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"The Deadly Ears - Part 1"

Sprock's ears endanger the Magnetize when he offends a race of alien bees.

"The Deadly Ears - Part 2"
Sprock's augmented auricles save the ship from a squadron of angry alien bees.

"20001 BC: A Space Oddity - Part 1"
The Magnetize is sent to search for the Discovery in order to get to go to a New Years Eve party, and runs into HAL.

"20001 BC: A Space Oddity - Part 1"

Kirkstone's white room encounter finds him learning something about his 'future.'

"Star Trekkin'"

STONE TREK's musical salute to STAR TREK's 35th Anniversary!

"The Caveman Trap - Part 1"
See what happens when the Magnetize is sent to deliver cruise tickets to a couple of eggheads on a desert planet... saline solution, anyone?

"The Caveman Trap - Part 2"
The creature manages to get aboard the Magnetize and starts attacking Redshirts! All except one...

"Marooned on Tattooine - Part 1"
The Magnetize is sent to rescue a queen from the notorious Fashion Police - who aren't very happy about it.

"Wrong middle initial, IDIOT!"
"Where No Caveman Has Gone Before"
Kirkstone must stop a friend from using newly-acquired godlike powers to get all the girls.

"Hey! A kid after my own heart!"

"Charcoalie X"
An angry teenager with godlike powers delights Kirkstone, who invites him to a girl-watching seminar on Devonia III.

"The Nudie Time"
What starts off as a little sniffle soon has the Magnetize crew running amok in their birthday suits.

"Three to drop down!"

"The Enemy Without"
A transdropper accident splits Kirkstone into two separate halves.

"Muddstone's Women"
Harcourt Fenton Muddstone has girls for Kirkstone to date, but there's one catch: Kirkstone has to wait on Muddstone hand and foot.

"Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice"
Someone tries to make an androck of Kirkstone, but then wisely decides against it.

"GRRRRARRRR!! Those punk kids and their fingerpaints!"

The Magnetize finds an Earth-like planet where the children are even older than Fossils!


"Spoon of the Mind"
Kirkstone visits a mental rehab colony and tries to figure out why everyone is smarter than he is.

"The Corbomitestone Maneuver"
An alien bouncer forces Kirkstone to bluff his way past the entrance to a beauty pageant.

"Yeah, baby - THINK it off!!"

"The Bachelorparty, Part I"
Sprock commandeers the Magnetize to get a former captain to a bachelor party halfway across the galaxy.

"The Bachelorparty, Part II"
Sprock gets in trouble for not inviting Kirkstone to the bachelor party.

"The Concrete of the King"
Kirkstone grudgingly takes a theatre troupe to their next show, and they're such bad actors the audience dies.

"Imbalance of Terror"
The Magnetize plays hide-n-seek with an enemy Rockulan ship.

"Short Leave"
Some planet starts causing trouble for the Magnetize crew, who just want to hang out and relax.

"The Gallstone Seven"
The shuttle Gallstone crash lands on an asterock, and Sprock must figure out how to get Fossil's goat, as well as back to the Magnetize.

"Take THAT, dum-dum!"

"The Squire of Gothostone"
An over-ambitious alien child doesn't want to play nice with the Magnetize crew, so Kirkstone makes the mistake of trying to take the brat across his knee.

Kirkstone is forced to fight a Gornosaur to prove he's not quite as stupid as a powerful alien race is convinced he is.

"The Alternate Factor"
Kirkstone has a hard time figuring out which is which when different versions of the same guy keep showing up trying to sell magazine subscriptions.

"Tomorrow Was Yesterday?"
The Magnetize is accidentally thrown forward in time and is captured by the technologically superior Egyptians.

Kirkstone tries to off a buddy who's dating the same girl as him, and gets in trouble for it.

"I sense a disturbance in the casting!"

"The Rechurn of the Archons"
The Magnetize pays a visit to a planet where it's an around-the-clock Mardi Gras celebration.

"Me am of bigger smarts!"

"Spaced Seed"
Kirkstone must fight for his life against a charismatic Neanderthal tribal chief from the past.

"A Whiff of Armageddon"
Kirkstone thinks about stopping a war that's not really happening.

"The Slide of Paradise"
Sprock gets a girlfriend and won't hang out anymore with a jealous Kirkstone.

"Hey, greenie - didja get yer head caught in a mechanical rice picker, or what?"

"The Drivel in the Dark"
The Magnetize is called in to find out why miners are being insulted by a rock-eating creature.

"Error of Mercy"
More holier-than-thou aliens keep Kirkstone from trying to knock some Klingasaurus' block off.

"Sprock - do you know what this means? We don't have to wait for dinner!"

"The City on the Edge of Forgetfulness"
Kirkstone and Sprock must go forward in time to prevent Fossils from creating a future they'd, uhhh... rather not have.

"Hey! That's the Captain's perogative!"

"Operation: Get Rid Of"
A breakfast gone bad creates nasty flying pancakes that smack female crewmembers on the butt.


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"The Great Pterodactyl of the Galaxy"