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Balaam and the Ass

(Numbers 22:5)

Balaam was a prophet,
 Who lived in days of old,
Who thought quite highly of himself,
And prophesied for gold

He rode a gentle donkey,
On his appointed rounds,
To curse where 'ere he would,
Or bless whoever paid the pounds.

The donkey saw an angel,
Standing in the way,
And saved himself and Balaam,
With a rapid safety play.

Balaam smote  the donkey,
In anger, with his rod,
devoid of all discernment
That he dealt direct with God.

God loosed the donkey's tongue
To speak with human voice,
To tell his wicked master
He had made a faulty choice,

"Could it be that we were switched at birth,
And you should be eating grass?
Since faith is just believing God,
'Twould seem I'm not the ass."

Joyce Guy



It was so hard to forgive
those who hurt and did me wrong,
the ones who lied, and those who tried
to snuff out my victor's song.

I took the shame and sorrow
they heaped upon my soul,
I bent and broke in pieces,
no longer strong and whole.

My self esteem was zero,
I felt worthless, stained with dirt,
I bowed beneath the burden,
unsure, defamed, and hurt.

But then I met the Savior,
and saw the way He came
to mankind meek and lowly,
shaped of a different frame;

Earthly beauty did not matter,
neither wealth nor fame,
but just to please the Father,
this man with God's own name.

I took His life unto me,
gave Him what had been mine,
I no longer had to worry
if men were cruel or unkind.

I asked for His forgiveness,
and shared it with those in need
of forgiveness for their mortal selves,
for sinful word or deed.

As I granted this Grace, forgiveness,
I gained a blessed relief,
my spirit grew strong with honor,
my heart grew full of peace.

I now seek only God's opinion;
Is He pleased with me?
For He alone is worthy
to judge and demand a change in me.

Joyce Guy


I loved you for so many months
Before you were even born,
I talked and sang and read to you
And kept you safe and warm.

And when you opened first your eyes
And looked deeply into my soul,
My heart grew full, and with great relief,
I saw that you were whole.

Your tiny little bitsy fist,
Wrapped tight around my thumb,
The trust you placed upon me,
Struck me completely dumb.

How awesome was your little smile
That spoke of your dreams to me,
So trusting as you slowly nursed,
So dependant, relaxed and free.

Committed I myself to you,
As protector, friend and guide,
And watched you grow, a tender shoot,
Close ever by my side.

How shocked was I when the death angel came
And bore you to heaven's home,
To fill a spot in God's own heart,
And with Jesus talk and roam.

Please know, my child, how my heart breaks
That you have gone away;
Yet the love you opened up to me
Will last through judgment day.

Amid my grief my life goes on;
I learned so much from you:
How to trust my Heavenly Father
In everything I do.

Some great day when my life is done,
According to God's plan;
I'll bring my broken heart to you
And it will be whole again.

I thank my Lord for lending you,
In the way He did, to me.
For He used you as a building block
In my own eternity.

                                                   Joyce Guy

The Life That He Gives

It is He who has made us,
and not we ourselves;
He alone has the right
to recall us through death.

He gives us our lives
in accord with His plan,
It is He who rules over us,
not satan, and not man.

The life that He gives us
may be full of days
in which we may praise Him
for our trying ways.

The life that He gives us
may be short, but still,
He can teach us to obey Him,
and do, always, His will.

He gave us a Savior,
sent from His throne above,
to help us and guide us
and perfect is in His love.

Our hardships and troubles,
grief, pain and loss,
work His will within us,
to burn out all the dross.

When we submit and surrender
to His tender care
He makes us like Jesus,
so we will fit in up there.

Give praise through all troubles,
just trust them with Him,
for each is need specific,
and never at a whim.

You don't want to leave here
headed for heaven above,
until you are completed,
perfected in His love.

                                               Joyce Guy

Don't Waste Your Life

God desires that you not waste your life,
but just give it back to Him,
for instead of misery, strife and loss,
He can help you play to win.

Life is like a game, you see,
a match that wrestlers play;
You do your best to stand and fight,
but the devil is in the way.

If you give in and join the devil,
then the fight so soon is o'er,
and you have lost the battle
for he has skewed the score.

But if you give your life to Jesus,
He takes the devil on,
and helps you over come him,
gives you the victor's song.

Sure, satan's punch is heavy,
strength is in his arm,
But God, our royal Master,
protects you from real harm.

The trials you face will strengthen you;
their purpose is from God;
He uses them to train you,
and drive you to His Word.

So, do not shirk your duty,
and run about to play,
just commit yourself to Jesus,
until the judgment day.

                                                      Joyce Guy

The Coward's Way Out

Suicide is a cowards way
of leaving life too soon,
before God has turned your life
into a praising, joyful tune.

He can change your life of sorrow
into a warm and cheerful song;
If you don't exit earth too fast,
While things are going wrong.

God planned your life, as He planned mine,
to make us like His Son,
but often we feel life is vain
and, in fear, we cut and run.

Do you know why God sends you trials,
and things which seem too hard?
So you can turn them over to Him,
each cracked and broken shard.

That's why He promised hope and peace,
so that we would always know
that troubles come to remove the dross,
and hinder it to grow.

So confess that you hate your troubles
and don't handle them real well;
Ask Him to change your attitude,
not send your soul to hell.

Tell Him that every single thing
He has a mind to do,
if you keep your eyes on Jesus,
will be o.k. with you.

Ask Him to put the peace of God
deep inside your heart;
Get up off the pity pot
and let Him help you start.

His mighty love is wonderful,
even when times are black,
Submit to Him, let Him prove
How He will bring you back.

                                                  Joyce Guy

The Spirit and the Bride

From deep within, God's blessed Spirit
Groans fathomless dense agonies;
My spirit answers with echoed burdens,
seeking to get free.

Consciousness of God's presence long departed,
Aggrieved by souls resisting Grace and Love,
Who love to wallow in pits of darkness,
Full of self, no thought for God above.

The world spins on toward hell forever,
Seeking solace in the devil's lair;
Surfeit of sin of every thinking,
Which putrid stench consumes the earthly air.

The burdens of our kindred spirits
(His Spirit and His heirs on earth)
Is for His Bride to be pure and spotless,
Awakened to welcome Him back to earth.

Pray, Oh Church, for revival spirit,
   While time holds back the judgment day,
      Our Groom is on the next horizon,
Prepared to catch His bride away.

    Joyce Guy


Blessing of Death

A blessed time for the child of God
is when he prepares to die;
to lay down the body laden with pain,
and away from life's trials to fly.

No more attacked by temptation to sin,
or feel envy or lust or disdain;
but with Holy Spirit embedded within
he ever in peace will remain.

For the Spirit of God, who took up abode
in the blood washed spirit of man, 
accompanies His charge to the great gate of Pearl,
and enters the great promised land.

Here life starts anew with what is honest and true,
no  smudge of sin can embark,
but where we'll praise our Creator, the mighty God,
And dwell ever in love from His heart.

                                               Joyce Guy


How Precious the Death of His Saints
(Psalm 116:15)

How precious to God is the death of His saints,
When the time of their lives they depart,
And lay down their lives as they follow His Son
to the abode which came from God's heart.

The toils and trials of life put away,
Like a well marked page in a book,
Enfolded with care and a thanksgiving prayer,
For the pathway of Christ that they took.

God requires that His child, a work worn soul
Leave the useless body behind,
and in the last act of faith of departing this live
arise with pure spirit and mind.

United he will be through all eternity
with goodness, peace, joy and love,
with God in three persons and saints gone before
who will praise and rejoice up above.
            Joyce Guy

You Have Gone On and I Remain

I have asked God, always, to let me remain
so that I could take care of you,
but now that you've gone on to be with Him
my life is empty, lonely, and blue.

The light that you gave lit up my life,
made living joyful with praise
to the Lord that you worshipped and prayerfully served
to the very end of your days.

Together our Lord blessed us so much,
He used you to make my life whole.
I thank my dear Savior He bestowed us with favor
and forgave and redeemed our lost souls.

I know you await by the River of Life,
longing and looking for me;
Dear one, I'll come when God calls me home 
and be eternally united with thee.

We will sit at His feet, in fellowship sweet,
giving worship and praise to His name;
For it was Jesus our Lord, fulfilling God's Word,
Who saved us, resolving our blame.
                Joyce Guy

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