Cherié and Mike before the wedding

photo by Mike

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Us at the beach Here is Cherie and Mike at the beach during November 1998. It was not too cold of a day, jackets were optional, and it was a nice day for a relaxing stroll in the cool breeze.
Cherie and Mike This picture was taken in November 1998 after we had only been dating a few months. I took this with the timer feature of my camera after placing the camera on the coffee table. I started using a tripod for the camera after this.
Valentine's Day 1999 This is the Valentine's Day card that Mike gave Cherie for V-Day 1999! It is quite large as you can see. Even though we have been dating since August 1998, this day saw the beginning of special feelings developing between us.
Cherie in blue dress This is Cherie in her favorite color dress for Sunday morning church.
Cherie and Mike This was taken in front of Jerry's Cajun Café in Pensacola, which was my favorite restaurant in town! June 1999.
Cherie and Mike Pensacola Beach is the setting for this picture in June 1999.
Cherie and Mike's casual look Cherie and Mike in the casual look during Sept.1999
Cherie and Mike We posed for this picture a month after we were officially engaged and we went to choose her engagement ring in November 1999.
Cherie & Mike This is in the field watching the sunset in Feburary 2000.
Cherie & Mike at Rivera Center This is at the Riveria Centre shopping plaza in Foley, Alabama, during March 2000.
Cherie in red dress Here is a beautiful picture of Cherie after church services taken at her mother's house in April 2000. This is my favorite picture of her.
invitation card This is the invitation card we chose. The wedding was June 10th, 2000.
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