Rolla Bolla — It is an dramatic act by circus performers to balance on top of a board which is in turn on top of a roller or ball, and some performers stack up several shelves on the roller.
Nanaika Dance — It is a Russian folk "dance" of a single-person dancing with two suits of clothing to mimic two persons wrestling or dancing.

The Infinite Fantasy Circus Family

This Toronto-based circus has performed at many festivals, public events and private meetings in Ontario, Canada,since 2000s; their specialties include rolla bolla, fire eating, hula hoops, contortions, silk aerial, acrobatics, Nanaika dance, and .... The Belarusian-Canadian family consists of six members: Leonid, Tatyana, Helen, Katherine, Valerie, and Max.     (www.fantasycircus.com)

Video of the Family (Curtain Call 2013)

Youtube Videos

2013-2014 at CNE, Toronto

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Other Youtube Videos of Circus Acts

Nanaika Dance, 2014
Rolla Bolla - Benches, 2014
Rolla Bolla - Pipes, 2014
Hula Loops, 2013
Contortion, 2013
Rolla Bolla, 2013
Comic Acrobatics, 2013
Diabolo Juggling, 2013
Variety Show, 2013
Variety Show (cont'd, with a guest from the audience)
Hula Hoops, 2011

Photo Albums

Live Performances (CNE, Toronto, 2012)



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