Guided Into the Cave

by Layla

Rating: NC-17 (graphic male-male sexual descriptions)

Disclaimer: Alas, I have no claim upon any of these lovely
characters. They are the property of the great and good in Tribune
Entertainment and Alliance/Atlantis. I wrote this purely for
entertainment, will not make any profit from it, and, once it is
done, these characters will be returned unsullied, unscathed to their
respective realms. Blessed Be! Enjoy!

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Synopsis: This story takes place immediately after the early Season
2 eppy, which I think is called "Orfeo". Dar and Tao find a safe
haven and have some fun together!

The Day Between the Worlds had passed. Orfeo, a dark and voluptuous
warrior shade had disappeared back through the Gates of the
Underworld, his purpose defeated. The love of his previous life,
Arina, a very much alive, feisty warrior woman had slunk away into
the jungle shadows. Now, a fine drizzle of rain began to fill the
air like a cold sweat from the sky.

In the darkening twilight, Beastmaster Dar and his ever-present,
scholarly companion Tao wound their way through a make-shift path of
loam ground, protruding branches and vines. Ruh the tiger of
mystery, devoted to Dar, padded closely behind.

"Just across the creek over there, looks like rock outcroppings,
maybe some shelter just ahead for the night," Tao stated, pointing at
silhouetted, gray shapes a few hundred paces away. Indeed, there
appeared a clearing, cut through by a wide creek, snaking its way a
long. On the other side, just opposite the two weary men and Ruh,
stood a short embankment which flattened out beyond it into a small
shore of land before then becoming groupings of tall stones. These
boulders stood crowded together like a miniature range of hills and

Dar nimbly crossed the shallow creek, as did Ruh. This left Tao who,
as usual, staggered a bit on non-flat ground. The rocks were
slippery beneath the rushing water. Dar stopped just short of the
shoreline, turned back to Tao, and gave the smaller man an ear-to-ear

"Need a hand, my dear man Tao?"

"No, no. Practice makes perfect, so I've heard. I'm fine!" Tao
slipped a bit.

"Whatever," said Dar, stepping up over the embankment. Ruh was
already sitting on the shore, watching the two men with patience,
perhaps even amusement.

Finally, all three travelers stood on shore, Tao by far the wettest.

"I'm a bit chilled. Let's see if that is indeed a cave over there,
shall we?" Tao said as he cocked his head to his left, in the
direction of a nearby large, triangular black opening between a pile
of gray boulders.

"Sounds fine to me, and Ruh," Dar stated before running just ahead,
his white staff poised in his hands for any possible surprises. The
events of the day with Orfeo and his demon panther companion had left
the Beastmaster especially on edge, not to mention the possibility
that Arina could be tracking him this very moment.

Dar reached the mouth of the cave and listened. Nothing. No
suspicious scents either. Ruh casually padded inside. Dar followed,
then came Tao.

Warmth-- but how? The answer radiated from within the cave itself.
Subtle, narrow veins of dull, white light branched a long the gray,
stone walls, starting from the ground and traveling up to form a web
over the ceiling and down the other side.

"Sorcery," whispered Tao. "We can't stay here."

"Well, do you have any better ideas?" Dar asked.

"No, I admit I don't, but...hmmm...You know, this light in the rock
could just be some sort of natural occurrence. Ah, well, even if it
isn't, worst case scenario is one or both of us simply ends up in a
sorcerer's stew pot-- or another demon snakepit, which I had the
honor of being in earlier today." Tao shrugged and winced, then
shuddered a bit.

Dar rolled his eyes, dropped his staff, and undid his carrying
harness, letting it fall to the ground, a carpet of dry, soft soil.

"Tao, today I looked into the eyes of evil itself, yet here I am,
still alive, with you," Dar stated as he removed his outer loin
cloth. He placed his hands against each side of Tao's face, holding
it firmly but gently.

Dar's calm, half-lidded eyes stared into Tao's. "Tao, there is
nothing to fear but fear itself. I think you told me that yourself
once," Dar said with a grin, one side of his mouth raised just
slightly higher than the other.

Tao stared back, taking in the open-faced, blonde-haired beauty of
his lover Dar. "Oh, right. An old mentor of mine said that to me
back in Xinca long ago. But, he wasn't even sure of the true origin
of that saying. Anyhow, I'm with you, Dar, and that's all that I
care about now-- other than Ruh too over there, of course," Tao
replied, quickly glancing over at the striped feline lying down
comfortably against the cave wall.

"Ruh appreciates you deeply-- almost as much as I do." Dar then
stopped talking and encircled his lips over Tao's.

Tao began to undress. His clothes were damp and he shivered, despite
the warmth of the twilight-dim cave. Dar stepped back and removed
his inner loin cloth. Holding it in his right hand, Dar began to
vigorously rub Tao's chest, stomach, and shoulders. This stimulation
soon warmed Tao and quickened the rushing of blood into his cock.
Upward it pulsed as if it suddenly held a beating heart.

Dar himself was now fully aroused.

And so the two men stood, face to face, cock to cock. Each man's
hands cupped the other's throbbing member. Tao embraced Dar, who
reached up to gently grip Tao's hair. Their faces joined, moved to
accomodate each other's mouths, just so, settling into a lingering,
tongue-filled kiss. Tao's hands slid down Dar's wide, smooth back to
rest on and grip the Beastmaster's shapely, firm buttocks. Dar
sighed and let escape from his throat a little moan. Then he
abruptly turned away, grabbing Tao's butt and leaving the smaller,
dark-haired man kissing Dar between the shoulder blades.

"Tao, my lovely man," Dar whispered as he slid downward against Tao.
Dar's silky-skinned backside glided against Tao's front from head to
knee level. He then turned and began to lick Tao's cock, starting
from the head before running his wide tongue along the shaft. Then
Dar opened his wide mouth and sank Tao's full member into his deep
throat, before then pulling quickly away-- but not before Tao managed
a high-pitched moan.

"Now come down gently against me, yes, like that, ooh!" Dar ended
with a moan of his own. Dar had turned away again as Tao blissfully
squatted down, gladly obliging Dar's request. Tao nudged his
moistened cock against Dar's waiting back passage. Dar wet his right
hand with spit. He then wedged his hand between himself and Tao and
lubricated his now filled-with-longing butt crack. This done, Dar
grabbed Tao's manshaft. The Beastmaster guided the well-endowed
scholar-medicine man into his rear passage. Tao closed his eyes and
began to thrust, slowly, slowly. His cock felt welcomed with every
steady fraction of forward movement, drawing him deeper into Dar.
Slowly, but steadily, both men breathing deeply now, Tao's penis grew
completely enveloped, snugly held by what felt like a long, tight
mouth, which widened just a bit as it squeezed and stroked the
occupying flesh.

"Oh, yeah! Uh, huh!" Dar panted and moaned.

Tao gripped Dar's hips, leaned over against his lover, pulled back
then thrust forward.

"Oh! Aaah! Yes!" Dar yelped in pleasure.

Tao, knees planted firmly on the ground, moved his hands up to grip
Dar's perfect pecs. He then began to move his hands in circles
against Dar's wide, welcoming chest. Tao now thrust in and out while
pinching and fondling Dar's large, erect nipples. This elicited more
deep moans from Dar, who spread his legs apart a bit and arched his
back. Even deeper into Dar Tao felt himself go, yet his cock always
snugly held and caressed by Dar's responsive, attentive anal-rectal
muscles. Oh, the Beastmaster was so strong, yet gentle, inside and

Both men now moaned, their eyes closed in a united ecstasy.

"Oh, by the gods!" sighed and panted Tao, his head turned aside and
lying against Dar's upper back. "You make me feel like...." Tao's
voice trailed off and he licked and kissed Dar's back in pleasure and
gratitude. Tao's thrusting now grew synchronized with Dar's
movements, who pushed his butt up against Tao and then would pull
away, all in a rhythmical motion.

Ruh had slunk closer to the two lovers and began to purr.
Occasionally, he gently grazed his furry jowl against Dar's side.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, far away in a high fortress of stone jutting out from a
mountaintop, the Sorceress watched through her special telescope eye,
what she and the Ancient One called a Third Eye.

"These two men...How unique that they find comfort in each other
so...deeply," the fair, blonde-tressed, pristine woman stated in her
usual inquisitve tone.

"I see the scene perfectly, in my own mind's eye, dear pupil,"
quipped the Ancient One smugly. He stood beside the Sorceress. "Ah,
yes, not surprising at all-- or really 'unique' for that matter
either. In the domain of humans, the Beastmaster and his little
friend FEEL they only have each other," the gray-haired Ancient One
finished with a smirk and bellowing laugh. "But, Sorceress, you do
intrude upon a most intimate moment, be that as it is those two are
quite insignificant in the entire scheme of Fate and the Universe."

The Sorceress turned her head to glare with searing blue eyes at the
being who'd gathered millenia upon millenia of knowledge and
supernatural powers. "Oh, Ancient One, great teacher that you can
be, YOU should talk-- what with all of your meddlings in human

The Ancient One grabbed the Third Eye from the burgundy-red-gowned
Sorceress. "Yes, but I do believe that is my job-- and for you to
learn more about it: When and how to 'meddle', as you say, in the
affairs of Nature's creatures-- such as the Beastmaster and his
friends. Though, I must say," the Ancient One paused, holding up the
Third Eye to peer into it, "There are a few things you can even learn
from these two little men." He looked into the Sorceress' petulant
eyes, smiled, and handed her back the Third Eye. Then he was gone
like a fast-fading shadow.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Back down below in the cozy, naturally-lit cave, Tao pumped in and
out of Dar, perspiring all over now. Dar glistened as well with
sweat, eyes closed in sheer, pleasurable concentration. Then, the
inevitable came forth: From deep within the bases of Tao's and Dar's
cocks, a tension grew, a blissful warmth and pressure which shot
forth. Tao cupped his left hand over Dar's cockhead to feel a
gushing over of sticky warmth, which seemed to spurt nonstop. And
Tao exploded repeatedly inside of Dar, as if he were giving his inner
essence to his lover. Dar and Tao yelled out with each pulsating
wave of orgasm. Their cries of sheer ecstasy traveled out of the
cave into the rainy night.

Eventually the lovers lay still on their sides, Dar spooning Tao up
against him. Ruh lay in front of Tao, completing a circle with Dar,
Tao cozily in the center.

"Dar, my love?" Tao asked softly.

"Mmm?" Dar replied.

"I hope I give to you as much as you give me." Tao squeezed Dar's
arm, encircled against Tao's waist.

"Oh, Tao, you give and give so much. I have the blessing to receive
a great share of your giving. And every bit of it, well, feels,
tastes, smells, looks, and, usually," Dar quietly chuckled, "sounds
wonderful! Now, good night, my sweet, delicious man." And with
that, he raised his head and craned his neck to kiss Tao on the lips.

Tao smiled. "Good night, my lovely Beastmaster." They both chuckled
before soon drifting off into their separate dreamworlds.

Outside, the rain now poured fast and hard in the pitch-black
darkness while the immortal eagle Sharak screeched from a thick-
leaved tree across the creek.