Beastmaster Slash

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Updates:  Layla's new fic Divine Intervention and new author The Tenth Muse's fics - Appearances, Bathing, Betrayal, Chances, Diversion, Finale, Full Circle, Guard Duty, and Soul Stealer.  Enjoy.


Guided Into the Cave -Dar and Tao find a safe haven and have some fun together!

Meeting the Horned One -NC-17.  Dar and Tao receive an unexpected visitor in the Sanctuary, where minds, among other things, are blown...

Sated -NC-17.  Dar finds himself compelled to help heal the tormented, beautiful young man Bakhtiar in a VERY special way!

Symphonic Sex in the Sanctuary-NC-17 (Contains graphic male-male sexual descriptions.)  Summary: Tao gets a special surprise from Dar while working in the Sanctuary garden.

Divine Intervention -R (Contains very brief, non-detailed, male-male sexual situations at beginning of story.)  Pairings:  Dar/Tao, Dar/Tao/Other


 The Tenth Muse

Appearances - You shouldn't believe in appearances...eeven innocent ones. R

Bathing - Tao uses bathing as an excuse to get close to Dar, who doesn't see it coming. NC17

Betrayal - Something is trying to split Tao and Darr up...and succeeds. R.

Chances - Short little 1st time fic, without the 11st time. PG.

Diversion - Dar finds out just how bad Tao's imprisonment at Zad's hands was. warnings: mention of rape NC17

Finale - This is how I think the series should haave ended. R

Full Circle - Dar realizes just what he left behind byy moving to the Golden City, with a helpful kick in the ass from Arina. NC17

Guard Duty - Tao again gets out of guard duty. warnings: shmoopy pwp NC17

Soul Stealer - A powerful being is after Dar's soul andd powers, it's up to Tao to save him. R