(Exerpt from a conversation with Jacque Lynn Schiller)

"It seems sex is all I ever see around me. It's not just sex but also people's sexuality and sensuality. Maybe that's just my eyes. Maybe I am sort of an oddity, but I certainly see it in everyone else. It's hard to find something that's different or a different conversation about it. You can only fuck in so many ways, you know. If I'm able to find a film that plays with some of that, then I like it. I'm game. Always, always game.

I'm looking for sexuality. For a screenplay or character that is viewing the world through that language or through those eyes. That the character is very in touch, the most in touch, with that part of their life.

And that's what you're going through during the course of the story. That's what interests me. I've been lucky that a film every few years is about what I'm interested in. You have different reasons for taking a film. Sometimes you want to work with a pal. But if you look hard enough, if it's a screenplay with any merit at all, at its core it will be about sexuality or sexual relations. I sound like a nimrod. I realize I'm saying this with the greatest of conviction but I could be the only one standing in the field. If so, I'll take that. Maybe I'm wrong. If I am, so be it. I don't give a shit."

(Thank you, Gloria)