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This is a gift you will be proud to give, and the recepient will cherish.
Suitable for any occasion: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Graduation, Promotions.
One of a Kind.

Gift of a Personal Poem
A Pict-O-Graph

A very personal gift that will bring pleasure for a lifetime.  I will take the information you give me and turn in into a poem and picture, if desired, suitable for framing. Give a special gift...a poem written for that special person or accasion.    The Pict-O-Graph is compiled from graphics with the photo of the face  of the person about whom the poem is written.Below are examples of poems I wrote for clients.

Personal Poem # 1:

Love in the Sunset Years

by Joyce Guy

Nine long years of wedded bliss,
Since experiencing the nuptial kiss.
Most folks said it wouldn't last,
But the hardest part is in the past.

The cowboy's hair showed shades of gray
When he went to steal his girl away
From another state where she had gone
Thinking love had surely flown.

She carried now his own name brand,
The diamonds sparkling on her hand;
Matching set with one he wore,
And vows of parting nevermore.

Young love had disappointing been
For each of them way back then;
But the hurts and heartaches of the past
Were finally laid to rest at last.

Loneliness had now been cured,
Replaced by love that has endured.
Each had dreams that have come true
Because the other shared them too.

Their sunset years are full of life,
Of travel, home and peace not strife;
Their lives enmeshed in such a way
That each grows dearer day by day.

                                    Happy Anniversary

Personal Picto-graph (8 1/2 X 11)

Personal Poem # 2:


(Brother Fred Koerner, L.F.A. On the Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Retreat House Ministry at the Burning Bush – House of Prayer Pittsburgh, PA)
August 2, 2002

“The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon them.” (Is. 11:2)

Over the years my soul has been blessed
As I’ve come to the “Burning Bush” for rest;
Its life giving water refreshing  my soul
Renewing my life, making me whole.

This oasis of peace where the Spirit of God
Lifts my soul from the mire and filth of the sod
Draws me high on the mountain of peace and praise
Renews my heart from the dregs of the days.

It is there that Brother Fred keeps oil in the lamps
To give light to the lost, and love to the tramps;
He freely breaks  bread from the neighborhood ovens
Putting works to his words and feet to his sermons.

He walks this earth in the footprints of Christ,
No thought for himself, paying the price;
While yet a servant he is also a son
Winning the race when this earth is done.

Just as Christ had no place for his head
So through life walks dear Brother Fred.
He guides, encourages, befriends and supports
All those who struggle to leave Satan’s courts.

His life is one of penance and praise
And thanking God for abundance of days
To nourish the weary, help lead their life
Into God’s bosom, away from the strife.

He is God’s child, blessing the needy
Giving warmth to the cold, rebuking the greedy
By the strength of his life as he walks with the Word
Honoring God, yielding His sword.

Christ is the bread which is come from heaven
Giving life to the world, pure without leaven
Brother Fred follows on in likeness of  mind
Godly example, giving and kind.

Joyce Guy

Personal Poem #3:  

Tribute to “Ma”
(Ruth Francis Haskell)

Three quarters of a century on this very day
God sent a little angel for a lengthy, worldly, stay
He made her body strong to match a strong and healthy mind
And filled her heart with goodness And made her very kind

She wanted lots of children when she became a mother,
And raised a dozen of her own plus one little brother.
Of grand children she has 15, and great grandchildren, 7,
Her great and gracious family know she came from heaven.

Their daddy’s name was Ernest, although she called him “Pa”
You never heard her criticize or search out a single flaw.
How proud she was when he served in World War II,
And kept the flag that honored him when his life was through.

She gave the flag to Ray, a child born in the middle
One hurt in an accident, restored fit as a fiddle.
Who felt his mother’s love and saw it in her eyes
As she tended his broken legs and helped him upward rise.

She accepted Karen, who became Ray’s wife,
And welcomed this helpmate, who came into his life.
Ma was quite a cook, made wonderful codfish hash
That sent the entire family to the table in a dash.

She has a special fellow welcomed in her house,
A very friendly fellow by the name of “Mickey Mouse”
And she loves country music, especially the tried and true,
Kitty Wells, Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard, and the “ole possum” too.

She has been the heart of our family through all sorts of weather
Like our pictures on her wall, she has kept us all together.
On this her 75th birthday we wish her many, many more
Happy Birthday, “Ma” you are the one we all adore.

Ray and Karen
(written by Joyce Guy)


Testamony: "I want everyone to know that you wrote a beatiful poem for us for my husband's mother's surprise 75th birthday! He did read it out loud when she opened it and there was not a dried eyed in the place! Even the owner of the restaurant was there and she was crying. It wasn't that it was a sad poem it just had so much meaning to it. I would highly recomened her to write a poem for anyone!

thank you


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