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    U.S.S. Jupiter II

    The primary hull is all that is left of the ill-fated starship, which lost its stardrive section in a meteoroid swarm. The Jupiter II now finds itself marooned on an uncharted planet far from Federation space.

    Captain James T. Robinson is all who remains of the command crew, with the exception of Lt. Sulu West, the ship's helmsman.
    Also onboard is Captain Robinson's family:
    Wife Dr. Janice Robinson
    Oldest daughter Christine Robinson
    Daughter Uhura Robinson
    Only son Wesley Robinson
    Dr. Zachary McCoy is a Klingon agent who is responsible for sabotaging the ship and sending it off-course into the meteoroid swarm. In his efforts to do so, he reprogrammed the ship's robot Data to kill the crew members and take the ship back to Klingon space. However, the robot mistook Dr. McCoy for one of the human crewmembers and tried to kill him, too, before the robot was rendered harmless by Wesley Robinson.

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