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Answer the questions: "The first time I saw myself on screen I had to pee"
The Actor Who Played Doctor by Playing Lawyer
Spader on 'The Practice' of playing contrary
James Spader officially joins 'The Practice'
'Practice' May Get ABC Spinoff
The Practice to Come to an End?
'Practice' for real thing
ABC: "The Practice" to "evolve into new drama" this fall
Plug Pulled on "The Practice"
‘Practice’ to be reincarnated as new drama
Case Closed on 'The Practice'
'Practice' gets the ax: Spader will spin off
TV Tidbits: Notes Of Interest
ABC's Plans for 'Practice?' Don't Say the 'S' Word
William Shatner is expected to join James Spader in the cast of producer David E. Kelley's spinoff to canceled legal drama "The Practice."
'Practice' is perfect for a spinoff
Shatner, Spader to Make Their Case in 'Practice' Spinoff
"Practice" Spinoff Beams Up Shatner
Shingle file: 'Practice' makes way for change
"Practice" Adjourning for Good
Kelley Puts Himself on Personal Hiatus
Press Snippets - Emmy Awards 2004
A moment with ... James Spader, actor
Spader faces a 'Legal' challenge
Reviews for Boston Legal
James Spader keeps 'Boston Legal'  
Does he make you a little....uneasy? (now in it's full length)

Odd Man Out
Film gave Spader a refresher course in history
Roush Riff
Creepy In Spades (to see pictures go to "clippings")

Premiere - The Movie Magazine (March 2002) "Love Hurts" (to see pictures go to "clippings")

The Sexual Life of James S. - Carnal Knowledge
Spader on Spader - Hungry Like the Wolf
A Spanking Good Role
Debaser: James Spader on being bad  -This interview contains explicit language (NC-17) -
Last rant James Spader -This interview contains explicit language (NC-17) -
Shooting Blanks - Role as Lawyer without a past fits enigmatic James Spader
Squirm In Spader's Web (to see pictures go to "clippings")
Along Came a Spader (to see pictures go to "clippings")
Specs, Fame and Satisfaction  
Spader prefers the extremes

Zooming in on James Spader's Top Secret Debut

Tribune Special

London Daily Telegraph: Sex, suits and automobiles

Talent Playing Doctor

The Actor as Explorer


Ace of Spader (to see pictures go to "clippings")

Detour Magazine Article: Ace of Spader (to see pictures go to "clippings")
-This interview contains explicit language (NC-17)-

Controversial crash

'2 Days in the Valley' star's versatility gets him plenty of work, respect
INTRODUCTION: From Novel to Film -This interview contains explicit language (NC-17)-

Spader of the Lost Archaeology
An Actor Who Gambles With Failure
Empire Magazine
Digging deep with Spader

Spader salvages a perfect bore
Spader: 'Wolf' done with dignity
Hollywood yuppie cuts loose in 'Wolf'  

The Official StarGate movie magazine: James Spader as Daniel Jackson

SPADES FOR SPADER: New adventure fantasy will pay off for actor
The Least Likely Action Hero / Spader goes mainstream in 'Stargate'
Movies Spader sheds evil guise for decent role
Spader leaps into action
'Stargate' crew brings hieroglyphics to life with special language
James Spader: Nomad in life and in his work
Spader Gets to Shed Image

Entertainment Weekly: Slack Happy


'The Music of Chance' Gives Actors Second Chance

Interview Magazine: How James Spader's Image Has Changed

A taste for the wicked has stepped up his career: Call it dirty-blond ambition (to see pictures go to "clippings")


'Storyville' Tells Only Part of Spader's Politics

Esquire Magazine: All Grown Up (to see pictures go to "clippings")

Spader's Third Lawyer

James Spader didn't look far to find his character
'Yuppie' villain becomes a movie star in 'sex' hit  
Yuppie roles breed success for `sex' star James Spader

GQ Magazine Article: Hot Wasp (to see pictures go to "clippings")

Playboy Magazine Article: James Spader Made Easy

Vogue Article: The Trouble With Jimmy

Actor James Spader on "White Palace"
Spader Speaks
Ace of Spades (to see pictures go to "clippings")

A Preppie Grows up

James Spader: Bad guy makes good
The Rachel Papers': Seductive Comedy

Sex, truth and the actor's duty to himself; James Spader

Filmmaker hoping Cannes works magic for his 'sex' comedy
'Sex, Lies' put Spader in demand  
Spader finds the humor in 'sex'

James Spader's twins sharpen Ripper thriller  
Spader plays characters audience loves to hate


Seventeen Magazine: In The Spotlight

Nice & Sleazy: James Spader is the guy you love to hate in three current movies
Actor James Spader

Copycat "Starcrossed' proves surprisingly entertaining
It can be tuff for a preppie to make friends at school
Daily Variety

From Mr. Spader's appearence in Tuff Turf to Secretary. It's all here. Enjoy!
"The Practice"
James Spader - 'Secretary' to attorney, thesp gives 'Practice' new life
The New York Times

Cocaine - One Man's Seduction
"The New Kids"
"Sex, lies and videotape"
White Palace' Poses a Question About Love

Clippings from various magazines
Vogue September 2003 N. 343 (just the pictures!) - Warning: very large files but worth the wait! -
"Spaderman" - Article from The Times magazine - Warning: very large files but worth the wait! -
"Dirty Work" - Article from The Times Play magazine  
"Celebritest: Intimate Profiles of Seventy Celebrities"
James Spader - A very special scoundrel  
Pictures of the GQ Magazine Article: Hot Wasp
Pictures of the Esquire Magazine: All Grown Up
Picture of the article: A taste for the wicked has stepped up his career: Call it dirty-blond ambition
Pictures of the article: Ace of Spader
Picture of the article: Squirm In Spader's Web
Picture of the article: Ace of Spader
Picture of the article: Along Came a Spader
Picture of the article: Creepy In Spades
Picture of Premiere - The Movie Magazine (March 2002) "Love Hurts"

Sex, lies and videotape
White Palace
Dream Lover
Another review for the movie "Stargate"
And yet another review for the movie "Stargate"
Driftwood (review) (contains spoilers!!!)
I witness
The Pentagon Papers
Speaking of sex
The Practice (TV): Reviews and comments

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