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In music or music theory, a triad is a tonal or diatonic tertian trichord. In other words, a chord with three notes, built from thirds, and a diatonic function. The three notes are called the root, the third (whose interval is a major third or minor third above the root), and the fifth (whose interval is a major or minor third above the third and a diminished, perfect, or augmented fifth above the root). The function is determined primarily by the root, but also by the quality of the chord (the exact third and fifth).

The major chord, minor chord, diminished chord, augmented chord are all triads.

- The major third, and perfect fifth yields a major chord. (0-4-7)

- The minor third, and perfect fifth yields a minor chord. (0-3-7)

- The minor third, and diminished fifth yields a diminished chord. (0-3-6)

- The major third, and augmented fifth yields an augmented chord. (0-4-8)

When writing a chord, the notes are either all on lines or on spaces. Use the Tone,Tone,Semitone,Tone,Tone,Tone,Semitone rule to make sure you have included the right sharps and flats.

Primary triad refers the tonic, subdominant, and dominant chords. (Courtesy of Wikipedia) Click below for the best in free Triad lessons available on the web.

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