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Flatpicking is a technique for playing the steel-stringed acoustic guitar using a plectrum or flatpick. Although the term is used in other genres, it is probably best known as the lead guitar style in bluegrass music and old-time country music. Probably starting around 1930, flatpicking was developed when guitarists began arranging old-time American fiddle tunes as featured guitar breaks, rather than using the instrument for simple rhythmic accompaniment and the occasional bass run. The melodic style in bluegrass is typically fast and loud, with slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, powerful strumming and rapid crosspicking. Bluegrass flatpickers play with a medium to thick flatpick or plectrum and often prefer heavily-strung flat-top guitars such as the 'Dreadnought' models made by C.F Martin & Company.

The chief exponents of the early country and bluegrass styles included George Shuffler, Alton Delmore, Don Reno and Bill Napier. Later styles were developed by Doc Watson, Clarence White, Norman Blake, Dan Crary, Larry Sparks, Tony Rice and Mark O'Connor. Many modern-day players such as David Grier and Bryan Sutton are still defining new standards and reaching wider audiences. A National Flatpicking Championship is held in Winfield, Kansas. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Flatpicking is an acoustic guitar style that involves using a pick to play single-note melodies. Click below for the best free Flatpicking lessons available on the web.

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