by Layla

Rating: NC-17 (Contains graphic male-male sexual descriptions.)

Disclaimer: I have no claim upon any of these lovely characters.
They are the property of Tribune Entertainment and
Alliance/Atlantis. This story contains canon from an original
televised script written by Sharon Buckingham. No copyright
infringement is intended here and I will not make any profit from
this piece. I wrote it purely for entertainment and, once I am done
with these characters, they shall be returned unsullied, unscathed to
their original, respective realms. Enjoy!

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Synopsis: This story takes place within the realm and time frame of
the Beastmaster, Season 2, eppy "Rage", except for a brief part at
the very end. Dar finds himself compelled to help heal the
tormented, beautiful young man Bakhtiar in a VERY special way!

The Beastmaster Dar and his scholarly lover Tao found themselves yet
again in the ancient city of Xinca, now the central domain and power-
base of the blonde, garish youth-of-a-tyrant Voden, King of the
Nords. The Eiron-built city had once been a peaceful, thriving
place, the birthplace of Tao and only home he had known for most of
his life.

Just within Xinca's courtyard entrance, Dar soon found himself a
victorious, albeit reluctant, participant in a sparring match with a
lithe young man. This dark-haired, cocky fellow wore nothing but
moccasins, a small loin cloth, and a choker-collar, all made of
leather. He fought for show, earning his keep like a lone circus
performer. Unknowingly, he'd challenged and met his match. Dar
returned the youth's favor by also deftly tossing the man into a mud
puddle and then blowing feathers on him. The fight had come full
circle. Dar, unevenly covered in now-dried mud, watched as the
handsome youth strangely growled, shook off chicken feathers,
dizziness, and humiliation before leaping up and over the city wall,
as if possessed by something superhuman.

The Beastmaster sensed pain and trouble, so he left his lover Tao to
his own devices in Nord-held Xinca and ran back into the jungle-
forest to pursue the mysterious man.

Tao was safe for the time being. King Voden had come and asked a
favor of him, a favor the king had made clear that only wise and
gentle Tao cold fulfill. Tao felt intrigued. Nobody until today had
ever asked him to try and cure a person by merely talking with them.

Dar followed the fresh tracks of a man, tracks that abruptly stopped,
only to be replaced by-- could it be?--tracks of a large, wild cat,
perhaps those of a puma. The paw prints stopped at a cave entrance,
its location a little ways into the thick jungle-forest. A wind
rustled and whipped through the trees and shrubs. More oddly,
lightning flashed in a sky suddenly darkened and filling with storm
clouds. A puma, in all its natural regal bearing, sat at the cave
entrance growling and staring at Dar, who stood perhaps twenty paces
away. This puma's fur was golden-tan in color. It wore a leather
collar. Dar stood and stared, transfixed.

The wind picked up and a white light shot forth from the great cat.
Dar squinted against the light and, out of instinct, he held up his
white staff, ready to defend himself against what seemed to be the
makings of sorcery. The light flashed bright and dim while the image
before the Beastmaster alternated between two forms in rapid
succession: a man and a puma. Then, the wind and flashing light
ceased abruptly, leaving a naked young man standing in place of the
puma. Obviously, what little clothes he wore had fallen off further
back where he had metamorphosed into the great, wild feline. Only
the leather collar remained, buckled snugly in place around his
neck. A question for Dar was now answered, though many more arose.

Holding his white staff at the ready, Dar carefully approached the
man, the very same one he'd just fought in Xinca. Heart beating
fast, Dar now ran into the cave where the man had retreated.
Strangely but conveniently, a fire of logs burned within, sending
forth wavering shadows against the rough walls of stone. The man
began to talk, to explain his deep-feeling anger, how this was when
he became a puma. Dar felt the need to calm this youth, who
circled 'round the fire like a cornered, frightened animal. The
orange glow from the flames accentuated the man's features and body.
His eyes were slanted just so, appearing very feline. Above each eye
arched a black eyebrow, the one symmetrical to the other. A
perfectly straight nose centered the face, anchored below it by a
sensuous mouth, the lips slightly open. His body, though not large,
was smooth and muscular. Small, brown nipples stood erect against a
chest lightly sprinkled with a handful of tiny freckles.

Dar briefly awoke from his entrancement with this beautiful man
before him and realized that they had been talking. The two had even
sat down in front of the fire.

"I was angry at myself..." the youth was saying.

Dar fell back into a seemingly-hypnotic state over this vibrant,
nubile, passionate being on the other side of the fire. He returned
the man's intense gaze.

"You don't trust me," Dar found himself saying. He felt his body
grow warm all over, his face flush, his cock harden.

"I do, but this is none of your concern," the man replied. A wave of
sadness crossed over his dark eyes beneath their thick lashes, the
emotion so subtle, but just visible enough for Dar to notice. He
felt a lump form in his throat. There was now no doubt. This man's
anger, his troubles, his longing were indeed Dar's concern. The
younger of the two men stood up, began to flee, even kicked at Dar,
who swiftly caught the other's leg, squeezing it briefly but
tenderly. But, the man pulled himself free from Dar's grasp and ran
out of the cave.

Dar pursued the conflicted fellow, determined to help him somehow.
But there was more to it than that. Dar's body ached with longing, a
need which seemed to come out of nowhere-- like the sudden storm
clouds above. All Dar knew was that he must find this man and...be
with him.

The sky outside shone clear again. Dar listened and looked about,
indeed paid heed to all of his senses. Not far away, the young man
hid behind a fallen tree and transformed again into a puma. There
were others a short ways off. A begowned woman stood with King
Voden, who gestured sometimes with his cane (an affectation of so
many he kept) as he spoke. Soldiers accompanied them. They seemed
to be searching for something, someone. Dar crouched behind a few
nearby shrubs. The company soon turned back, giving up the hunt.
King Voden had dismissed the puma as a dangerous creature that should
simply be killed if it came too close.

In hot pursuit, Dar followed the puma until they both reached a
clearing by a stream. Chirpings of birds filled the air. He was
talking again, pleading to the puma-man, explaining how he was not
with the Nords, that he thought he could be of help.

Onto a flat boulder stepped the puma into Dar's view. There the
great cat flashed brightly yet again, alternating images of puma and
a man overtaking Dar's vision, until the transformation ended,
leaving the dark-haired man standing, his shoulders stiffly thrown
back as if he were poised for a fight...or something. However, he
looked vulnerable, naked there in the sunlight. This time, Dar's
eyes completely drank in this vision of male beauty: very light
brown skin, a finely chiseled face, the short but thick hair that
covered only the man's head-- with the exception of a more wiry tuft
of it over his pubes. The man's cock, more than ample in size, hung
limp between his legs.

Dar felt no fear as he approached the man. At the Beastmaster's
initiative, they introduced themselves. The man was named Bakhtiar,
formerly Prince Bakhtiar. He reached out to clasp a hand of the
taller man Dar. The Beastmaster grinned broadly, gave Bakhtiar a
soft, affectionate look, and slowly took his hand. It was now
Bakhtiar's turn to flush as he faced the blonde-haired man of such
great strength yet gentleness. Dar reached up with his free left
hand to let it rest on Bakhtiar's right shoulder. Dar's hand then
traveled upward against his new friend's smooth skin, turned to face
the palm outward, and stopped to caress Bakhtiar's ear, cheek, and
jawline. The smaller man relaxed a bit. His eyes closed and mouth
opened. He inhaled audibly and unevenly, leaning his face against
Dar's hand. How long had it been since he was last touched with such
care and tenderness? Bakhtiar could not remember.

Dar stepped closer and pulled the naked man into his arms. The
Beastmaster's loin cloth grew tight as his cock hardened. Bakhtiar
leaned into the warmth of Dar's groin, of Dar's whole body. He
brought his arms up to clasp the Beast-master's broad, smooth back,
then slid his hands down lower until they stopped against the leather
loin cloth.

"I'll take care of that," Dar gently purred with his deep voice into
Bakhtiar's left ear. The soothing voice and warm breath lulled
Bakhtiar into a state of pure comfort as little shots of pleasure ran
through the younger man's body, reaching the top of his head,
traveling down to his cock and toes.

Off went Dar's loin cloth and up came his right hand to cup
Bakhtiar's balls and the base of his cock against Dar's own hot, hard
member. Bakhtiar's cock freshly pulsed, filled with blood, ever-
hardened with each passing moment. He opened his mouth, leaned into
Dar more, and devoured the bigger man's lips. Bakhtiar inhaled,
taking in Dar's scent, his essence, releasing quiet, brief moans and
whimpers of pleasure and pent-up longing. Dar's mouth opened in
gentle welcome to Bakhtiar's hunger. The younger man darted his
tongue against Dar's lips and into the Beastmaster's generous mouth.
Bakhtiar took Dar's upper lip, sucked a bit, then did the same with
his new-found lover's lower lip, all the while still whimpering and
inhaling. Then he just hungrily moved his mouth indiscriminately
over Dar's.

The Beastmaster moved his hands along Bakhtiar's slimmer back,
letting them settle against the smaller fellow's buttocks, which Dar
squeezed. In response, Bakhtiar seemed further ignited with passion,
for he now rubbed hard against Dar and reached up to grab the larger
man's honey-blonde locks. He wanted to take Dar into him as much as
he could. Dar welcomed this ardor and moved his right fore and
middle fingers into Bakhtiar's rear passage. At first, it was a
tight, clenched hole, but soon Bakhtiar relaxed, welcoming this
little intrusion into a place noone had ever ventured until now.

"Oh, Dar, I-- I trust you like nobody else. I've been alone for so
long..." Bakhtiar's voice trailed off, his mouth covered again by
Dar's. Bakhtiar locked his arms together against Dar's neck. He
then brought one leg, then the other up atop each of the larger man's
hips, clasping his ankles over Dar's shapely buttocks. Dar held fast
to Bakhtiar's waist while thrusting his tongue far into the younger
man's mouth. This brought more shots of pleasure coursing through
Bakhtiar, who slowly gyrated his hips, enjoying the rubbing of his
engorged cock against Dar's.

The Beastmaster walked them both over to a flat, grassy patch of
ground beside some trees. There, with his mighty, lithe legs, he
knelt, setting Bakhtiar gently down while still kissing him
passionately. Dar shifted his right hand just so and resumed the
exploration, prodding, and caressing of Bakhtiar's anus. Bakhtiar
pulled his head away to lean back so he could breathe and moan more
deeply. His neck exposed to Dar, like one wild animal submitting to
another, the Beastmaster seized this moment to lick and nip Bakhtiar
just above the leather collar. Bakhtiar lay back while keeping his
legs wrapped tightly around Dar.

"You've held back...so much inside you," Dar said quietly in his
deep, now sultry voice. "Now let's see if any of that can come out,"
he grinned. Dar then began to insert his right forefinger into
Bakhtiar's passage, which evoked a yelp of pleasure from the prone
man whose hard cock twitched from this added stimulation. Dar leaned
over, kissing Bakhtiar deeply, before moving further down to take the
young man's right nipple into his mouth. The Beastmaster then
applied a little technique he'd had the good fortune to frequently
experience so generously and skillfully from Tao. He darted his
tongue over and around Bakhtiar's aureola and erect tit, occasionally
but oh-so-gently nipping with his teeth. Bakhtiar arched his back,
moaned loudly, and thrust himself down onto Dar's penetrating finger.

"Oh, Dar, just...please, oh, ye gods!..." Bakhtiar moaned and
pleaded for more.

Dar let his tongue wander down Bakhtiar's chest and stomach. He
stopped at the place where thigh joined groin. There he inhaled the
nubile man's scent deeply within the pubic hairs, then darted his
tongue about some more. Bakhtiar writhed in response and grabbed
Dar's hair that grew right up against the base of his scalp. Dar
took his free left hand, grabbed Bakhtiar's throbbing cock, and
enveloped his mouth over the top. He savored the bulbous flesh and
dribble of sticky moisture oozing forth from it.

"Oh, ahh!" Bakhtiar groaned and moaned loudly yet again, little
ripples of ecstasy running through him. Dar sank his head further
down onto the youth's manshaft, taking it all up into his wide, deep
throat. Then, keeping his lips closed in a tight suction 'round this
other man's tasty flesh, he pulled his head up and thrust it down.
Dar repeated this rhythmically. Bakhtiar gyrated his hips again and
pushed hard against Dar's right forefinger, which enabled him to feel
Dar against more of the soft, inner walls of his rear passage. Dar
intuitively picked up this cue and eased his middle finger up into
Bakhtiar, while never ceasing his deep sucking of the young man's
length of very hardened shaft and cock-head.

Bakhtiar's eyes were closed, but he opened them to behold the
beautiful man concentrating so intently and passionately on his cock
and anus. It was all so intensely real, yet also an image as from a
dream-- for this bliss and wonder did not come close to any of
Bakhtiar's life experiences thus far. For all he knew at this
moment, Bakhtiar could indeed be dreaming...or transported somewhere
far away from this battle-weary land.

Dar cupped his left hand over Bakhtiar's tight scrotum, the balls now
pulled up close to the base of the cock. Dar felt tension mounting
there, felt Backtiar's penis tighten ever-so-slightly.

"Oh, Dar! Oh! I...I! Ah, ahhh, ahhh!!" Bakhtiar yelled and moaned
as he felt waves upon waves of fiery ecstasy build up and rush
through him, all to center at the base of his shaft. His whole body
now clenched as these waves reached a crescendo to then flow forth
out of his cock. Thick, warm liquid gushed and gushed in spurts into
Dar's mouth, which he quickly swallowed. Bakhtiar writhed and jerked
about with each pulse of orgasm, grabbing Dar's thighs for support,
an anchor. He shuddered as the final wave of pleasure ran through
him and subsided.

Dar brought his face up to Bakhtiar's, wet lips glistening in the
sunlight, his gray-blue eyes half-lidded and veiled somewhat by long
lashes. He smiled. "My, you WERE holding a lot inside
you, my beautiful man!"

Before Bakhtiar could respond, Dar gave him a moist, warm kiss, and
he caught a slight taste and feel of his own seed. Incredibly, this
kiss began to quickly reawaken Baktiar's body.

"Dar, I want-- I want to taste you too!"

Dar playfully grabbed Bakhtiar by his collar and pulled him up so
that the two were sitting face-to-face.

"Well, alright then!" Dar then kissed him deeply again. The
Beastmaster's mouth felt so wet and supple now. Bakhtiar imagined
his whole head being enveloped by this mouth, those velvety, slippery
lips stretching over his face and scalp. But, he let the image
quickly fade and pulled away to look over his gorgeous prey-to-be.
Bakhtiar's eyes took in Dar's beaming, open face, roved down to
glimpse the larger man's Adam's apple, and even further to then stop
and admire such ample, erect nipples atop fleshy, perfect pecs.
Bakhtiar's desire burned away any remnant of inhibition now. He
lunged at Dar's left nipple, taking it into his mouth and nibbling
gently. Now Dar moaned in delight and stroked his large hands a-
long Bakhtiar's back and buttocks. Bakhtiar switched over to the
right nipple, nibbling and tasting it as well.

"Oh, Bakhtiar! Mmm..." Dar grunted with glee and encouragement.

Bakhtiar then let his tongue travel straight down from the center of
Dar's chest to his well-sculpted stomach before finally settling it
into the wide, generous navel. The younger man darted his tongue in
and out, then prodded it harder into this natural indentation over an
otherwise perfectly taut abdomen ridged with muscle beneath the
smooth skin. He tasted the salt of sweat and imagined for a moment
how fun it would be to drink something out of Dar's large, unique
belly button. Dar felt bolts of pleasure rush down from his belly
into his cock and up through his chest, neck, and behind his eyes.
He felt overcome with feelings of tenderness yet lust both at once
for this man making love to him.

Bakhtiar continued his downward journey, covering his mouth over
Dar's enormous cock-head. He inhaled deeply before then taking in as
much of Dar's shaft as he could. Grabbing the cock at its base with
his right hand, Bakhtiar began to pull his head up, then push it down
upon Dar's hard, pulsing member, always a part of it kept firmly
enveloped in the younger man's slippery, warm mouth.

Dar closed his eyes in rapt ecstasy and suddenly found himself
thinking of...Tao. For a moment, Dar imagined that Tao was sucking
on him, something the beautiful man of so much wisdom, learning, and
love had done many times before, and always so well. Even in such a
powerful, intimate moment as this, Dar was reminded of the man who
truly had his heart, and always would. Nonetheless, he did care
deeply for this passionate, sexy man Bakhtiar.

Dar opened his eyes and gently grabbed Bakhtiar's hair who looked up
at the Beastmaster to smile sweetly, though his dark eyes betrayed
his still-deep longing. He brought himself up to a squatting
position just over Dar's cock.

"Dar, I want...I need you..." his voice trailed off. Dar embraced
Bakhtiar and kissed him yet again.

"I know, beautiful man. I know, " Dar said tenderly. He brought his
hands down to rest on each of Bakhtiar's hips. "I'm right here.
Lower yourself onto me slowly, as slowly as you need to."

Bakhtiar required no further instructions or encouragement. He let
his rear passage rest against the tip of Dar's cock. Dar spat into
his hand and rubbed saliva around Bakhtiar's opening. He then
moistened his own shaft with more spit before moving his hand back to
his lover's anus. He moved two fingers in a steady circular motion,
prodding a bit as he did so, probing ever-deeper into Bakhtiar. This
drove the man astride Dar into the quiet beginnings of a frenzy. Now
nothing seemed to matter to him but to be filled up inside with Dar's
lovely cock. He began to ease himself down onto it. Dar moved his
fingers away. Without effort, Bakhtiar took in Dar's cock-head. He
breathed deeply, as did Dar, and up into him slid more manshaft.
Very slowly Bakhtiar fit all of Dar's penis inside him. He'd never
felt such a unique, inner sensation in his life. Bakhtiar felt
something deep inside being touched, almost tickled, yet more
pleasant than that. He moved up and down, to and fro, just a little
at first.

Dar closed his eyes and sighed, now supporting himself upright by
placing his hands against the ground. Bakhtiar's own cock felt
stimulated from within now, from base to tip. He began to move up
and down in earnest, little moans and whimpers escaping from out of
both his and Dar's throats. Bakhtiar's hands wandered over Dar as he
pumped up and down. He moved his fingers tenderly over Dar's
features, then brushed them through the blonde soft curls before his
hands came to rest on the Beastmaster's massive, smooth, nicely-
rounded shoulders. Bakhtiar then pinched Dar's nipples, evoking high-
pitched moans from Dar. He leaned in to kiss the larger man, all the
while quickening his pumping.

Dar grabbed Bakhtiar's cock and stroked it, keeping in time with his
lover's up and down motion. Dar's cock felt rhythmically squeezed
and caressed, as if being caringly milked for its seed. Dar began to
push his pelvis up and down slightly from his sitting position.
Steadily, all feeling and focus pooled into his belly and cock. This
also occurred for Bakhtiar, who gently squeezed Dar's pecs and looked
Dar intently in the eyes. Dar tried to return the other man's steady
gaze but could not maintain it, as tension began to build in his
whole body. Bakhtiar drove himself down harder onto Dar's member,
doubling his pace. Dar's buttocks and cock especially tightened
now. His breathing grew uneven and loud. Bakhtiar's breathing also
changed, became labored pants, for he also felt tension increase
within himself.

Sweat beaded both men's brows. Bakhtiar leaned in to lick Dar's
salty face before passionately kissing him. Volcanic waves of
pleasure now welled forth inside each of them. Dar and Bakhtiar made
assorted guttural sounds non-stop now. Indeed, it grew hard to tell
for any possible passersby (though there were none), whose moans,
sighs, and grunts were whose. They both continued their rapid
pumping in unison, while their inner pleasures focused together into
one invisible field of heat enveloping both men's groins, bellies,
and rear passages.

"Ohh, ohh!!" Dar groaned before clasping his arms around Bakhtiar's
waist. Then he yelled, more like growled, from deep, deep within as
the first eruption of ecstasy shot forth out of him and up into his
penetrated lover. Dar leaned the left side of his face against
Bakhtiar's neck and upper chest while the Beastmaster's body
continued to be wracked by jolts of pleasure spurting out through his
large cock.

Bakhtiar's great releases followed not far behind Dar's. The younger
man now also yelled non-stop, tilting his head back like his puma
form when growling, or like a wolf howling. He threw his arms around
Dar's neck. His body convulsed with each orgasm, seeming in close
pursuit of Dar's.

The two sturdy men held each other tightly while their seed continued
to flow forth. All that existed for several minutes were the
sensations of each other's bodies and their own releases, which began
to grow further and further apart. When it seemed there was nothing
left to release, one or the other found himself lurching and yelping
in response to another fleeting orgasm. Finally, stillness crept
over Dar and Bakhtiar. Dar rocked his lover, his lower legs and feet
crossed tightly together beneath the Nord prince, whose legs still
encircled the larger man's waist. They moved quietly, gently back
and forth, eyes closed, breathing deeply and evenly, united for a few
moments in time as one.

Then, the rest of the world around them returned into their
awareness. They heard birds chirping, felt the balmy breeze against
each of his own skin. Dar felt the pressure of the grassy ground
upon which he sat, felt the weight of his lover. He turned to look
into Bakhtiar's eyes. The other man's were still closed, his head
now tilted just slightly to one side, though a broad, blissful smile
on his lips hinted at Bakhtiar being very much awake. He opened his
eyes and returned Dar's serene gaze. He leaned in and kissed Dar
gently and slowly. Dar turned to lay Bakhtiar onto his side, pulling
his penis out of his pleasure partner as he did so. They lay very
close and quiet for a while on their sides, facing each other.

"You are a wonder," Bakhtiar said, breaking the silence.

"So are you, my fine man Bakhtiar." Dar wriggled a bit and ran a
hand over his chest and belly, feeling the warm, sticky man-juice
which coated much of the front of his lower and upper torso. He
enjoyed it as-- for the time being at least-- some remaining essence,
a physical affirmation, of he and Bakhtiar's lovemaking. "I dare
say, though, that we should begin to discuss other matters at hand,
you know," Dar smiled, "those back in Xinca."

Bakhtiar's face grew dour. He shifted, sat up, though still close to
Dar. He did not wish to shake away the after glow of sex that warmed
him all over. "Oh, yes, right," Bakhtiar eventually replied.

The Beastmaster sat up too, reached out and laid his hand over
Bakhtiar's supple nipple, feeling the steady, strong thumping of the
heart beneath. "First, though, there is much on your mind and in
your heart. Tell me what you wish to share."

"There is much indeed," Bakhtiar began. "The woman you saw-- the one
held by the Nords-- is my mother..."

Thus a dialogue between Dar and Bakhtiar proceeded, the latter
explaining how he long endured many cruelties from his jealous, older
brother Voden. This had culminated into Bakhtiar severely beating
his brother one day. Somehow, not long after this violent incident,
Bakhtiar's bouts of rage he felt towards Voden resulted in him
turning into a puma until the fury subsided. He was sent away by his
widowed mother Margret. Bakhtiar had left willingly, not wanting to
harm his brother any longer, let alone possibly kill him if he
stayed. The remorseful prince then became an anonymous, itinerant,
performing fighter for a few years. However, Bakhtiar had returned
for his mother as Voden's lethal power had recently become
consolidated over much of the land, based now out of Xinca.

As Bakhtiar talked, he felt a weight strangely, yet definitely, lift
from him, more like it was pulled out, actually. He felt lighter,
his mind clearer now than it had probably ever been in his life.

When Bakhtiar was done with his personal tale of hardship and
sadness, he and Dar devised a plan and then stood up to leave.

"I need to clean myself up a bit, and you should too," Dar smiled.
He stepped down into the nearby stream where he rigorously washed his
chest, belly, and cock.

Bakhtiar followed to briefly bathe as well. He managed to get a
final embrace and long kiss from Dar as they stood in the water.

Dar then retrieved his loin cloth from the ground, put it back on,
and picked up his staff.

"What we need to do first is find your clothes, Bakhtiar, which we
can do between the two of us following your tracks and my asking for
the help of my eagle friend Sharak. His eyes will hasten the ending
of the search."

Bakhtiar's eyes gleamed with a revelation about Dar. "The
Beastmaster I've heard so much about throughout my travels! You're
that very man, aren't you?!" He asked with enthusiasm and glee he
could not suppress.

"Yes, I am known by that name. As the last of the Sulas, and son of
the Beastmaster before me, I took on those powers and the duty to
protect the animals that comes with those powers," Dar answered.

"Oh, this is a most auspicious day! What an honor to meet and be so
close-- for a time at least-- with you, Beastmaster! That would help
explain your strength in fighting AND in love!" Bakhtiar exclaimed.

"Well, thank you. But, please just call me Dar," the Beastmaster
replied, blushing a bit. "Now, about that search for your clothes
and the pressing business in Xinca."

"Oh, yes, right. Let's get going," Bakhtiar replied, recovering his

Bakhtiar and Dar eventually returned to the very edge of the jungle-
forest just outside of Xinca, the former of the two having found,
with the Beastmaster's and Sharak's help, his moccasins and loin
cloth. He donned them quickly and later stopped before altogether
leaving the cover of the woods. Dar stopped his walking as well in
order to survey, through Sharak's eyes high above, where Bakhtiar's
mother was being held in the heavily-guarded city.

"I just want to say, I know you have someone, someone you love
deeply. It's that kind-looking man with whom you entered Xinca,
isn't it?" Bakhtiar asked.

Dar blinked long and hard then turned to his companion, "Yes. His
name is Tao. He has been my lover, my soulmate, for many, many moons
now, almost two full sun cycles. He has my heart and I am blessed to
have his."

"He is a lucky man, but then, so are you," Bakhtiar smiled. "I'm
sure he is not only great in knowledge and wisdom--for I see that he
is Eiron-- but as a lover too."

"Yes, he is all of what you say and, and more. He's always been
there for me since we first met. I'll always be there for him-- so
long as I possibly can and the gods allow it. I would never leave
him, could never do so. I'd grow to feel empty inside and much, if
not all, of my will to go on fighting against the evils of the lands
would surely leave me, should anything ever happen to Tao." Dar
finished with a grim look in his eyes.

"I honor your love and devotion to, to such a fine and beautiful man
as Tao. You shared yourself with me so deeply, freely, and
wonderfully. I'd gladly do that with Tao someday as well, that is,
if he wanted me, you gladly allowed this, and, of course, if we
actually all meet again."

Dar grinned broadly. "I'm sure Tao would be very flattered." He
turned his head, focusing his attention upward to Sharak's
observations from above. "My friends will help us. We should hurry."

"Before we get there, regardless of what happens," Bakhtiar
paused, "I want to thank you." He smiled and looked intently into
Dar's eyes.

Dar smiled back. Bakhtiar wondered if the Beastmaster knew just how
much of a vital help he had been. The young man's heart and mind
continued to feel lighter and clearer, his body fully sated like
never before.

Dar began to run towards Xinca and Bakhtiar followed.

Much action ensued within the walls of Xinca, initially involving
Bakhtiar facing, as an unchanging and steadfast man, his threatening,
cruel brother King Voden. Dar found their mother Margret and, after
skirmishing with some knights, had her safely and clandestinely
escorted by Ruh, his tiger companion, out of the city. Then, Dar
soon joined Bakhtiar in the main square of Xinca to fight off more of
Voden's knights. At Dar's insistence, Bakhtiar slipped away to join
his mother. This left Dar, again using the help of Sharak with his
eagle eyes from above, to cleverly and deftly rescue Tao from Voden
and his henchmen. Voden had taken Tao hostage in a last ditch effort
to keep Bakhtiar and Margret in his clutches.

Standing in his royal tent with only Arina, his skillful tracker,
Voden angrily shoved away miniature metal soldier figures on his
table of a large, three dimensional map of the lands he had conquered
and intended to conquer.

"You're letting him get away with this?" Arina, a dark warrior woman,

"For now," Voden answered. He thought carefully as his body flushed
all over with heat, his cock engorged a bit with blood. Looking
straight ahead, he continued, "I have to remember what I REALLY want
from this Beastmaster."

In the jungle-forest, Dar and Tao met up with Bakhtiar and his
begowned, elegantly robed mother. Each traveling duo proceeded to
say their farewells to the other.

Margret expressed her deep gratitude to Tao for healing her by his
listening to and talking with her. The two kind, royalty-born Nords
would travel to the Downs, where, Bakhtiar explained to the two men,
he and his mother would find safe haven with friends. Dar assured
the mother and son that they always had friends here, in the
Mydlands, as well.

Bakhtiar approached Dar, quickly embraced him and then walked over to
Tao, whom he hugged as well, a bit to Tao's surprise.

"I hear you are wonderful in so many ways, including as a very loving
man, Tao" Bakhtiar whispered into the Eiron's ear while stealthily
squeezing his left butt cheek. Tao jumped slightly, but managed to
avoid letting any sound escape from his mouth or throat. The prince
then stepped back, grinned, waved at the two very different, yet
beautiful men, and turned away to take his mother's hand before
walking off with her into the woods.

After Dar and Tao had reflected together on the deep value of talking
openly to another as a means of healing emotional pain, the two
walked on in silence. Yet, Tao's mind was racing. He was freshly
puzzled over a few things.

"Dar?" Tao broke the quiet between them.

"Yes, my love?" Dar replied.

"Back there, with Bakhtiar and his mother...I received a rather
amorous fairwell from that young fellow. What, uh, did you two DO
earlier today?"

Dar stopped and faced Tao. "Well, while you talked with Margret, I
talked with, and made love to, her son. He was deeply healed and
grateful. He told me how lucky the two of us are to have each other
and that he would gladly, happily share his bed with you, should you
want him, and should I approve of this, all, of course, if we ever
even see him again. Healing happens in many ways, does it not?
After all, knowing and being so close with you has healed me a lot."

Tao, feeling a bit flustered, replied, "Oh, I see. Well, yes,
healing happens in many forms. Still, my darling Dar, I may need to
talk more with you later about this new information, regarding
Bakhtiar and you. I need to sort out my feelings first."

Dar grinned, "Okay, my sweet Tao, you do that. You know where to
find me: Here by your side."