Cherie and Mike at our 2nd honeymoon

St.Thomas, USVI. June 6th - 13th 2001

Our 2nd honeymoon was one year after our first. It included eight days in St.Thomas USVI. We stayed at the Elysian Resort, owned by the Bluebeard's Castle, located in the Cowpet Bay area of the island. We choose a resort this time on the other end of the island from where we were last time. We wanted to experience different places and resturants this time rather than just repeat what we did last year.

After landing at St.Thomas, we were picked up by a taxi company that I arranged beforehand. The driver Steve from the East End Taxi Association then drove us to the eastern end of the island. From our resort on the East end, we were able to easily get taxis to and from the resort. We had a great time for 8 days in America's paradise, St.Thomas USVI!

This was our view that we woke up to every day while there. The room is a one-bedroom with king-size bed, normal bath, and small kitchenette, shower, and covered porch. The resort has a large swimming pool with waterfall island and hot water spa. The room and pool was only a few steps from the beach with spectacular views of the bay and ocean.
Here is my wife, Cherie, on the beach of Cowpet Bay where the resort is. We had a fantastic time there on our 2nd honeymoon as we had planned on returning to St.Thomas on our one-year anniversary this time. We learned that the St.Thomas Yacht Club keeps their boats there.
This is at the resort's resturant, Bonnie's by the Sea, on our first night there. Picture taken by a nice gentleman who offered to take this picture for us.
As the sign says, this is American Yacht Harbor, in the Red Hook area only a few miles from the resort. Several resturants and shops are here along with a grocery store, a bank, and a pharmacy store.
Here is Cherie with the boats of the American Yacht Harbor behind her. We had lunch here at a little deli there and when I remember the name of it, then I'll change this page. :-)
That afternoon we visited Coral World, a marine biology park with exhibits of many types of sea life including sharks. They built a large underwater observation cylinder back in the 1970's. This is Cherie with the fishes.
Here is Cherie letting her hair down (and getting it wet!) in the spa of our resort the next day. We also relaxed here evenings after having dinner in various parts of the East End.
The next day we took a ferry over to nearby St. John island and toured the Annenburg ruins. This is a large panoramic view that I created by splicing three pictures from my camera. The color shading makes picture transitions obvious because of fast-moving clouds that shadowed one area to the next. (52k)
The view from the Anneburg sugar mill ruins is the backdrop for us in this picture.
Happy Anniversary! We had our 1-year Anniversary dinner at the Blue Moon Café in the South Side area.
After our anniversary dinner, we watched the nightfall over this bay.
The next day, we rode the Bluebeard's Castle shuttle from the Elysian to the Bluebeard's Beach Club and then a different shuttle to the Bluebeard's Castle itself. Then we walked down the hill and into the town, Charlotte Amalie. This is Fort Chrisitan, built by the Danish in 1671. It's located between the Castle and the town, next to the USVI Legislature and Senate building.
This is a view of the Bluebeard's Castle restort as seen from the top of Ft.Christian. The origial castle built by the pirate Bluebeard is in the center of the complex.
After browsing some shops, visiting the public library and the St.Peter and Paul Catholic cathedral, then we walked around this rocky shore towards Havensight, where the cruise ships docked. Ft.Christian in seen in the background here.
Cherie is holding on tight as we ride the Paradise Point tramway (cable car) up the Havensight hill to the top.
After arriving at the top, I placed my camera on a corner post and set the automatic timer. Who wants to lug a tripod around anyway?
This is part of the view from the top of Paradise Point. They have a small deli, a bar, a few shops, and a bird show at the top. You can also see the Puerto Pican island of Vieques from up here, barely above the horizon.

More pictures coming soon! We had a great time and plan to return again someday!

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