rheumatism, cancer)  Order Oregon Grape


Papaya  (Helps replace essential enzymes destroyed in cooking)  Order Papaya


Paprika  (One of the richest sources of Vitamin C) Order Paprika


Parsley Root (Limit use during pregnancy, and do not use parsley when you have a kidney infection.  Diuretic useful for water retention, stimulates menstrual cycle, good for flatulence and colic, breath freshener, very rich in iron, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A, excellent for dropsy, jaundice, gallbladder stones or gravel, liver, spleen, cancer, and venereal diseases.  Speeds healing of bruises.  A poultice of the bruised leaves is excellent when applied to swollen glands.)  Order Parsley Root


Pascalite / Bentonite Clay




Peppermint  (Effective in treating colicky pain in the digestive tract, specifically irritable bowel syndrome, and relieving mucus congestion of the lungs and sinuses caused by colds and flu.  Helpful for gallstones and in treating candida infections. Do not use any form of mint, including catnip, in toothpaste, deodorant, or tea if taking a homeopathic formula as mint (as well as coffee) interferes with the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies)  Order Peppermint


Periwinkle  (AIDS, senility, choriocarcinoma, Hodgkin's Disease, cancer, nervous conditions, hysteria)  Order Periwinkle




Prickley Ash Bark






Red Clover (High in minerals, strengthening to the body, and soothing to the nerves.  Also used to treat scrofulous skin diseases, cancerous growths, coughs, bronchitis, and weak lungs)  Order Red Clover


Rhodiola  (Increases attention span, memory, strength, anti-toxic action, anti-tumor activity, anti-aging, eases stress, depression, heart disease, cancer, promotes longevity, a more effective adaptogen than ginseng in maintaining adrenal and immune systems, treats lack of menstruation, and improves endurance. Read more about & order rhodiola


Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)  (Phytonutrient that builds proteins in the body, improves memory function and energy levels, enhances immunity and promotes  tighter, healthier skin.)  Order Ribonucleic Acid


Rosemary  (Strengthens the memory, brings clarity of thought, uplifting, helps alleviate exhaustion and lethargy)  Order Rosemary


Rutin  (Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid using Rutin supplements.  A bioflavonoid that works with, and helps absorption of, vitamin C to maintain the immune system.  Can strengthen and modulate the permeability of the walls of the blood vessels in the body, including capillaries. It helps keep collagen healthy.  It is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and arteriosclerosis. Taking Rutin supplements can prevent blood vessel walls from becoming fragile, help improve circulation, and reduce high blood pressure. It is helpful in treating hypertension and can prevent hemorrhages and ruptures in the capillaries and connective tissues, and build a protective barrier against infections. It can also be useful in treating venous edema.  Skin that bruises easily could be a sign of a rutin deficiency.  Rutin can be found in rice, wheat and beans, but is most abundant in buckwheat)  Order Rutin


Sage  (Very beneficial herb, used for baldness, calcium deposits, headache, regulates menstruation, pneumonia, quinsy, sore throat, astringent that helps reduce perspiration, night sweats, vaginal discharges, and milk flow, estrogenic properties, sinus congestion, bladder and yeast infections, diarrhea, stomach and lung troubles, strengthens weak nervous system, helps restore natural hair color, concentration & memory retention, expels worms/parasites, use as gargle for laryngitis, tonsillitis, and mouth ulcers, add brushed sage on your toothbrush to whiten teeth, beneficial in most diseases, overall tonic)  Order Sage


Samento  (Powerful immune-system building herb, cellular rejuvenator, increases white blood count, effective in cancer, AIDS, HIV, arthritis, chronic fatigue, candidiasis, diabetes, lupus) Order Samento




Saw Palmetto (Used for the treatment of various urinary problems in men, including benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and for breast disorders in women. May also enhance sexual functioning and sexual desires) Read more about & order Saw Palmetto


Scullcap (Nervous and digestive system tonic.  Has been used to treat epilepsy, exhaustion, withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, anxiety, insomnia, and rabies.)   Order Scullcap


Sea Silver  (A whole food supplement that contains every vitamin, macro mineral, trace mineral, amino acid, and enzyme known to man, and it nourishes the body at the cellular level.  Sea Silver oxygenates cells, boosts the immune system, purifies the blood and lymphatic system, cleanses vital organs, and balances body chemistry)  Order Sea Silver


Selenium Ionic Mineral Supplement  (Reduces retention of toxic metals in the body, crucial to proper functioning of heart muscle, helps the body fight cancer, promotes body growth, enhances fertility, encourages tissue elasticity, potent antioxidant)  Order Selenium Ionic Mineral Supplement


Senna  (For constipation and bowel irregularities, halitosis, helpful with parasites)  Order Senna


Shark Cartilage (Reported to stop and kill tumors by inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels (anti-angiogenesis) that provide food for the tumor)  Order Shark Cartilage


Shepherd's Purse  (Stops bleeding: stomach bleeding, nosebleed, postpartum bleeding, profuse menstruation, bleeding of lungs, kidney, & uterus, bleeding hemorrhoids)  Order Shepherd's Purse


Slippery Elm (Used as a cough lozenge and to treat irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastritis, heartburn, and hemorrhoids)  Order Slippery Elm


Soy Isoflavones




St. John's Wort  (Natural anti-depressant, do not take if using a prescription anti-depressant, limit direct exposure to sun while taking as skin becomes more sensitive, do not use continuously longer than 2 months without a 2-3 week rest period)  Order St. John's Wort


Sulfur Ionic Mineral Supplement  (Sulfur is the flexible bond that connects cells, the lubricant between joints.  Sulfur is believed to repair the myelin sheath that, when damaged, causes the shaking in Palsy, MS, Lorenzo's Disease, & other conditions where motor functions are uncontrollable.  Sulfur can relieve many types of allergies, increases circulation, promotes muscle healing, aids metabolism, beautifies the skin, scavenges free radicals)  Order Sulfur Ionic Mineral Supplement


Suma Root  (This antioxidant with anti-viral properties is believed to increase energy, strengthen the immune system, fortify hormones (especially balancing estrogen levels), reduce tumors, combat stress and cancers, fight free radicals, and regulate blood sugar. The two hormones found in Suma, sitosterol and stipmasterol, have been found beneficial to the heart and they aid in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Acts as a healing agent for chronic disease, such as with chronic fatigue syndrome and Epstein-Barr virus, and has demonstrated good results in treating leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, and diabetes.  Relieves pain, accelerates wound healing, aphrodisiac, and blood-sugar regulator with nutritive properties).  Read more about & order Suma Root


Taurine   (An amino acid that helps control epileptic seizures (Note: if you have epileptic seizures, and drink diet products containing aspartame or other artificial sweeteners that convert to neurotoxins, it is suggested that you stop, as their use has been connected in many cases with epileptic seizures).  Taurine also aids in the clearing of free radicals, is helpful with menopause / change of life, it helps absorb fats and fat-soluble vitamins which is helpful in preventing congestive heart failure, supports the liver, and is useful in treating high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiomyopathyOrder Taurine


Tea Tree Oil  (Not for internal use, antifungal, for dandruff, athlete's foot, vaginal infections, acne, insect bites, warts)  Order Tea Tree Oil


Thyme  (Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.  Used to treat gas / flatulence, diarrhea, cramps, headache, nightmares, asthma, and lung troubles)  Order Thyme


Thymus Glandulars  (Helps stimulate T-lymphocite production & rejuvenate malfunctioning or inactive glands -- adrenal, prostate, thymus, testicular, pituitary, pancreas, & ovarian.  When you feel over-energized, stop using the glandulars)  


Tin Ionic Mineral Supplement


Tribulus Terrestris  (Hormone regulator for men and women, treats loss of libido, impotence, infertility, PMS, menopause, and more)  Order Tribulus Terrestris


Turmeric  (For peptic ulcers, artherosclerosis, alcohol-induced liver toxicity, gonorrhea, anti-inflammatory comparable to topical hydrocortisone)  Order Turmeric


Uva Ursa  (Do not use if pregnant, lactating, or have kidney problems. Uva Ursi is very high in tannins and should not be used for more than 2-3 days as it will cause irritation in the stomach lining and the kidneys. Also, the hydroquinone can be poisonous.  Good for back pain, bedwetting, cystitis, strengthens urinary system, helps eliminate excess water / bloating, antibacterial, diuretic, good for urinary tract infections, and effective in initial outbreaks of genital herpes or venereal warts.  Read more about & order uva ursa


Valerian  (Continuous use for more than 2 weeks is not recommended; only use medicinally as needed to calm nerves and aid sleep)  Order Valerian


Vitamin A (Essential for good health, it plays an important role in proper bone formation, reproduction, cell membrane integrity, vision, skin health, and strengthens the body's defense system)  Order Vitamin A


Vitamin B Complex


Vitamin B-12 Complex (Mental disorders, fatigue, helps maintain healthy nervous system, improves metabolic utilization of fats and proteins and cardiovascular health, beneficial in cases of anemia, insomnia, depression, stress, bursitis, and Multiple Sclerosis)  Order Vitamin B-12 Complex


Vitamin C


Vitamin D


Vitamin E


Wheat Grass


Witch Hazel (Effective in diarrhea and hemorrhage.  Can be used as a vaginal douche for vaginitis and leukorrhea.  Used externally as a rinse or gargle for sore throats.  Can be used as a wash for inflammation of the eyes or as a compress for inflamed bed sores, skin irritations, bruises, bites, stings, minor burns, poison ivy, hemorrhoids, bleeding, varicose veins, and nose bleeds.)  Order Witch Hazel


Yellow Dock  (Blood purifier, liver cleanser, eruptive skin diseases, scrofula, glandular tumors, syphilis, cancer, swellings, running ears, ulcerated eyelids, leprosy, high in tannin content therefore take only every other week)  Order Yellow Dock


Yew  (Possesses strong anti-cancer properties, and also effective in bacterial and fungal infections, kidney problems, lung problems, sciatica, rheumatism, colds, and viral infections.) Order Vital Yew







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To learn more about all the wonderful medicinal and life-giving properties of herbs, flowers, and other plants found in nature, please visit  We would also suggest that you obtain a comprehensive and easy-to-understand handy herb and natural remedy guide for quick reference when needed.  We have recommended a couple of our favorites on our Resources page.

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