Thursday, July 17, 2003
A moment with ... James Spader, actor

At a press conference, the actor said he signed on with "The Practice" purely on the basis of his meeting with Kelley. He hadn't seen the series, wasn't aware of the controversy surrounding it, and proved hard to corner at the Television Critics Association press tour in Hollywood. But we pressed him for a second or two.

You've sort of made a career playing weird bad guys. Did you have any trepidation about accepting another "ethically challenged" role?

Not really, I think everyone carries around a different sense of morality, and how much of a part that plays in their own life. And I allow that same sort of latitude to the characters I play.

Have you seen the show since?

I saw an episode of it.

What was your impression?

I wasn't really looking for an impression, because I'd already agreed to do the show at this point. Now I'm wondering. But anyway, I'd sort of gone beyond the point of whether I liked the show or not. I was, in fact, looking for characters and seeing who they were and what they were like ... and whether I was going to enjoy myself on the show. I like to look for a work environment that I'm going to enjoy working in. I'm pretty selfish that way.

You have to do that to stay sane.

Yeah, but I'm not as concerned as what it ends as, as I am about what it's like to actually be doing it.

In terms of that, how do you feel about people who might say, "Your'e no Dylan McDermott!" Are you afraid of the comparison?

No. I'm not afraid of much, and I'm certainly not afraid of that. First of all, I don't know how I'd know about that. I don't watch entertainment shows on television, I don't read entertainment news anywhere. ... I watch the "Iron Chef," if I can catch it.

Did you see any of the battles with Bobby Flay or the "King of the Iron Chef" competition?

Yes. I can't comment on those. Let's just put it this way: I was in the firmly Morimoto camp. How can you not love

Morimoto? He has such dignity and grace, and he doesn't stand on the cutting board.

Does this mean you cook?

Yes, I like to cook. As long as I have a good sous chef, I like to cook. I don't like to go into the kitchen all by myself.

So, whos your sous chef?

Well, that's my business.

-- Melanie McFarland from
(Thank you, sugarcube)

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