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Chord Construction

The next level in understanding chords is a knowledge of their construction. Here you will find the tools that will allow you to create your own chords. A great article on this subject appeared in the August 1985 issue of Guitar Player entitled "Chord Construction Primer." The best Chord Construction Book on the market is still Chord Chemistry.

There is a large number of good quality lessons available on this subject, so click below for the best Chord Construction lessons and resources available on the web.

Chord Construction (Guitar Lesson World)
Chord Formula Chart (
How to Construct Basic Chords (Whole Note)
Jazz Harmony 101 (Jazz Guitar Online)

Download your free copy of Guide To Chord Formation here. This 23 page pdf book covers the ABCs of chord construction. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Download it free here. To view in HTML click here.

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