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Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

     Proverbs 14:34

This reading room is dedicated to God, He Who has taught me to smile in my heart even in times of trouble and trials, for He keeps  me in the palm of His hand. A collection of my Christian, inspirational, religious poems.

              Righteousness Exalteth a Nation

(Proverbs 14:34)

A mighty nation has arisen
From the ashes of history past,
From generations of immorality,
Into great darkness cast;

Founding principles set forth
By God's embodied Word
Comprised its constitution,
At this new nation?s birth;

Equality of states,
With liberty for all;
God's Commandments taught in schools
Lest a precious child should fall;

Strong and mighty it emerged,
God's Word its sound foundation,
For the founding fathers knew
That righteousness exalteth a nation:

But gradually  God was set aside
By wicked unbelievers,
Prayer was taken from the schools
By well intentioned leaders;

Future champions were aborted,
Falling prey to Satan's plan,
The Church lie quietly sleeping
While the devil raped the land;

Praise Hymns replaced by rousing beat,
Sermonettes  and new age song;
The glory is departing?
I wonder what went wrong.

   Joyce Guy


God is God and we are not,
And neither is the devil;
So how does it happen that we ascribe
So many things to evil?

In the book of Job we read
Where Satan gives account
For all God’s children he attacks,
And even the amount

He is not allowed to do his will
In the place of mighty God
For Jesus bought the lock and key
To hell with His own blood.

And who is this “Mother Nature”?
Is she the wife of God; 
 Or a wicked wile of Satan
 Born  in corrupt sod?

Nature too is in God’s hand
To do what God says do
Our Father is not unaware
Of what nature teaches you.

And are you strong, can you resist
Your creator’s mighty will;
When He desires to change your life
Do you just sit there still?

There is naught on earth that we must fear,
Neither in the skies,
For our Father made and controls it all,
Uses it to make us wise.

If storm or trials or illness come
We must trust His grace,
And thank Him for the seeming wrong
That fills a needful place.

For He does love His children
And keeps them safe from harm;
But trains them up for heaven,
They need feel no alarm.

Yes, He is God and we are not;
And neither angel form nor devil
Can subvert or undermine His plans;
Thought they attribute them all to evil.
Joyce Guy


Amid the ashes God’s servant sat,
Dejected and alone;
His family dead, his body suffering,
And all his riches gone.

“Curse God,” the devil said to him,
smiting Job with boils,
“Curse God and die,” came from his wife,
“be done with earthly toils.”

“What more could a servant suffer?”
asked his three best friends,
“Even God has turned His back,
and left you in the end.”

But Job gave no thought for his self pity,
As he stirred there in the dust,
But praise came from within his heart,
Where God, the King, reigned, just.

“Curse God,”  you say, you foolish ones,
“and just lie down and die?”
Deny my God His right as King;
Believe the devil’s lie?

And who am I to defy my God,
who owns this lump of clay?
But praise comes forth, my thanks to Him
That I have seen this day.

For He is God and I am not…
To chose how I shall live;
I gladly offer up to Him
All He would have me give.

No, I’ll not curse His name,
But praise His name instead;
Acknowledge Him who has the right
To be my Lord, my head.

For life has no other meaning
Than that I should shun my every whim;
Lay down my life, offer up my praise,
Submit myself to Him.

For He plans are only good for me.
Throughout my whole life through;
If I but bow and praise His name
For  all that He resolves to do.

Joyce Guy

The God-Man

by Joyce Guy

The blood of God the Son was shed
On Calvary's cruel tree;
His form was marred beyond belief
For all the world to see;

He was mocked by wicked men,
In utmost degradation,
Who rejected, slandered, conspired and lied
To malign  his reputation.

A crown of thorns caused blood to course
In streams upon his face
And mingled with the sweat and tears
Shed for depraved human race.

His flesh was torn and mangled
 In furrowed bloody strips;
His  visage robbed of human form
By barbaric torturous whips.

He could have summoned all heavens power
To put the travesty  to an end;
 Exhault Him on His rightful throne,
 Leaving mankind dead in sin.

But as the Lamb He bore the sin
Of all the souls of man
To satisfy the Holiness  of the Father
In His eternal plan.

He saw the travail of His soul
And He was satisfied
with His redemption of mankind,
As on the cross He died.

But in three days, from borrowed grave,
He rose in victory;
For He  met the foe at home in Hell
And dispossessed him of his key.

He overcame Satan, death and the grave
To reconcile God and man;
For He alone was worthy,
Son of God and son of man

Handicapped Parking Space

by Joyce Guy

We expose our inner person
by the action that we do;
which actions speak to all the world
of the deep down basic "you".

We are afraid that others
will observe our life and feel
that we are in the making,
still, on the potter's wheel.

We like to portray the vessel
as finished, fired and whole;
completed in one simple step
of faith so sure and bold.

But we confess by our behavior
what we sought to hide
by the generous coat of whitewash
applied to our  life in pride.

When we let our guard down,
and show through the coat of paint,
our life speaks more of "sinner"
and quite a bit less of "saint".

God's plan revealed in scripture
shows he molds us o'er and o'er
through a lifelong process,
`til we reach that golden shore.

When we cover our humanity
in the struggle to follow our Lord
we place a stumbling block before
those newborns feeding on the Word.

They see our life presented
as the best of the human race
but they see us by our actions
parked in the handicapped parking-space.


by Joyce Guy

He was born to a woman
Who had never known a man,
Just as if He were God,
Fulfilling a divine plan.

He walked on the earth,
The throne room of Satan,
Just as if  He were man,
Authority retaken.

He died on the cross
Where I deserved death,
Just as if  He were me,
from the Father bereft.

He rose from the grave,
Possessing Hell's key,
Just as if He were Lord,
Setting me free.

I stand in God's presence
In full victory,
Accepted, a son,
Just as if  I were He.

Transition Way

by Joyce Guy

There is victory in every step
Through a world of filth and slime,
On a special path marked out by God,
And metered throughout time.

Each of His redeemed,
Must traverse its fields of mines,
With satan's myrid schemes
To waylay, maime and blind.

Crucificition lies in wait,
With  pain and degredation,
To slay the mortal waif,
And form a spiritual creation.

This path is called Transition Way,
 Where, as faith lays hold on truth,
Sinful flesh is casualty,
The spirit succored and nenewed.

Sustained by God the Father,
Equiped by God the Son,
God the  Spirit as defender
At death the victory won.


by Joyce Guy

Tribulation, though painful,
And troublesome to bear,
Is the means to our perfection
By  eradicating worldly care.

When puissant  storm clouds gather,
And calamity fills the air
We are driven to our maker
In effectual, fervent prayer;

For we disdain to seek Him
When all is bright and fair;
But strive for carnal blessings,
Searching everywhere.

`Tis only as we unite with  Him,
And in His suffering share,
That we can fit for Heaven be,
When He calls us home up there.

Living Sacrifice

                                                                                   by Joyce Guy

Self upon the alter,
A living sacrifice,
Rendered unto ashes,
Committed to the price;
Take Thou me.

The fragile earthen vessel
Filled with oil from Thee,
Must needs be broken
To set the fragrance free;
Break Thou Me.

A vessel unto honor
From a lump of clay;
Upon the wheel of life
Molded day by day;
Make Thou me.

Conscious of Thy beauty,
All things new to see
When my eyes feast on heaven
And unhindered look on Thee;
Awake Thou me.

The Potters Wheel

by Joyce Guy

Marred, in the hands of the potter lay
The dull ungainly lump of clay;
Failure evident everywhere;
Self efforts ending in despair.< b>

But the potter begins with vision clear
To fashion a vessel ever more dear;
As He kneads and turns, shapes and molds,
 Keeping it gently under His control;

 The vessel evolves full of grace,
But still no beauty on its face

As it spins on the wheel and takes on form,
Through His loving touch is pressure born.

When the Master Potter can look with pride,
And with the form be satisfied,
He begins His work with color and glaze
To finish each vessel in unique ways.

With individual  beauty and appeal
Each comes forth from the Master's wheel:
With a special touch He leaves His mark,
Perfected in love from the Father's heart.

Conformed to the image of Jesus the Son
Presented faultless befor His throne
The Potter looks and is satisfied
With His only begotten and perfected bride.

Death For Life

by Joyce Guy

He did not die instead of me,
but rather in my stead;
for He was pure, but as for me,
sin had slain me dead.

I had no hope, but was undone,
with heart as black as night;
`til God the Holy Spirit came
and shed convicting light.

I should have died and gone to Hell
to spend eternity
with Satan, demons and other souls,
 who were rebels just like me.

But bless His name, my Savior came
and took my guilty plea
to mighty God, the judge on high,
and died to set me free;

So I could be a child of God
and walk where Jesus led:
He did not die instead of me,
But rather in my stead.

Rod Of Correction 

 by Joyce Guy

Satan is but a tool of God
Allowed to roam upon the earth,
To every evil giving birth,
But in the hand of God a rod.

A rod to discipline His child,
Who measures others by himself,
Selfishly obtaining wealth,
In rebellion running wild.

By God's Spirit it is applied
In firm but careful strokes
Until the strong self-will is broke,
 And fleshly lust has died.

Though Satan tries to master be
God uses  him to train the sheep
Until the day in death they sleep
And rise from sin set free.

Though Satan seeks to run the show
God uses him to groom His own;
Prepare them for the eternal throne
Where Satan cannot go.

The Child of God survives, rewarded
With eternal life in Christ,
Who paid the sacrificial price,
And the useless rod will be discarded. | www.biblestudycharts.comBIBLE STUDY CHARTS;



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