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Fertilizers, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides: Slow Death is Still Death



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When you use chemical insecticides and herbicides, they kill not only the surface pests you aim to kill, but also soak into the ground and kill most of the microorganisms living in the soil as well, resulting in a less fertile growing environment yet.

They can also leach into your community drinking water, too. Do you really want to drink pesticide-laden water? Pesticide residues in our drinking water are not neutralized by adding chlorine or fluoride to the water, as they are not organic lifeforms, but inorganic chemicals that can contribute to many human ailments.

If you do not grow organically, you cannot grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants as well as those who do. That is a simple fact of nature. Chemical manufacturers may tell you otherwise, but they stand to make a lot of money from you.

Growers who use chemicals feed the plants at the expense of the soil. Organic growers feed the soil to the benefit of the plants without the expense of chemicals. If you build up your soil with manures and compost and a few trace minerals, your soil will stay healthy for years with a minimum of additions but when you use chemicals, you must add them on an on-going basis if your soil is to grow anything.

The reason for this is that the soil is an ecosystem that contains millions of microscopic plant and animal lifeforms that live off one another. When the soil is in balance in this way, the plants that grow in it are provided with all of the nutrients and minerals that they need and can thrive. Plants need much more than just Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous, they need the wide variety of micronutrients and minerals that healthy, well balanced soil provides.

When you add high concentrations of NPK fertilizers, this imbalance kills off vast numbers of these microorganisms and the plants feed on their decaying bodies which gives you a good crop this year, but results in a less naturally fertile soil with far fewer microbes.  Then you have to keep adding more of the fertilizers in subsequent years just to grow a plant that is inferior in almost every way to a plant properly grown organically.

The highest cancer rates by occupation in the country are among people who apply pesticides and the people who work in the fields with the plants that have had pesticides applied to them, according to insurance industry statistics. That stuff soaks into the plants and cannot be washed off because it is inside them. If the government requires applicators to wear "protective" clothing, boots, gloves, hoods and masks to apply it, why would you want to eat it?  Slow death is still death.



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