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Michelle Chord


Notes on Series


The Michelle Chord

The second chord played in the verse section of Paul McCartney's 1965 hit Michelle is the "F7#9" chord shown below. In a 2004 interview, McCartney says that "I learned that chord from Jim Gretty, a salesman at Hassy's music shop in Liverpool. All the guys who worked in that store when we were kids were jazz guys. They had to play jazz well if they wanted to hold down their jobs. Gretty showned us jazz chords... I remember George and I were in the guitar shop when Gretty played it, and we said, Wow, what was that, man? And he answered, It's just basically an "F," but you barre the top two strings at the fourth fret with your little finger." In Dominic Pedler's book, "The Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles," he refers to this as the Gretty Chord.

The Michelle "F7#9" Chord


[ 1=Index; 2=Middle; 3=Ring; 4=Pinky
x=Don't Play; If No x,1,2,3,4=Play Open String ]

Verse Progression (Capo on fifth fret):

|C / / / |F7#9 / / / |Bb6 / / / |Ao7 / / / |

|G / Ao7 / |G / / / ||  

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