Cherie and Mike at our honeymoon

Ft.Lauderdale, FL. June 10th - 12th 2000

St.Thomas, USVI. June 12th - 17th 2000

Our honeymoon was two days in Ft.Lauderdale at the Royal Vista Fairfield resort, then fly from Miami to St.Thomas USVI for 6 days/5 nights. The suite at the Royal Vista was very luxurious and complete with a jaccuzzi in the bedroom, but they lost my reservation and we had to wait in the lobby for an hour for them to come up with another suite. Our travel time driving to Ft.Lauderdale was three hours, so having that extra hour waiting before finally getting into the suite room at 11pm was not so great. Yes, I DID call to confirm four days before the wedding, but they still lost it.

On Monday morning, we drove to Miami International Airport and made our way though the maze of the parking garage, the terminals, and the crowds to get to our ticket counter. The line for coach class was so long, that the people working business class came to get a few of us from the end of the long line to check us through at their counter. That was nice!

We landed at St.Thomas, picked up our rental car, and followed the villa company employee to our private villa up in the northern hills of the island. I choose it because it is far away from the city and would be very private as opposed to a luxury hotel with others right next to you and busy activity around. You will see the very private villa/home we stayed in for 6 great days in America's paradise, St.Thomas USVI!

This is Stone Cottage in the northwest area of the island of St.Thomas, USVI. We stayed in this private villa for 6 days/5 nights during June 2000. A larger villa was next door uphill from this one, but we still had privacy. Stone Cottage is a one-bedroom home with full kitchen, large shower, living room with satellite TV, and covered porch. It has a small swimming pool and deck with spectacular views of the ocean.
Here is my wife, Cherie, on the front porch of the villa overlooking Hull Bay. We had a fantastic time there on our honeymoon and plan on returning to St.Thomas on our one-year anniversary.
That's me, Mike, on the front porch after breakfast. This is how I look in the morning... I don't think we got an early start on that morning because ... the tranquil beauty of the island just relaxed us so much that it became easy to get lazy and just lounge around. :-) Picture taken by Cherie.
Cruise ships stop here every day and the view of the harbor with the cruise ship and the smaller sailboats was so beautiful that we just had to have this picture. We had a wonderful time in St.Thomas, USVI!
We took a all-day sailing and snorkeling trip aboard the "New Horizons" sailing yacht with 32 other passengers and a crew of three. There were three other couples on this trip who were also married on the same day as we were, in various parts of the country.
The view of part of the city, Charlotte Amalie, as seen from the harbor.
This is Magen's Bay, one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Many famous people have stayed in large villa's on the north side of this heart-shaped bay.

We had a great time and returned to St. Thomas for our 2nd honeymoon in June 2001 on our one-year anniversary. If you would like to vacation in this same villa, click here for the company: McLaughlin Anderson Villas and find "Stone Cottage" on the villa drop-down list. They have many other villas on this island and other islands around the Carribbean.

Updated: 8/17/2001
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