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How To

Picking: When To... Flowers: Just before they are fully opened Fruits and Seeds: When they are ripe, but before they fall Leaves and Shoots: Early Summer, While they are still young Bark: Spring. Rising sap makes bark much easier to remove Roots: Late Fall, after plant has stored up for winter and/or has died back; or Early Spring, before new growth depletes nutrient base. Whole Herb (entire above-ground part):just as plant is coming into full flower. Drying Methods: 1. Spread thinly on muslin, screen, wire rack, or newspaper-covered rack. Turn over daily to ensure even drying. 2. Tie plants at base and hang upside-down. 3. Heat in oven, on cookie sheet, at lowest setting, with door open. Storing: Dried Herbs: 1-2 years Infusions and Decoctions: 3 days refrigerated Tinctures and Vinegars: 3 years in a cool place Oils (with vitamin E added): 7 years in a cool place Salves and Lotions (with benzoin tincture added): 2-3 years Boluses, Poultices, and Fomentations: Make as needed.

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