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Oberlin Links and Regional Resources of Interest to the Community

AAA, 49 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-6971 or 1-800-999-7890 -- Emergency road service, free maps, travel documents, other auto services, and discount program for members.


Ade's Place and Alake Gallery, 16 S. Main St., 440-774-4327: Just below Campus Video, you'll find oils, incense, African masks and antiques, textiles, tapestries, rugs and more in this earthy ethnic boutique.


Adoption Network  


Agave, 19 W. College St., 440-774-7336, A burrito bar and tequilaria serving up meat or veggie burritos, salads, tacos, nachos, margaritas and chipotle pecan brownies.


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) -- For meeting times in Oberlin (including men only and women only meetings) at the Masonic Temple, First Church, First United Methodist, and Sacred Heart, call 440-246-1800.


Allen Medical Center, 200 West Lorain St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1211


Allen Memorial Art Museum, 87 N. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-8665, free admission. 


America Reads 


AmeriCorps -- Volunteer and earn money for college 


Amherst Historical Museum -- Open Sundays from 2 to 4.  440-988-7255.


Amtrak -- You can find the Elyria Amtrak station by going east on Broad Street in Elyria, turn left on East River at the Hospital, left again at Park Place (the first street), pass Buckeye Street on your right, and turn into the train station on your right before you get to East Bridge Street.  Call 1-800-USA-RAIL for reservations. 


Apollo Theatre, 19 E. College Street, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-7091.


Attention Deficit Disorder Resources 


Battered Women's Hotline, 440-244-1853 -- 24-hour crisis hotline and provides services to help prevent domestic violence.


Bead Paradise, 29 W. College St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-2233 -- Ethnic beads, arts, craft supplies and classes, contemporary and ethnic clothing, gift items, jewelry, natural beauty care products, and vintage resale shop downstairs.


Ben Franklin (old Five and Dime Store) and MindFair Books, 13 W. College St., Oberlin, Ohio 440-774-5711 -- General store with educational toys, fabric and yarn, resale and new books, custom frame shop, office supplies, art supplies, personal products, housewares, and general merchandise.  


Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Lorain County    


Black River Cafe, 15 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-3663 -- Offers organic, vegetarian, and vegan menu items, but also serves meat dishes.  Typically open for breakfast and lunch.


Bowling at Oberlin College Lanes, 180 W. Lorain St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-8562 


Boys and Girls Club of Oberlin, 218 North Pleasant Street, 440-775-2582  


The Bridge -- Oberlin's Community Technology Center 


Business Volunteers Unlimited -- Assisting non-profit organizations. 


Cabs -- There are three local cab/taxi companies:  Safe and Reliable Cab Company 440-322-8294 costs approximately $15 from Oberlin to Elyria Amtrak or Greyhound, and $45 to the airport.  The Lorain County Cab Company 400-322-6555 costs about $21 from Oberlin to the Elyria Amtrak or Greyhound station, and $50 to the airport.  Van Express 440-774-3149 costs $30 to the airport, and $10 for each additional person.


Campus Book 


Campus Video -- 16 S. Main St., 440-775-7422, rents and sells videos and video games.  A drives license and credit card are required for membership.  Cans of pop are sold for 50 cents from the refrigerator at the back of the store.  


CATTS - Community Action to Save Stray Cats 


Center for Service and Learning 


Child Abuse Hotline -- After hours call 24-hour hotline 440-329-2121 to report child abuse or neglect in Lorain County.


Child Care Resource Center 


Children's Health Insurance -- Healthy Start/Healthy Families, 1-800-324-8680 


Chinese Natural Healing - 440-774-3218 


Christ Episcopal Church of Oberlin – Hot meals daily 


City of Oberlin


Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio 


Common Ground - Sponsors summer Earth Camp for children ages 6-11.  Activities include music, drama, arts & crafts, environmental education, swimming, and horseback riding, with a focus at the same time on helping children gain an understanding and appreciation of diversity, nature, peacemaking, human worth, dignity, and respect.  


Community Impact Program -- Help feed the hungry in Lorain County, 1821 Middle Ave., Cathy Sheetz, 440-284-6071 


Consumer Credit Counseling -- CCCS of Northeastern Ohio, 401 Broad St., Suite 205, Elyria, Ohio  44035, For appointment call 1-800-355-2227.  Will help reduce or eliminate late fees, over-the-limit fees, and other fees, help negotiate affordable payment plans to pay off unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills, utilities, and collection accounts, and help re-establish your credit.  Can conduct the appointment by phone, if necessary. 


Copy Shop, 32 South Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1514 -- Fedex Services, printing, copying, supplies, graphics, promotional materials, tape conversions.


Counseling for Creative Living -- Design for Individual, Family, and Community, 461 W. Lorain St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-2905


Crisis Intervention Program -- (for certain Lorain and Elyria residents) Basic needs assistance including food pantry, rent and mortgage assistance to prevent homelessness, and assistance with delinquent utilities.  440-277-8269


Curves, 57 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-4880 - Women's Fitness & Weight Loss Center 


Dave's Army/Navy Store, 29 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-3283 -- surplus Army/Navy clothing and supplies, military items, footwear, and camping and outdoor gear.


The Disco (The "Sco, as it's known), 135 W. Lorain St. (Wilder Hall basement), 440-775-8102: Located on the Oberlin campus, but with many shows open to the public, is the spot for cutting-edge indie rockers - onstage and in the audience. 


Downtown Pizza -- 38 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-3700.- 


Dress for Success -- Provides low-income women with suits for interviews and on-the-job. 


Dr. Jennifer Shults, DC – Holistic Practitioner  440-774-6000


Drug Rehab -- Ohio Sites and Information   


Easter Seals 


El Centro De Servicios Sociales, 1888 East 31st Street, Lorain, Ohio, 440-277-8235, Director: Crystell Ivonne Llado. El Centro de Servicios Sociales provides advocacy and direct human services to the Lorain County Hispanic community. El Centro operates the Hispanic Literacy Project, providing educational enrichment and supportive services to youth, gang members, and welfare mothers to improve their educational status and promote self-sufficiency.  


Elder Abuse Hotline -- Call 440-284-4465 to report abused, neglected, or exploited adults in Lorain County who are unable to help themselves.


Emergency Food Sites (regional) -- Amherst: 988-2866.  Avon, Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake, and Sheffield Village:  Community Resource Center 440-933-5639, Lorain County Social Services 440-949-8146.  Vermilion:  Salvation Army 440-967-5446, Vermilion United Church of Christ 440-967-5212.  Oberlin:  Christ Episcopal Church -- Free evening meals to the public served in the adjacent parish building weekdays 5:00-5:30 p.m. 162 S. Main St.  440-775-2501.  Lorain:  Hot Meals 203 W. 8th St. 440-244-9915.  North Ridgeville, Grafton, and North Eaton:  Office on Aging 440-353-0828, Community Cares 440-353-9716, North Eaton Baptist Church 440-748-2840.  Columbia Station and LaGrange:  Columbia Baptist Church 440-236-8206, LaGrange United Methodist 440-355-4561, Salvation Army 440-355-4203. Elyria:  Community Impact Hunger Program, 1821 Middle Ave. Cathy Sheetz 440-284-6071.


Emergency Shelter -- Call 440-277-9272 in Lorain County for emergency shelter for men, women, and children under age 17 who are accompanied by an adult.


EPA Scorecard of Environmental Pollution



Erie Shores Humane Society - 440-244-0132 


Faith (Families in Transitional Housing) House in Lorain – Housing for Homeless Single Parents, Lorain, 440-277-4430  


Families YES!, 152 South Cedar St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-7056 -- Organizes fun and educational family and community events.! 


Family Planning Services of Lorain County, 602 Leona St., Elyria, Ohio, 440-322-7526 -- Family planning and women's reproductive health care. 


Farm Bureau of Lorain County, 530 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-2211 


The Farmer is Adele, 36089 Neff Rd., Grafton, Ohio  44044, 440-926-3316 -- Biodynamic farm run by Adele Straub.


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Oberlin, 326 East Lorain Street, 440-774-0300 -- The world's busiest air traffic control facility. 


Fedex Services at the Copy Shop, 32 South Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1514


The Feve, 30 S. Main St., 440-774-1978: Coffeehouse, deli, restaurant, bar/grill, and jazz club.  Laid-back place for students, visitors, and residents to get together.


Findlay State Park -- Camping, cookouts, swimming lake, rents campsites for about $15 a night and a few very small bunk houses/cabins, showers, theater, fishing, hiking, game room, camp store, and events calendar.  Only about 15 minutes south of Oberlin and Wellington on Rt. 58.  440-647-4490. 


Firelands Association for the Visual Arts, 39 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-7158 -- Art classes and camps for children through adults. Scholarships available.


Finney Chapel, 90 N. Professor St., 440-775-8169: This elegant concert hall holds many of the more than 400 Oberlin student and faculty recitals each year, plus numerous touring artists.


Firelands Land Conservatory 


Food Pantry: Wednesdays and Fridays 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. at 203 West 8th Street in Lorain. For more information, contact Adrienne Norman (440) 244-9915 (See "Emergency Food Sites")


Food Stamps Application - 440-323-5726.  To apply for multiple forms of assistance in Oberlin, see "Oberlin Community Services"  Caseworkers are available to assist with your applications on Tuesdays. (Also see "Emergency Food Sites")


Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland  


GED Free Tutoring and Scholarships -- The Oberlin GED Program at Christ Church offers free tutoring on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 in the basement of the parish hall behind Christ Church at 162 S. Main St., Oberlin.  Students who complete all of the practice tests receive a $55 GED Application Fee Scholarship.  For more information, please contact Michael Reynolds at 440-775-0605 or Jane Wells at 440-774-1926.


Genesis House – Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence  


George Jones Memorial Farm 440-774-2906 - Welcomes community volunteers, Oberlin College students work on the farm, food co-op/cropsharing programs are available, organic food is also sold at the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings between City Hall and the Library in Downtown and at their roadside stand in front of the farm on Rt. 511/E. Lorain just east of Willowbrook Rd. from 2-7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the growing season. Livestock includes meat turkeys, chickens, pigs and ducks as well as laying chickens and ducks.  


Gibson's Food Mart and Bakery, 23 W. College, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-2401 -- Old-fashioned baker with organic products, general groceries and merchandise, alcohol, candies, home-made baked goods, deli meats, sandwiches, ice cream, newspapers, personal products, dry goods, and more.


Ginko Gallery and Studio, 19 S. Main St., 440-774-3117 -- Handmade crafts from pottery to scarves made by local Cleveland and Oberlin area artists.


Good Food Co-Op, 440-775-6533 


Greyhound Station in Elyria, 440-322-0000, Baggage: 440-323-3332, 365 Broad St. in downtown Elyria.


Habitat for Humanity, First Church, Oberlin, Ohio,  440-775-1711


Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast


Haven Center for the Homeless, 440-277-9272  


Head Start of Lorain County – Childcare Assistance (also serves Huron, Sandusky counties), Child Care Resource Center, 440-324-7187; 1-800-526-5268, email address: 


Health Care Coverage for Low-Income Families 


Health Clinic (Walk-In) : June 13th at 203 West 8th Street in Lorain. For more information, contact Jim Gepperth (440) 244-9915.


Heartland Circle, 133 Bennett Street, Wellington, Ohio, 440-647-6086 -- Substance abuse recovery, and co-dependency, grief, ADD/ADHD, parenting, and relationship support, counseling, & workshops. 


Help Me Grow Program, Designed to provide additional support to pregnant women and families raising children birth to three year old.  Lorain: 440-277-8269, Elyria: 440-323-7847  


Homeless Day Shelter: Daily at 203 West 8th Street in Lorain. For more information, contact Becky Sigal (440) 244-9915.


Homeschooling in Ohio -- Oberlin Contact and Support Group 440-774-2720.  Ohio Virtual Academy offers the Othello state-funded online homeschool program with complete curriculum from K-12, textbooks and materials provided free, free tuition, free loaner computer, guidance from certified teachers, and educational tools.  For more info call 1-866-339-9072 or visit them online at


Horseback Riding - Equine Difference Learning Facility.  Boarding, lessons, training, sales, and leasing.  1-week camp -- "Work to Ride."  11911 Leavitt Rd., Oberlin, Ohio, Ric and Julie Weitzel, 440-774-1251, Email: 


Hot Meals: Wednesdays 4:30 p.m. at 203 West 8th Street in Lorain. For more information, contact Adrienne Norman (440) 244-9915.


Humility of Mary Housing -- Combatting homelessness by providing transitional housing, low-income housing, and Senior Housing. 


Ice skating at Williams Ice Rink, Woodland & Union, Oberlin, Ohio -- A roofed ice-skating rink run by the area youth hockey association.  It is open for public skating several days a week during the cold-weather months. Admission is free to Oberlin College students. 440-774-2515 


Jamie's Flea Market -- One of the largest flea markets in the country, open Wed & Sat 8-4, 1/2 mile west of Rt. 58 on Rt. 113 in South Amherst, Ohio, 440-986-4402 


Jorgensen's Apiary, 75 S. Pleasant St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-2710  


Junior Achievement of Lorain County


Kendal at Oberlin -- Independent and assisted living in a unique community reflecting Quaker values with spacious cottages, apartments, and skilled nursing care.


Lakeview Assisted Living


Legacy Health Foundation -- A unique hunger and health initiative.  Not just feeding, but healing, the hungry without toxic chemicals.  Make a tax-deductible contribution today!  


Legal Aid Society – Legal representation for people who cannot afford an attorney in cases such as welfare, food stamps, social security, unemployment compensation, consumer, bill collectors, housing, eviction, divorce, and automobile accidents.  Lorain County Legal Aid 440-323-8240.  


Loom Shed, 15 S. Main (second floor), Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-3500 -- Run by weaver Charles Lermond, offers a handweaving center with supplies, yarns, and weaving instruction offered.  


Lorain -- Lorain County news, events, and local links. 


Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, 440-323-0860.


Lorain County Beekeepers Association 


Lorain County Cab Company 440-322-6555, costs $21 to the Elyria Amtrak or Greyhound station, and $50 to the airport.


Lorain County Chamber of Commerce 


Lorain County Childrens Pioneer Theater 


Lorain County Children Services 


Lorain County Community College Foundation - Scholarships, Incentives, and Partner Universities 


Lorain County Free Clinic, 3323 Pearl Ave., Lorain, Ohio, 440-277-7602 


Lorain County Genealogy Project 


Lorain County Health Department 


Lorain County Historical Society Hickories Museum, 509 Washington Ave., Elyria, OH, Tue-Fri 1-4 p.m., 440-322-3341, $3.50 adults, and $1.00 children ages 6-12


Lorain County Joint Vocational School, 15181 State Rt. 58, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-1051 


Lorain County Mission, 306 Morgan Ave., Elyria, Ohio, 440-322-4623 -- Providing temporary shelter, clothing, food, job training, counseling, education, and substance abuse help. 


Lorain County Office on Aging 


Lorain County Regional Airport 


Lorain County Right to Life 


Lorain County Speedway, 5 minutes south of Oberlin on Route 58 in Amherst, Ohio, 216-447-7888 or 440-986-7223 


Lorain County Rape Crisis Center -- Nord Center, 6140 South Broadway, Lorain, Ohio, call 1-800-888-6161 and ask for rape crisis on-call advocate. Or call the office at 440-233-7273. 


Lorain County Transit (LCT), 440-233-7868 and bus scheduling 440-949-2525.  Provides service to Lorain County, the airport, and Cleveland.  LCT is free with an Oberlin College ID.  It leaves Oberlin from the corner of E. College and Pleasant St., and can be flagged by waving from anywhere along the route.


Lorain County Urban League 


Lorain County Visitors Bureau 


Lorenzo's Pizzeria - 52 1/2 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-0118.  Set back off the road, turn into the drive between the black wrought iron fence and the Oberlin News-Tribune Office.  Also has outdoor patio tables with umbrellas. 


Mad Factory, 39 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-7062 -- Theater instruction, entertainment, and education.


MADD North Coast -- Mothers Against Drunk Drivers 


Main Street Oberlin, 7 N. Main Street, Suite #117, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-6262, Geoff Comings.


Mandarin Chinese and Japanese Restaurant, 82 South Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-4500


Mary Lee Tucker Clothe-A-Child Organization, 440-245-6901 x615 or 1-800-765-6901 x 615 -- Primarily collects donations of money and clothing to help give children something warm to wear during the winter months. Clothe-a-Child volunteers take children shopping for winter coats, scarfs, hats, gloves, and other warm clothes.


Medicare Assistance Program -- Ohio 


Mildred Bond Day Care Program -- South Lorain 


Mudd Library at Oberlin College 


Nails to Perfection, 61 S. Main St. (next to the library), Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-4647


National Child Abuse Hotline - 1-800-4-A-CHILD or 1-800-422-4453  


National Coalition for the Homeless 


National Family Farm Coalition 


National Federation of the Blind (Oberlin Chapter), 237 Oak Street, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-2216. 


NatureGem Nontoxic Living Resources -- Healing without toxic chemicals. 


Neighborhood House Association of Lorain County, 440-233-8768  


News-Tribune -- Oberlin's local newspaper.  Circulation includes surrounding areas.  42 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio  440-775-1611.  


Northern Ohio Youth Orchestras, 39 South Main Street, Suite 244, Oberlin, Ohio 44074, 440-775-3059, Fax: 440-774-61601 


OASIS Animal Shelter, State Route 511, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-4101 


Oberlin Bike Co-Op, 145 North Main St., in the back basement of Keep Cottage, 440-775-5351 -- Rents bikes to residents and students, and offers members the use of tools and parts for bike repair. 


Oberlin College Bookstore, 37 W. College, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-7722 -- Textbooks, campus wear, Oberlin merchandise, cards, gifts, electronics, school and art supplies, and dorm products.


Oberlin Chamber of Commerce  


Oberlin Choristers -- New Union Center for the Arts, 39 S. Main St., Oberlin, 440-774-4079 


Oberlin College For Events Central Ticket Office call  440-775-8169


Oberlin Community Services  


Oberlin Dance Theater, 39 South Main St., Oberlin, Ohio  44074, 774-6077


Oberlin Design Initiative, 15B West College St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-776-0209 -- Community Involvement and Sustainability Research 


Oberlin Early Childhood Center


Oberlin Farmers Market  


Oberlin Food Rescue, 440-774-3183 


Oberlin Golf Club, 200 Pyle Rd., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-3923 


Oberlin Heritage Center - For tours of historic buildings, meet at the James Monroe House (73½ S. Professor St. Rear). Call 440-774-1700 for times and details.


Oberlin Inn


Oberlin Market – Health food store (building behind Downtown Pizza on South Main ), 22 Carpenter Court, 440-774-8401, email: -- Also offers baked goods, catering, and small casual sit-down dining.  Hours are M-F 8:30a.m.-7:00 p.m., Sat 9 a.m.-5:00 p.m., and Sun 12:00 noon-5:00 p.m.


Oberlin Meals on Wheels, 440-774-1353 – Delivers  


Oberlin Medical Center, 200 W. Lorain St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1211


Oberlin Music, 13 S. Main St. (upstairs), 440-774-8430 -- Run by Oberlin alumnus Jim Dawson, this cozy shop sells sheet music (including organ music) and serves up coffee, tea and pastries.


Oberlin Music Coalition -- Free music lessons for public school students in Lorain County and the greater Cleveland area.  A non-profit program of the Oberlin College Conservatory run by student musicians.  Free private lessons, Children's Concert Series, and Children's Music Workshops, 440-775-5530 or email obmusic@oberlin.edu 


Oberlin News-Tribune, 42 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1611 -- Oberlin area newspaper with local government, community, school, civic, and sports coverage.


Oberlin Parks & Recreation, 69 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-7254 -- Numerous parks, hiking trails, fishing ponds, and a 15-mile scenic bike path to Elyria and Kipton. 


Oberlin Public Library, 65 South Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-4790 


Oberlin Review College Newspaper Online 


Oberlin City Schools - District Administration, 153 N. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-1458 -- Offers Oberlin College scholarships to eligible Oberlin High School graduates who attended all 4 years. 


Oberlin Public Interest Group, Oberlin College Chapter -- Non-profit environmental and Consumer Rights Group working to protect the environment, consumer interests, and fight hunger and homelessness. 


Oberlin Senior Center, 90 E. College St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1504  


Oberlin Stray Animal Rescue -- Operated by Oberlin College students. 


ObieMatch -- Bringing Oberlin College students together.  Compatibility matching.  Must be Oberlin College student and have Oberlin College username to register.


Ohio Citizen Action


Ohio Dance Theater  


Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services 


Ohio Domestic Violence Hotline – 1-800-934-9840  


Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation -- All people who need to access our cherished system of laws should be able to. Even if they can't afford a lawyer. 


OhioLink -- The Ohio Library and Information Network 


Ohio Learning Network, 614-995-3240 -- Exploring distance learning options.



Ohio Migrant Hotline -- 1-800-282-3525 regarding housing and working conditions, health, & safety. 


Ohio Virtual Academy offers the Othello state-funded online homeschooling program with complete curriculum from K-12, textbooks and materials provided free, free tuition, free loaner computer, guidance from certified teachers, and educational tools.  For more info call 1-866-339-9072 or visit them online at


Our Lady of the Wayside, 440-934-6007 -- To serve people affected by mental retardation and developmental disabilities 


PaperRetriever -- A community paper recycling program that helps the environment and benefits the schools.  Recycles newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, junk mail, envelopes, self-stick notes, computer paper, posters, folders, and fax paper.  Sponsored by the school system, the money is used to help pay for school expenses and projects, including books, playgrounds, landscaping, and fun and educational activities.  There are 8 local PaperRetriever bins located in and around the Oberlin area.  There is one at Oberlin High School on N. Pleasant, Eastwood Elementary on E. College, Prospect Elementary on S. Prospect, the Oberlin Work Activity Center at 285 Artino, at the Splash Zone aquatic facility at 95 Hamilton, at Lorain County JVS on Rt. 58 south of downtown Oberlin, in Pittsfield Twp at 16940 Rt. 58 south of Oberlin, and at Carlisle Reservation at 12882 Diagonal Rd. in nearby LaGrange.


Pick-your-own Organic Blueberries -- Chance Creek Blues Farm 440-775-5386 - Rt. 511 West, right on Vermilion Rd., left on Portman, to first right onto Peasely.  Second farm on right.  Open 8-8.


Poison Control Center of Northeast Ohio, Toll-free 1-888-231-6161, Lorain County 216-231-4455.


Post Office, 68 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-776-9847.


Presti's of Oberlin Restaurant -- Fine dining specializing in homemade authentic Italian cuisine.  Located at 580 W. Lorain St., Oberlin, Ohio  440-775-2511. 


Preventive Medicine Group -- Traditional doctors with a natural approach. 


Project Child Safe -- Free gun locking devices and firearms safety kits. 


Project Joy, 440-323-2777 -- Non-profit community arts organization that utilizes volunteer entertainers to perform in local Nursing Homes, hospitals and homes for the disadvantaged. 


Project Linus - Providing security through blankets for children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need 


Providence House -- A crisis nursery and safe haven for young children 


Puffer's Floral Shoppe, 13 E. Vine at South Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-2611 -- Full service florist and gift shoppe.  Order online. 


Q&D Diner (Quick and Delicious) - In front of Missler's grocery store at 311 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-1973, the food truly is quick and delicious, the prices are low to moderate, the helpings are very generous, and the owner and staff are friendly and efficient.


Rape Crisis Center of Lorain County -- Nord Center, 6140 South Broadway, Lorain, Ohio, call 1-800-888-6161 and ask for rape crisis on-call advocate. Or call the office at 440-233-7273. 


Red Cross, 2929 West River Road N., Elyria, Ohio, 440-324-2929 


Rental Payment Assistance (short-term, temporary), Lorain County Urban League, 440-323-3364. 


Rotary Club of Oberlin, 7 N. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1111 


Safe and Reliable Cab Company 440-322-8294, Costs $15 from Oberlin to the Elyria Amtrak or Greyhound station, and $45 to the airport.


Salvation Army - 100 South Main Street-Front, Wellington, Ohio, 440-647-7600


Second Harvest Food Bank, 7445 Deer Trail Lane, Lorain, Ohio, 440-960-2265


Senior Nutrition Program, Home-delivered hot, delicious, safe, and nutritious noontime and weekend meals for frail and elderly persons throughout the western half of Lorain County, including Lorain, Elyria, Oberlin, Amherst, Wellington, and the townships of Amherst, Brownhelm, Henrietta, New Russia, Camden, Brighton, Penfield, Pittsfield, LaGrange, and Carlisle.  440-277-8269 


Services for Children with Special Needs (Lorain County) -- 1-800-729-TOTS 


Simply Healing Clinic – Naturopathic physician services from your home (Must pay up front and request reimbursement, as not yet covered by most traditional insurance providers).  


Solaluna Center for Yoga and Movement, 40 S. Main St. (second floor), Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-9642 -- Yoga instruction for students of all ages and levels of fitness. 


Sperry-Gorske Insurance Agency, 21 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-4201.


Splash Zone, 95 W. Hamilton, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-5059 


Stocker Foundation 


Subway Restaurant of Oberlin - 18 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-7827.


Summit Academy -- Recently opened non-profit free public elementary and secondary schools located in Lorain, Ohio serving Lorain County children who do not perform well in traditional environments.  Offers innovative programs with self-paced computerized learning and hands-on learning experiences.  Teaches self-discipline and self-control.  Class sizes are small, nurturing, and offer individualized attention for children who are struggling.  Also helps children with difficulty in reading and math, ADD/ADHD, and other learning and behavioral problems.  Call 330-245-2593 or 440-245-2593 for enrollment information. 


Taxi cabs -- There are three local cab/taxi companies:  A2 Point B Cab Company 440-775-7222 or email, Safe and Reliable Cab Company 440-322-8294 costs approximately $15 from Oberlin to Elyria Amtrak or Greyhound, and $45 to the airport.  The Lorain County Cab Company 400-322-6555 costs about $21 from Oberlin to the Elyria Amtrak or Greyhound station, and $50 to the airport.  Van Express 440-774-3149 costs $30 to the airport, and $10 for each additional person.


Tooo Chinoise Restaurant -- 27 W. College St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-2988.     


United Northeast Natural and Organic Food Buying Club -- Ask for Connie at the Ben Franklin Store, 13 W. College St., Oberlin, Ohio 440-774-5711 


United Way of Greater Lorain County    


Unique Soul Boutique - Ethnic hair care, 52 Lincoln St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-4679.


UPS Store, 55 S. Main St. (next to the library), Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-7447 -- copying, document services, shipping, and postal service.


Van Express 440-774-3149, costs $30 to airport, $10 for each additional person.


Voices for Children 


Volunteer Guardianship Program of Lorain County 


Watson Hardware, 26 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1731.


Weia Teia, Upscale but cozy Asian-influenced cuisine (such as goat cheese ravioli in a lemongrass curry sauce) at moderate prices. Offers vegetarian choices. 9 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-8880.


Welcome Nursing Home, 417 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1491


Wigs for Kids - Hair replacement solutions for children affected by hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, burns, and other medical conditions. 


WOBC Oberlin College Radio 


Womens Development Center, 440-366-4188 -- Promoting and assisting women in small business.


Workshop Gallery, 24 S. Main, Oberlin, Ohio, 440-775-1540 -- Picture framing and unusual artwork for sale.


Yard Sale Thrift Shop -- Resale, thrift, and consignment goods.  18 Groveland at corner of South Main (behind auto shop), Oberlin, Ohio, Mon-Sat 10-5 p.m.,  440-774-2793


Yesterday's Ice Cream Shop, 53 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio, 440-774-4662 -- Full food menu and 37 flavors of Hershey's ice cream.
















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