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Although each individual's healthcare needs are different and their responses may be different, if you've made any discoveries, observations, or had success with any natural remedies, therapies, or products, and you would like to share your findings, we would be very interested to hear your experience.  Please email our research manager and help us make NatureGem an even more valuable resource to our visitors.


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"That is so true about the poison we put in our bodies...My
husband has Hep C and the improvement he has got is unbelievable from staying away from chemicals and meats and preservatives.  His liver count has gone really down from following directions...I had the food intolerance test with LEAP and it came back with a lot of things I needed to watch, with sodium benzonate being a big one.  Thanks, I needed to hear everything you had to say !!!!"

"This is a WONDERFUL website!  Lots of great information!"

"I found your website to be comprehensive, with much valuable information.  I sincerely hope all people who are not healthy (and some that are) try a natural approach to everything ingested and give this enough time for evaluation.  I personally feel that a consumer should have knowledge by exploring the up-to-date information in Traditional and Alternative Approaches to health.  Thanks for your web site, it will help many people!"

"I love your site dear, well done!!! :-) Stay happy, healthy, and smiling."

"Very enlightening and helpful! Will pass this important info on to my friends."  Terri

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Required Disclaimer: The information provided within these pages is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice or treatment of your healthcare practitioner. Please remember that true health involves addressing all the systems of the body, and not just using one particular product as a "quick fix" -- there is no such thing. Much of the information presented on the NatureGem web site is based on personal research, experience, and resulting opinion.  Products recommended by, or contained in, this web site have not been evaluated by the FDA, and therefore are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Before adhering to any recommendations, especially where you may be combining natural treatments with prescribed synthetic drugs, you may want to consult with your personal health care professional. Understand that you are solely responsible for the way that this information is perceived and utilized, and do so at your own risk. In no way will NatureGem, its officers, or affiliates be responsible for any actions taken, injuries, adverse reactions, or other difficulties that might arise due to the use or misuse of this web site or the advice contained within.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK YOUR HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER

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