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Flannel Biscuits

"Rich has scoured the Web for the best free songwriting lessons in this great resource! The links to these lessons are organized into over a dozen categories covering all the major songwriting topics and considerations. And, if you're interested, head back to the home page for the same great coverage of free guitar lessons!"

Maximum Musician

"A site intent on teaching you guitar, with lots of rich content to do it. Besides being a pro guitar player, Rich Scott has a degree in education - you can't help but learn something from his offerings. is filled with substantial lessons, including chord substitutions of classic songs that include precise fingerings for guitarists. There's also an extensive list of links. All in all, a great resource for building skill in music making."

7th Sphere Entertainment

"Ok, ok... so you're a songwriter. And you don't need any help. Granted. But sometimes even the best of us need a nudge in the right direction. Unlike some other sites, cuts through the clutter and tells you everything you need to know about chords, progressions, and standards. There are even branded and collected lessons and tablature for those of us who need to know everything music."

Web Resources For Learning

"MoneyChords gives you over 20 Popular progressions to play and learn from, including over 75 lessons. Most sites give you just a handful of progressions. MC offers lessons on chords and chord progressions that musicians at every skill level can benefit from."

Guitar Rampage

"Good Website. With Good Lessons and Links. Nuff Said. This is a must visit."

A Musician's Most Important Skill

"A good example of an objective that has tremendous value would be to learn to play and recognize by ear all the chord progressions illustrated on It would take you a while to learn all of these progressions. And, the research that went into producing the exhaustive list of progressions would enhance the value of this objective even further."

Len C. (Music Teacher in Austrailia)

"I must say that the lesson plans are fantastic! A well documented and presented set of logical, useful and free resources. What a find. I have used the circle of fifths and will have a look at other lessons soon."

Jan C.

"Thanks for a very nice web site - it's packed full of useful information."

Bob W. (Bristol, RI)

"Working out transposing songs, found your site, great tools (very helpful) both the page of explanation of 'how-to' transpose properly and the printable transposing wheel. Thank you very much for providing this information."

Frank N. (Houston, TX)

"An absolutely GREAT website. Thanx for taking the time to compile such a wealth of information. This stuff is great for a dummy, like me, who is looking to learn a little more about theory (or actual practice).

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