Cherie and Mike at our wedding

Port Charlotte, FL. June 10th, 2000

Here are some pictures of the wedding. These are the official photographer's pictures.

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Memories by Elaine "Here comes the bride!" Cherie being escorted down the aisle by her father Ted, as her mother Carmen, watches from the right with tissue at the ready.
Memories by Elaine Our ceremony started with our mothers lighting two separate candles on either side of this large one. Then, Cherie and I pick up those two and together light the "Unity Candle" to symbolize the joining of our families.
Memories by Elaine "I now pronounce you husband and wife." This is, of course, where I lift her veil and we kiss for the first time as bride and groom. :-)
Memories by Elaine Fr. Bob has presented us to everybody and we make our way from the altar to the sparkle of flash photography.
Mike Rodgers (enlarged photo by Elaine) Here is a pose of us with the groomsmen after the ceremony. Pictured are her brother Ted, my friend George, my bride Cherie, Mike (myself), my Best-Man Kirk, my 6yr-old nephew Sean (ring-bearer) and my 11yr-old nephew Christopher (Jr.Groomsman).

Memories by Elaine Next are the bridesmaids: my sister Margaret, Cherie's twin sister Sherry (Maid-of-Honor), my bride Cherie, Mike (myself), my niece Ashley (Jr.Bridesmaid), Cherie's friend Sue, and sitting is Alexis (flower girl). Sue traveled from Pennsylvania.
Memories by Elaine This is with Cherie's family: brother Ted, Aunt Freda, twin sister Sherry, bride Cherie, groom Mike, mother Carmen, and father Ted. Aunt Freda traveled from New York.
Memories by Elaine This is with my family: nephew Christopher, mother Rita, bride Cherie, Mike (myself), sister Margaret, brother-in-law Todd, father Merle. In front are my niece Ashley, nephew Jason, and nephew Sean.

“My Dearest Mike”
By Cherie

My dearest Mike
The love I have for you
Is a light that shines brightly in my world
A beacon that is strong and true
The love I have for you
Is a yearning that will never cease
For I yearn for you
As the tide yearns to reach the shore
As the desert yearns for rain
As the grounded eagle yearns to soar
My prayer is that we always be one
That in our oneness we express the perfect love of Christ
A love more radiant than the sun
Lovelier than the diamonds shining in the water
Rarer than the rainbow in the sky
My love for you can only grow stronger
As each of our days go by
For only true love is both heavensent and eternal
That’s the kind of love I have for you
My dearest Mike
My dearest husband
Today I said “forever” when I said “I do”.

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Updated: 10/12/2000
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