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This is without doubt my favourite Zombie flick of all time, directed by the brilliant Brian Yuzna ( you can also check out my Society review ).

The plot revolves around a young couple Curt and his girlfriend Julie who are involved in an horrific motorcycle smash while fleeing Curt`s father and the the awful sights they have just witnessed at his fathers research centre. Julie is killed in the accident so in a last gasp effort Curt takes her dead body back to the research centre and brings her lifeless body back to life.

Soon he realises the mistakes of his action as Julie is know a very different girl to the one he loved, she is know one of the living dead - an indestructable ghoul with a bite that turns her victims into zombies hungry for human flesh.

This is not a follow up to the other rotld films but a great film on its own standing. Excellent gory f/x make this a treat not to be missed.



A word of warning

Just because Mindy Clarke may look pretty damned good in ROTLD 3 and in the picture above, taken from film KILLER TONGUE, which I watched recently this could possibly be one of the worse films I have ever seen in my life, it is total utter crap and best avioded at all costs (you have been warned).

If you have watched the film and disagree I dare you to sign the Guestbook.

Hope you enjoy the site Robert Llewellyn


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