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Money Chords: A Songwriter's Source Book Of Popular Chord Progressions


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Money Chords
A Songwriter's Source Book Of Popular Chord Progressions
Take your lyrics and put them in time-proven chord progressions, or take chart topping chord progressions and put your own spin on them.

Money Chords is the first comprehensive chord progression dictionary. It's sure to become an essential companion to a rhyming dictionary and lyric book in every songwriter's library. The book is the result of the compilation and analysis of a representative sampling of over 2,000 popular chord progressions. Chord progressions are categorized both chronologically and by progression type. Chronological listings identify progression types common to a specific time period and the evolution of various progression types. Progression type listings compare how the best songwriters and performers have utilized similar chord progressions.

The author, Richard Scott, is a singer/songwriter with a degree in education. He is also the owner/webmaster of, a popular guitar lessons website. His most recent book is Chord Progressions For Songwriters published in January 2003, a series of twenty-one chord progression lessons that every songwriter (and guitarist or keyboard player) should know inside and out.

Money Chords is a 464 page 8.25" x 11.0" trade paperback (ISBN: 0-595-01039-3) published July 2000 by Writers Club Press and can be purchased at Barnes & Noble.

Take a look at the Transposing chapter here.

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