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A warm welcome to my unofficial Society Website

I hope you enjoy your visit and if you have a spare moment take part in the polls, sign the Guestbook, or maybe even send in your review of Society and I will place it on this site.

I have watched many films over the years. After a week or so most are forgotten, but Society sticks in your mind and stays there.

As for the plot 17 year-old Billy Whitney feels alienated from his upper-class Beverly Hills family. He hears a tape which seems to indicate his entire family are having secret orgies. People appear dead one moment but are alive the next and his girlfriend's body appears to twist into abnormal positions, but his parents insist he is imagining everything and try to commit him to an institution. But Billy slowly discovers that his parents and the people around him belong to a different breed of people, a secret in-bred society who are capable of melting and shifting their bodies.

This is weird stuff but unmissable at the same time and also contains some of the best gross out scenes of all time. Directed by the brilliant Brian Yuzna and with superb special effects by Screaming Mad George this is one way out, unmissable film.


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