Often we need to deal with pain and hurt that comes from life.  Sometimes our lives are
miserable.   I wrote the poems presented below and on the previous page to help deal with issues such as loss by death or divorce, an  unforgiving spirit, and other problem areas.  If you can use any
of the poems, please feel free to do so, with proper credit  given to the author.
If you receive help from any of them, or if you need prayer or to talk
please contact me.


       You Are Not Here

I think of you so often,
   And wish you back again
      To make the wonderful memories
         From occasions now and then.

      I think of the solemn times,
          When our lives overflowed with pain;
             We drew comfort from each other
           Until life leveled out again.

        The times of your special presence,
         Which you renewed each time with love,
     And the things unique about you,
     Given by God above.

  My mind can still envision
    That glitter in your eye
     When you pulled a little sneaky,
         And knew I'd discovered why.

           I cry myself to sleep
            Many times without reprieve
              For the loss I feel at your going on
             While I stay down here and grieve.

        Yet I am constantly thankful for
            The laughter and the joy,
          For all we did together,
            For the mischief you'd often employ.

         My joy for you overflows
             That you're in heaven with God our maker,
       While I am slowly plodding on
       To catch up with you later.

      My mind ponders the question..
              What is death?   Did you face it without fear?
   In reality I only know
    That you are just not here.
         That's all, you are just not here.

                                               Joyce Guy


  Later in life we were married,
      both lives tattered and torn,
       by husband untrue and unfaithful wife,
         who left us each alone and forlorn.

          God put we two together,
             as we gave our committment and trust
             that we would be His vessels forever,
               though encased and encrusted with rust.

             Though trials and man's tribulations
                God brought us intact, safely through,
              and taught us to give, for each other to live,
                 and with humor our problems to view.

              The rust has long been departed,
                our lives have reflected His glow,
               though our minds grow slow in their usage,
                 and our heads are now covered with snow.

        Our love brought us both so much comfort,
          a picture of Christ and His Church,
            a true love that  finally was severed
              and I stand here alone in my hurt.

         Oh why did you go off and leave me,
             How will I ever go on?
            You went with God's angels to heaven,
            and left me to face life alone.

           I will leave my hurt to my Savior,
              trust Him with the rest of my life,
            to comfort the pain of my sorrow,
             and my soul cut in half with His knife.

            I will see you again my dear loved one,
              when I make my abode in the sky,
               where we'll praise and sing songs to our Savior,
               and nevermore ever will die.

                                                  Joyce Guy

                          My Grandson, Lord

                     Lord, I ask you please to help him,
                     This confused and tattered little boy,
                      Who seeks a kindly father image
                          To help him walk in manly joy.

                       His father ran away, you see,
                        Before he entered into life,
                      To avoid taking responsibility
                    For a brand new child and wife.

                   His mom has done what she can do
                      To raise a proper little man,
                But Timmy needs a male role model
                       To take him by the hand:

                  Someone to teach him how to fish,
                      Which he dearly loves to do,
                    And also teach him how to give
                      His heart and life to you.

               A time or two a man from Church
                      Has really tried to help,
                 He and his wife took interest in
                   This loving little whelp.

                Their few months of attention
               Improved my grandson's view of life,
                    Until their own little baby came
                       To this dear man and wife.

                       My loving little grandson
                     was left behind once again;
                 The pain was fresh inside his eyes,
                   Rejected by yet another man.

            Lord, please send some strong man along
                   To stand in a daddy's place,
                 To help him finish growing up,
                   Enriched by your own Grace.

                 Do your work within his heart
                  And take the hurt away,
                 So he will be a Christ-like man,
                     And daddy, too, someday.

                 He is my precious grandson, Lord,
                     And I leave him now with you,
                You have the perfect Father's heart,
                 You'll know exactly what to do.

                                                            Joyce Guy

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