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The Apothecary

WELCOME TO THE APOTHECARY! The following are several pages on herbs which novice and seasoned practitioner alike might find useful on their journey through the world of natural medicines . Please feel free to use/copy any of the information herein. If you have a specific question you need answered you can email me at the address below.If I don't know the answer by memory I can certainly find it. I've acquired quite an extensive library on herbalism over the years. See below for list and links to available pages. TO YOUR HEALTH!

Pages and Links

The Apothecary Home Page
The Hype: All about the things that are so highly advertised.
The Kitchen: Other uses for common spices.
The Back Yard: Useful things you probably have growing right outside your window
Some Of My Other Favorite Remedies
A What: Scientific names of some commonly used herbs
Do It Yourself: What that preparation is and how to make one.
Growing Info: How much light, water,etc. some plants need.
How To: Tips on picking, drying, and storing fresh herbs
Aromatherapy: What scent has which effect.