How does COVID-19 affect the body?

Holistic Remedies for Respiratory Discomfort

1. Honey drinks; Ginger drinks; Oranges or Orange juice; pure water
2. Menthol candies; Vitamin C (2x500 mg)
3. Menthol gel to rub chest or throat; Use warm & wet towel with menthol as a respiratory nebulizer
4. Use salt water to gargle throat
5. More rest in a warm and not-dry environment
6. Some good food - natural yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage)

Mala strand

Relaxation - Using Mala (Prayer Beads)

Mala or prayer beads are commonly used in the recitation and counting scared prayers (Mantra). The main perspective of Mala is used with intention to fill you with happiness, joy, kindness and serenity and to drive away evil thoughts.

The traditional Mala for Buddhist has 108 beads, representing the 108 human passions. The number 108 can be related astrologically to the twelve Zodiac houses multiplied by the nine planets. The number can also represent the number of mental conditions or sinful desires that one must overcome to reach enlightenment. It has also a large center bead and two smaller beads. The additional beads indicate the completion of one cycle of prayers and also symbolize the Three Jewels of Buddhism: the Buddha, the doctrine, and the community.

The circlet or strand shown here is about 33 inches (86 cm) long and has a warm soothing forest green colour. It is of Buddhist style with 108 beads, two small markers, a larger center bead and an end piece with two tassels. The 8 mm beads, center bead and other pieces are made of aventurine, a semi-precious gemstone of quartz with glistening enclosed scales of mica and hematite minerals. Aventurine is mined in Austria, India, South America, Spain, and Russia. By the way, the circlet was acquired online from an American astrologist, Bethea.


Simply hold the circlet in one of your hands and let the other hand moves the beads. The use of left or right hand does not matter unless one is particularly religious and would like to follow the rituals of Buddhism or Hinduism. Close your eyes and let the fingers travel over the surface of the beads. Mediate by envisioning goodness and peace as the beads slip one by one. When you are focusing on your thoughts, you may be able to listen to your inner self and even the near and far corners of the universe.

The circlet can also be used to pacify your emotions and the problem of concentration. You may recite your favourite prayer(s) or just simply count the beads as the beads travel one cycle or more in the hands.

Notes: The Mala is similar to the Rosary of the Catholic faith. The Rosary helps keep in memory certain principal events or mysteries and thank and praise God for them. There are twenty mysteries: the five Joyful Mysteries, the five Luminous Mysteries, the five Sorrowful Mysteries, and the five Glorious Mysteries.

Health — Anti-ageing


Raquel Welch (born 1940) is still looking glamorous. Besides she has plastic surgery, her younger look is due to a low-carb, gluten-free diet and to exercise in the form of yoga. She said, "I'm holding together just fine, but I'm not doing it with no effort. I'm doing my yoga every day — an hour-and-a-half of that."

One still-beautiful celebrity is Christie Brinkley — an American model (born 1954), discloses her tips for maintaining vibrant skin, hair and nails throughout the aging process. "When people ask me my big secret to looking younger than my age, I reply "Eating right will keep you tight!" says Brinkley. As a vegetarian since 12, she diet is predominantly plant-based diet. She says, "Truly beautiful skin radiates with the glow of good health — no matter your age! And that starts with a healthy diet." (source: http://www.vegetariantimes.com/blog/eating-to-look-great-nutrition-tips-and-trade-secrets-from%E2%80%A8-timeless-beauty-author-christie-brinkley/ )

Note: Brinkley does not have surgery and is not a fan of Botox injection, though she admits she has modest fillers - a injection under the skin.
Christie Brinkley - FaceBook
Christie Brinkley - Official Site

Christie Brinkley - Beauty Secrets (Nov 2015)

Another youthful-looking celebrity is Jennifer Aniston - an American actress (born 1969) - she says that her success on health contributes to a healthy diet, yoga, exercise, mediation, and water intake. Her diet is rich in organic veggies and lean protein. Also, her food philosophy is everything in moderation.

She does not have any surgeries to keep a youthful appearance, but relies on non-invasive skin treatments such as electrical charged muscle therapy (US$300) and radio-frequency tightening ($2000 each visit).

Health — Skin Care

Simple Cares
In a video of an interview after a show in China, a Canadian top model, Daria, told her secrets of facial care
Protection from the sun

1. Natural Aloe Vera gel can make a very good skin moisturizer against sunburn and wind.
2.For winter months, Shea butter may be used against cold wind.
3. A healthy diet and a happy and relaxed mentality might do wonders for any person.
4. An old tip: brush the hair 20 times each morning to massage the scalp and to stimulate hair growth.
5. Learn hand-pressure acupuncture to massage around the eyes to relax eye muscle and to improve eye sight.
6. Learn a foreign language to train the brain to retain memory capability.

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Vegetarian Lifestyle

In an interview with PetA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), actress Patricia De León told how becoming a vegetarian has changed her life (Feb 2010).
Addresses:http://www.peta.org/videos     www.peta.org/living


Vegan Diet

Maintaining a vegan diet is actually impossible or close to impossible for most ordinary people, as processed food is important for living in urban settlements. The food might be labelled of animal-product free or vegetarian for most people, but most brands sold at supermarkets or eateries might actually have fats, proteins or ingredients that are derived from animals. For example, how many people would check whether sugar in a snack is certified Kosher or is refined by bone ash.

To produce white sugar, sugar canes or beets are first turned to pulps that are later filtered and "bleached" to a white colour by lime or by bone ash. For those interested, you might want to read the "Faith" paragraph in the "Culture" section of this site.


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Simple Tricks for Food Preparation

To peel the skin of a clove of garlic
If the appearance of a whole clove is not needed, you can (1) cut the hard bottom of the clove first and slice the clove into two halves; (2) place the flat of a knife on the top of clove and gently smashed on it. Then it should be easier to peel the skin.

To peel the skin of an onion
Use the same technique for garlic. (1) Cut the onion vertically after the root part of the bulb is removed; (2) For a horizontal cut, use a paring knife to carve slightly on the onion vertically for two to four times. Then cut the onion horizontally into two halves.

Antiseptic Spray
Put some pure white vinegar into a spray bottle. Lightly spray the vinegar on the utensils and the preparation area and wipe out any excess spray. You may also use the spray on your hands.

Homemade Household Cleaners:     [Click here]


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Gardening Tips

To remove the unwanted grass or weed in the cracks between stone or cement blocks on a patio.

1. Use a 4-5 inch metal scraper or a table knife. Slide the flat blade into the soils and cut the buried roots.
2. Usually, You can pull out the grass plant easily by hand.
3. Then, you may want to refill the void with loose sand.

For a larger area, it is more efficient using commercial weed-killer. To use less harmful chemicals, first use an electric or gas-powered grass trimmer to cut off the grass stems. Set the trimmer line as low as possible to the surface. You can make a homemade weed-killer by mixing vinegar, dish soap with tap water (see House Cleaners). Spray the solution to the grass roots. The grass should die out within 1 week and do not re-grow from the roots.

Warning: The chemical solutions will affect the chemistry of the soils and is not suitable for other areas. For lawn, sprinkle a little bit of fertilizers at the spots of weeds. It might kill the weeds and encourage the good grass to crowd out them.

Some ideas from other websites:
One weed-killer recipe: 4 cups (1 litre) white vinegar, 1/5 cup (50 ml) table salt, 2 tablespoon (10 ml) dish soap.
Other alternatives: 1. just boiling water. 2. undiluted vinegar caution: first check if the solution strength adversely affects the cement and rock minerals).


What are the numbers that multiply with 37 to come up a set of 3-digit numbers as follows:
                    37   x    ?  =  111
                    37   x    ?  =  222
                    37   x    ?  =  333
                    37   x    ?  =  444
                    37   x    ?  =  555
                    37   x    ?  =  666
                    37   x    ?  =  777
                    37   x    ?  =  888
                    37   x    ?  =  999

Try to find the answer without using the calculator or the paper and pencils.

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