"Meeting the Horned One"

by Layla

Rating: NC-17 (Contains multiple graphic male-male sexual

Disclaimer: I have no claim up any of these lovely characters, with
the exception of one, that of Nyokrinn, Who is my own creation. All
other characters are the property of Tribune Entertainment and
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wrote it purely for entertainment-- though also, perhaps for a select
few readers, to possibly help one more deeply ponder the value and
wonders of some of life's natural pleasures. Once I am done with
these characters, they shall be returned unscathed and unsullied to
their original places in the BeastMaster universe, though hopefully
with relaxed, big smiles on their faces.

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brought you this far in the first place? Do yourself and others a
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Synopsis: Dar and Tao receive an unexpected visitor in the
Sanctuary, where minds, among other things, are blown...

The sun's rays filtered down through the jungle canopy, dappling the
ground with bright, yellow light. The late spring day spread a calm
through the lush green, brown, and golden hues of this wild, secluded
place-- also sprinkled about with yellows, reds, and blues-- to name
but a few colors of all the flowers in bloom. A long, moving shadow
suddenly broke the stillness: a silhouette of horns upon the head of
a huge, humanoid shape stretching its way across a clearing to bend
upwards, from the effect of the sunlight, and end against some palm

A pair of large feet stepped slowly over fallen branches, not making
a sound. Then the graceful creature stopped to bask in an especially
big patch of sunlight. Smooth and hairless, save for some golden
down along the brows, eyelids, and pubic area (though covered by a
thin loincloth), He stood with eyes closed. He tossed back His
shiny, bald head from which grew two long, ridged horns of curving,
gray-white bone. This was a giant amongst men, easily a head-and-a-
half taller than the animal guardian of this region, the BeastMaster
Dar. He inhaled deeply, the wide, well-defined abdominal muscles
rippling as He drew the balmy air up into an enormous, smooth, wide
chest. The sun glinted against His lightly-bronzed skin.

He walked on, leaving behind Him a fresh trail of greenery bursting
forth with an assortment of buds and blooms. Hearing something, He
stopped. From behind a tree, She nimbly jumped, Curupira, the green-
clad, green-skinned-- save for her fair, youthful face-- forest demon.

"You, you are someone I've never seen before, and you boldly just
walk into my forest!" Curupira snapped, looking up into large,
almond-shaped, twinkling, leaf-green eyes of the great being before
Her. He smiled, a wide grin of shiny, white teeth above a strong,
chiseled chin, a small cleft in its center.

"Ah, Curupira, my little, darling deity. It is Your forest indeed."
He stepped closer, placing a hand on Her shoulder then letting it
slide-- oh, so gently-- to Her waist. Curupira did not flinch. "I
am-- now think for a moment and my name will come to You. For I am
of all forests," His voice gently boomed forth.

"Nyokrinn!" Curupira blurted out in a half-whisper. "Oh, blessings
be! It is You, the Great Horned One. I bid You welcome-- but, of
course, You know You are already!"

Nyokrinn's nostrils flared open from a long nose which gradually
widened outward from tip of ridge to base. He embodied, if not pure
perfection, a kind of grace and flawlessness. He continued to grin
down at the ancient, yet girlish "demon"-- a sister deity, really,
and only a bit younger than Himself. His muscle-filled arm still
held her waist as He pulled Her tight against Him for a few moments.

Curupira's eyes closed and She exhaled, smiling. "It is the fullness
of spring, Horned One Nyokrinn. I might have guessed you would one
day come here in the flesh-- after all of the images on stone and
wood of You I have seen over the moons and moons, seasons upon

"Yes, I walk the Land's green places hither and yon, as is My way,
the Land's, Our Mother's, way for Me." Nyokrinn released Curupira,
leaving Her suddenly holding an armful of various colored, different-
sized flowers. He bent down and kissed Her forehead.

A bright lustre enflamed Curupira's own hazel-green eyes. She
blinked demurely.

He blinked back, batting long lashes and raising up an arched, golden

"I sense strong emanations here, presences of power and...care,"
Nyokrinn stated. "You have done well here, My dear Curupira."

"Yes, there are two humans and animals-- MY animals, including a
great tiger, an eagle, and some ferrets. They are but a stone's
throw from here, down by the water." Curupira stretched forth Her
left arm to indicate the way, scattering some flowers at Her
feet. "You will want to look in on them, I'm sure."

"Ah, yes...They live by Nature's ways. I know. I sense this."

The two great beings smiled in silent farewell. Curupira was gone
like a lightning flash. back behind a tree or into some thicket to
continue Her ongoing vigilance of the harmony in Her forest.

On Nyokrinn walked, clothed only in a loincloth of pliant tree bark
that hugged His hips and large, tight buttocks. He stopped before a
smooth, blackish-brown tree. Undoing His token garment, He
positioned Himself between the fork of this tree. His horse-hung
phallus, now rapidly hardening, wedged in between the crux of the
tree's "V". His hands, just one easily the size of two sturdy grown
men's, each clasped one side of the twinned tree as He began to
thrust and gyrate His hips. Nyokrinn sensed the tree's sap quicken
within the recesses of its trunk. Leaves above Him betrayed a
shuddering. Nyokrinn thrust and gyrated on, holding His great horned
head back as His testes, each about the size of a bull's, pulled up
tight against Him in their scrotum. Then a long, forced sigh burst
past His set of full, deep pink-red lips while His mighty cock shot
forth a thick rope of white fluid.

The semen hit the ground and vanished, to be replaced by a rivulet of
a stream, its two sides covered in a long, snaking line of violet
plants. They instantly bloomed deep purples, stretching onward by a
hundred paces or so.

Nyokrinn stopped and leaned gratefully against the tree, His long,
curving horns "clacking" against the wood. He rested a cheek on one
of the tree twins, then stepped away and moved on, deftly replacing
His loincloth while walking.

Nyokrinn's senses were on hyper-alert. Soon He heard voices, smelled
men and non-human animals in the wind against His face. He smiled.


"Dar, you know what day this surely is?" Tao asked from his sitting
place, a juicy red fruit in his hand.

"A real nice one, my man Tao. One when Ruh's belly is full and all
seems well around here for once," Dar replied while practicing fight
moves with his white staff.

"Well, yes, you're onto what I'm getting at, Dar. But, it's
something more. I remember learning when a little over a moon, or
two at most, had passed after the Equal Day of spring's growing
light, that a Day of Fullness occurs. Today's that day. In Xinca,
people got full alright-- then usually with each other as well-- and
more often than not out in the plowed fields," Tao chuckled.

Dar stopped his combat practice. He looked straight at Tao and
grinned. "We don't have any fields around here, but, um, are you
hinting at something?"

Tao grinned right back at the BeastMaster. He said nothing, just
savored the look of Dar's wide, slightly lop-sided smile.

Dar's head abruptly turned. He looked above and
around. "Something's suddenly different. We have a visitor."

Dar's thoughts reached out to his eagle companion Sharak, who circled
far above, catching the up-drafts. Through Sharak's powerful eyes,
all of Dar's senses were confirmed. Just above the encampment area
of the Sanctuary he shared with scholarly, herbal-healer Tao, Ruh the
tiger, and some other animal companions, stood a large, actually
enormous, man by a tree-- more a man-like creature. In his mind, Dar
saw this being with its long goat-like horns. A demon?

"Hello!" bellowed a deep, deep voice, drawing Ruh out of his post-
hunting-and-gorging reverie as he lay on his side near Dar.

Nyokrinn dashed down a sloping trail into the Sanctuary's center and
jumped into the pool beneath the low, splashing waterfall. Then He
was out in an instant and standing between Tao and Dar, completing a
triangle of men-- or, that is, men and a deity.

"My, the water is lovely. Everything here is, well, lovely,"
Nyokrinn stated in His calm, smooth bass voice, skin glistening wet
against the sunlight.

"And you are?" Dar asked, jaw tightening, though he did not raise his

"Nyokrinn, the Horned One, as I am most known by in these parts. I
am on my journey of the Land."

Tao stood up, gathered some thoughts whirling about in his head, and
stammered, "By the gods themselves! It's, it's You, Nyokrinn-- 'He
of the Horns'--Himself! I-- I've seen renderings of You on ancient
stone tablets, even a cave wall in the mountains above Xinca!"

"Yes, my friend, it is I of Whom you speak."

Tao walked over to Nyokrinn, feeling somehow drawn to this heretofore
mythical being, now before him in the flesh. Nyokrinn reached out a
welcoming hand and stroked the Eiron scholar's hair and neck.

Dar remained reticent, steadfast on the spot. Nyokrinn offered a
flat, open palm of welcome to Dar as well, nonetheless.

"Why do You come to this place in particular, Nyokrinn?" Dar asked.

"Ah, Dar, always ready to fight, to defend. I can readily answer
your question and any others, though I know you already have the
answers inside you. Come closer. I mean no harm, just gratitude and
admiration, for you are a powerful, caring man, as is your mate Tao

"You know my name," Dar replied, though edging a little closer.

"Yes, I do. I know the names of many, especially those who live
close to the Natural Order of things, such as yourself."

Dar moved in close enough to reach out a hand to the still dazzling-
wet, horned giant. Nyokrinn ran His hand a long Dar's outstretched
one, then up the BeastMaster's arm to finally gently grasp his neck.
The Horned One stepped closer to the two men and pulled them to His

Dar and Tao found themselves each face-to-face with a large, deep-
pink, erect nipple. The smaller man had to crane his neck and stand
with heels upraised from the ground, though he did so without thought
or effort. Nyokrinn caressed each fellow's neck like one would
softly pet a well-loved cat, such as how Dar often touched his tiger
friend Ruh. Indeed, the large feline had plodded over to the
threesome to investigate. He sniffed Nyokrinn's feet, circled
around, and rubbed the side of his enormous, furry head against the
Horned One's well-defined, thick calf. Ruh purred.

"I see Ruh likes you," Dar stated softly, lips almost touching the
luscious nipple before him. A warmth grew in his loins, traveled up
his front and entire backside, causing his face to flush.

"Yes, Ruh and I have met before. He is an ancient soul," replied
Nyokrinn, Who slid His mighty, yet tender hand down Dar's back before
resting over the BeastMaster's left buttock.

Dar closed his eyes and shuddered from a wave of pleasure, letting
his immediate desire take over. He flicked his wide tongue out
against Nyokrinn's right nipple, then moved his head to take the
succulent mound of flesh into his mouth. Dar sucked hard and grabbed
the Horned One's enormous pectoral muscle with each hand. How sweet
Nyokrinn tasted, like flowers and honey!

Nyokrinn's eyes rolled up in His head for a moment as He sighed
before pressing Tao's face against His left nipple. The Horned One
cupped Tao's butt cheeks, both fitting neatly into Nyokrinn's left
hand. Tao now sucked too, gingerly and awkwardly at first, but soon
with an ardor that matched Dar's.

Ruh licked the Horned One's calf and thigh, then sniffed his way up
to Nyokrinn's buttocks, scantily hidden under the tree bark loincloth.

Nyokrinn bent his long, thick neck and kissed each man atop his head,
lingering a bit to inhale first Dar's then Tao's unique scents. He
encircled their waists with each forearm and hand before pulling away

"I am here to celebrate the abundance of life with you both, and your
animal friends. For, as I overheard you, Tao, say earlier, this is
the annual first Day of Fullness of Spring, before Summer eases in
with Its hotter sun. Come, let us make merry through the night.

"I shall help to build a grand bonfire." Nyokrinn stepped away from
his hosts and proceeded to forage for wood.

Dar and Tao stood still, wet-lipped, eyes half closed, catching their
breaths. Then the BeastMaster shook his head out of its blissful

"Okay, Tao, let's gather wood and...have a night of it!" Dar raised
his eyebrows, smiled, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay-- whatever 'it' is, though I think I know." Tao grinned ear to

The men and Nyokrinn worked diligently, gathering branches and fallen
logs to place on a wide area of bare ground in the Sanctuary. They
collected fruits and edible plants and roots of all kinds, placing
them in dried leaf and reed baskets woven recently by Tao.

The ferrets Kodo and Podo snooped around the food, but stopped after
Tao's repeated chastisements and Dar's eventual luring of them into a
small, nearby cave. He held two plump red fruits, among other
goodies he knew they especially liked, for the two furry little
friends to wile away their time happily eating.

Thanks to Tao's handiwork with rubbing two stones together, a fire
was soon kindled. Nyokrinn tossed huge armfuls of wood onto what
fast became an impressive blaze. Tao, keeping some wits about him,
managed to bring as many water-filled gourds over not only for
drinking from, but as safe-guards, should this bonfire somehow start
to grow out of control.

Nyokrinn had momentarily disappeared, though soon returned, His arms
filled with more fruits, berries, and assorted edible gifts of the
jungle, which He added to the piles and baskets of food. A feast now
lay before the fire and hunger for all would now be out of the
question for some time.

From above, Sharak the eagle screeched and landed on a nearby tree
branch, his curiosity piqued. Dar looked up and into the eyes of his
feathered friend. For a moment, he saw Sharak the man, a regal,
tanned fellow with golden feathers in place of hair above each ear.
Dar smiled.

"Sharak says he wishes very much that he were a man tonight.
However, he will take comfort and pleasure in watching this

"Ah, that he will, and his presence here as a mighty, immortal eagle
is an honor and pleasure for Me, for us all," replied Nyokrinn, also
looking up. "He is a great being of Earth and Air, reminding us all
how the two realms are really One.

"Now, Dar and Tao. I ask you to stand here, close your eyes, and
breathe in deeply. Take in all of the scents and sounds around you,
letting them fill your loins, belly, chest, heart, and head with
their natural enchantments. The flowers intoxicate you in their full
bloom. The gravid soil fills you with a sense of fullness and
moisture. The sap of the trees quickens in your blood. You sense in
your bones how animals are joining together this night, creating more
life. The fire before you enters your loins..." Nyokrinn went on in
a seemingly rhythmic, chanting way. Dar and Tao began to sway, their
eyes closed as they filled up inside with the burgeoning essence of
their surroundings.

The light now cast a soft golden hue over everything. Dusk had
arrived. A new set of sounds throbbed in the air and along the
ground, distant yet steady. Could they be...drum beats? How, from

The Horned One answered these inner queries of his two hosts. "Your
senses are more acute than ever. Hear and feel the pulse of the
Earth? Hear those distant drumbeats? Now, every village far and
wide is celebrating this Day of Fullness. Drums of all kinds are
beating, as are the hearts of...everything!"

Dar, Tao, and Nyokrinn then sat down, close together before the now-
raging bonfire, and partook of the feast they had prepared. Tao,
stripped of his shirt, ate a red fruit with relish, the juice running
in streamlets down his chin and chest, circling around his slightly
raised, dark nipples, which accentuated them, before pooling in his
navel and stomach area. The site was not missed by Dar, who looked
over at his mate with loving, yet hungry eyes. The bigger man also
ate with gusto, his inhibitions carried off on the balmy breeze.

"You men are eating well. This is good. The bounty of the Land
returns Itself into you and, tonight, you shall give of your fullness
with Me," Nyokrinn's voice thundered gently. His large, sensual
mouth grinned in the firelight as He addressed his companions. A
shiver of anticipation tinged with fear ran through the golden honey
blonde-tressed BeastMaster.

Speechless, Tao felt a mild buzzing begin in his groin, radiating up
to his head and down to his toes. Briefly, his attention returned to
the quiet, steady drumbeats. The ground throbbed like a subtle
heartbeat: thump-thump...thump-thump.

The men and Nyokrinn feasted until they could no longer, their
stomachs sated. Dar and Tao each felt the lull of sleep which often
comes after eating so much, but this sensation somehow cleared, or,
rather, changed. They remained relaxed yet an invigoration soon
streamed through them both, pushing away any longing for rest.

Nyokrinn stood up, His imposing height framed by flames of the
bonfire behind Him. His eyes glinted in the firelight seemingly in
defiance of the new night's darkness. They cast a subtle inner
light, illuminating wide, round irises of multiple shades of green,
tinged with yellow hues, and a hint of orange. Indeed, the Horned
One's body held an inner glow, as if absorbing the firelight into
itself, casting forth a gentle bronze-colored light. Warmth emanated
from Him, His form so clearly a focal point for the bonfire, indeed
the entire Sanctuary.

Nyokrinn held out His powerful hands, the long, sturdy fingers close
together, palms facing upwards. Each hand beckoned for Dar and Tao
to come to Him. The two men, not thinking, stood up, their bodies
sticky with juices of fruits and other wild foods.

"Let us free ourselves of everything, such as our garments."
Nyokrinn took the lead, divesting Himself of His tree bark
loincloth. His pubes betrayed a scattering of small multi-colored
flowers nestled within the soft, golden curls. Flowers and hairs
grew together, inseparable. Like a relaxed, snake, Nyokrinn's
phallus flopped down from its resting place around His left hip,
dangling unselfconsciously just above His knees. There its thickness
hung between two massive, perfectly sculpted thighs. Ever so slowly,
it began to harden then lengthen.

Dar promptly undid his leather loincloth, throwing it aside as
Nyokrinn had just done with His own.

This left Tao still wearing his dirt-stained, cotton breeches. He
stood, entranced, as he watched the transformation of the Horned
One's great cock before him. Heat rushed through Tao's insides, kept
doing so, preventing any fear from overtaking him. He began to
fumble for the draw-string around the waist of his pants. Grinning,
Dar stepped close against Tao, deftly removing the flimsy clothing,
including the cotton breechclout which covered the usually modest
Eiron's private areas. The BeastMaster then bent his head down to
give Tao a quick, mischievous lick in his left ear. The smaller man
jumped, more alert now. Dar grabbed his lover's buttock, rubbed and
squeezed it, before backing away.

Now naked, a long with their forest god guest, the two men stepped
into Nyokrinn's arms. Like earlier in the day, each man's face
brushed against a mighty nipple. They both began to lick and suck,
feeling an urgent longing to do so. Again, the aroma and taste of
floral-honey sweetness permeated Dar's and Tao's mouths, throats, and
noses. More warmth, as a hand each slid down Dar's and Tao's back,
stopping to cup a buttock. Tao's entire ass was yet again almost
completely encompassed by Nyokrinn's palm and fingers. Nyokrinn
gently squeezed each man's behind, keeping to the rhythms of the
persistent, distant drumbeats.

Both men pressed themselves hard against the flesh of their
comfortingly warm and huge guest. Dar's length hardened instantly,
as did Tao's.

"Oh!" Tao let a moan escape as he began to gyrate his groin against
Nyokrinn's thigh.

Dar's golden-tanned body rubbed hard against his new friend,
instinctively falling into rhythm with the faraway drumming. He let
out a deep, long sigh, eyes now closed.

Tao and Dar now rubbed and gyrated in sync against Nyokrinn, Who
still held them fast and close by each man's ass. The two men felt
charged inside with a buzzing and throbbing.

Between the two very aroused, virile men stood Nyokrinn's long,
enormous cock, a staff of flesh pointing outward and upward into the

Sharak screeched from above, rocked side-to-side on his perch.

Nyokrinn made His next move following this call from the eagle
sentinel. He tilted His head to the left and bent His neck down to
cover His full, soft lips over Tao's. The smallish, raven-haired man
opened his eyes to just slits, though he widened his mouth as far as
he could as Nyokrinn's own encased it completely a long with the
lower part of Tao's nose. He inhaled the deity's warm, moist, sweet
breath, letting his tongue wander over large, even teeth and into the
wet cavern. He found that he could breathe just fine. Nyokrinn's
mighty, yet pliable tongue narrowed and ran all along Tao's mouth
before settling to caress the Eiron's comparatively delicate main,
inner mouth muscle. Pleasurable chills ran through Tao, shooting up
and down his entire body. He felt like water surely must feel, if it
were indeed sentient, all relaxed liquid in the embrace of this
dazzling, grand creature.

Nyokrinn pulled away to oblige Dar in the same manner as He just had
done for Tao. Dar began to return the kiss as best he could, though,
like his Eiron mate, the BeastMaster was rendered into a passive,
pleasure-flooded mass of flesh. The sensations felt indescribable,
his mind filled with only a soft and peaceful golden light.

Tao saw this lovely light behind his eyes as well.

The two men shuddered, inhaling and letting out long, deep breaths.

Nyokrinn pulled away from Dar's mouth. He brought a hand up to each
man's neck, gently turning the men to face each other, their eyes
still closed.

The distant drumming seemed to grow slightly louder for a few moments.

"Join together for some moments, my fine men," Nyokrinn not-quite
whispered, His very bass voice mellifluous in tone.

Tao and Dar touched chest to chest, cock to cock, each feeling a mass
of warm, hard flesh between them. This jolted each fellow's eyes
open, brought him back more into the present moment. All attention
for the two now focused on Nyokrinn's enormous phallus wedged against
their bodies, the almost fist-sized glans reaching Tao's Adam's apple
and Dar's upper chest area, grazing a nipple.

"I am yours to enjoy," Nyokrinn's voice gently boomed forth matter-of-
factly. He ran a hand through each man's hair, which forcelessly
seemed to guide Dar and Tao into bending his neck.

First, Tao took the plunge, the giant cock closer to his face than
Dar's. Then, a small miracle: Tao's mouth somehow-- with ease--
enveloped the whole tip of Nyokrinn's length. It filled Tao's mouth
and throat as he grabbed hold of the thick rod of flesh to push his
head further down onto it, also with unbelievable ease. The feel and
taste were intoxicating beyond any substance Tao had ever tried. He
felt aware of his own hardness as he sucked on flesh that seemed to
also fill his mind. The peaceful, golden light returned behind his
eyes, but it took on more substance, a thickness, like-- like honey
and something else, nice and warm, that he couldn't describe. For,
Tao was again transported away from everything, feeling himself
bobbing along in this mysterious, thick, mellifluous sea, while he
rhythmically moved his head up and down, his mouth so completely
filled with a soothing richness.

"Aahh! Ohh!" Nyokrinn groaned, leaning His head back, allowing His
cleft chin to point upwards at the trees and stars.

"Dar, dear man, down on your knees," Nyokrinn requested, bringing
His hand down onto the BeastMaster's smooth, thick, well-rounded
shoulder. Dar readily obliged. He edged closer to face Nyokrinn's
massive balls, which, in the firelight and from the god's inner glow,
Dar could see them slowly moving in their sac, retreating upwards
against the root of the Horned One's horse-sized cock. Dar placed
his right hand behind these balls and began to lick them. A gentle,
pungent scent of sweet musk filled his nostrils, driving the
BeastMaster into a mild frenzy to lick harder and gently nip and
suck. His mind was filled with golden light like Tao's, but his body
now tensed and heated up with pure, raw desire. Suddenly, all he
wanted was to lick and suck every part of Nyokrinn. Dar grabbed his
own hard, more-than-ample length with his free left hand. Now a new
connection was made, for he felt and saw a pulsing gold-white light
flow from his own cock through his stomach, chest, and right arm, and
out into his right hand into Nyokrinn's balls. The blonde Sula
licked faster, harder. This energy of light flowed back and forth,
emanating from the seat of Nyokrinn's man-godhood down into Dar and
back up again into the standing Horned One.

Tao now also felt and saw a circular movement of gold-white light
while his head danced about, his mouth open wider than it ever had
before, yet remaining free of pain and injury. He unceasingly held a
voluminous length of Nyokrinn's phallus-- easily the full size (only
much wider) of Dar's-- inside his mouth and throat. Tao had begun to
notice this pattern of repeated pulsing forth and receding of light
and heat after Nyokrinn had groaned, releasing a large droplet of
stickiness onto Tao's tongue. It tasted salty and sweet all at once
and the Eiron swallowed, hungering for more. Like Dar had done, Tao
grabbed hold of his own firm length with a free hand, which increased
the rate of the flow of heat and gold-white light.

Dar proceeded to lick Nyokrinn's base of His great shaft. The
BeastMaster felt the wonderful protrusion of flesh along the
underside of the god's length, the passageway through which a viscid,
white liquid had flowed time and again. Dar traveled upward along it
with his wide mouth and tongue, evoking long, drawn out moans from
Nyokrinn. Then, Dar found himself briefly touching his lips against
Tao's. The smaller man moved his head back and forth, sucking
blissfully away.

Nyokrinn placed both hands on his phallus, sliding them up from the
base towards the head, where they met the faces of the two men. He
placed a hand on a cheek of each, which stopped their engrossed,
pleasurable activity.

"Tao, oh lovely man, let Dar have a taste for a while now," Nyokrinn

Reluctantly, Tao obeyed and pulled his mouth away from Nyokrinn's
length. Once again, He ran His fingers through Dar's golden-dark
locks, which the Sula took as encouragement. He opened his mouth
wide, feeling ready to devour the firm, pulsing flesh before him.
Such lovely tastes and a slipperiness left over from Tao's saliva and
Nyokrinn's droplets of sticky fluid overtook Dar who now sucked and
flicked his tongue about over the giant cock-head. Though Dar's
mouth was naturally large and accommodating, even taking in this
god's full size, pain and gag-free, was a small miracle for the
BeastMaster as well. Dar narrowed his tongue and stuck the tip of it
into the hole of Nyokrinn's cock. The nature god moaned and sighed
deeply in response. Suddenly Dar felt and saw a blaze of heat and
white-gold light, which flooded his mind and body. He quivered all
over in sheer delight.

Meanwhile, Tao let his mouth and outstretched tongue venture down
Nyokrinn's great shaft, Tao's knees gradually bending more as he did
so. They hit the soft soil and the Eiron soon reached the Horned
One's balls. There, Tao went into a frenzy like Dar had done as he
tasted and smelled the pungent, sweet scent of musk. He licked up up
into where thigh and scrotum meet and inhaled deeply. Tao explored
further, moving a long the underside between the deity's balls and
anus. He edged himself further beneath Nyokrinn's spread legs and
placed both hands against the mighty thighs for balance and support,
thighs as sturdy as small pillars. Tao reveled in this nether
region, his mouth watering all the more as he licked onward,
eventually reaching the beginning of the god's ass crack. Feeling
bold from wild desire, he placed his hands against each side of the
long crease of Nyokrinn's shapely, far beyond ample-sized ass cheeks
and parted them. They opened for Tao with ease, as if the god had
willed them to do so. Tao felt the heat of the bonfire just behind
him. It was warm and pleasant, such that the flames seemed further
away than they actually were. Tao beheld a tawny brown-rimmed
opening before him. The entrance, a tiny hole, twitched as if
beckoning to the ever-curious Eiron. He placed a forefinger before
the hole, then gently shoved it inside. His finger slid right in,
sending waves of pleasure and anticipation through Tao. He pulled
his digit out, opened his mouth and kissed Nyokrinn's rear passage
opening. Tongue at the ready, Tao then began to rim the area,
licking the raised, outer edges at first. His licking grew faster
and he darted his tongue about, the tip directly touching the
opening, eliciting a deep moan from Nyokrinn. Tao could not get
enough of the tangy-sweet taste of the Horned One's rear opening.
Tao then eased two fingers up into the god, which also slid right
inside. Tao felt the soft, squishy ridges of flesh which squeezed
about his fingers, beckoning them to stay-- and bring in more. The
Eiron scholar inserted a third and a forth digit, feeling the deity's
opening widen in response. Soon, Tao had his entire hand up inside
this dark, moist netherworld of slippery warmth and such unique
textures. Nyokrinn had spread His legs a bit and the smallish man's
hand felt caressed by this inner wall of flesh. A new set of
sensations washed over Tao: a tingling all over, accompanied by
seeing and feeling a faint glow of a blue flame surrounding the edges
of his vision, his face, his body, ever-so subtle and gentle.

The god reached around and stroked Tao's hair and face. He then
gently grasped the wrist of the man's engulfed hand and pulled it
out. Holding onto the dark-haired, bliss-filled fellow by his
dampened hand, Nyokrinn softly pushed Tao down who bent onto all
fours between the triangle archway of the god's legs. From Tao's
vantage point, his lover Dar was perfectly framed by this archway of
great muscled limbs, more beautifully sculpted than surely any artist
could accomplish. The blonde Sula knelt on one knee while grasping
and sucking the top part of the god's mighty phallus. It had somehow
lowered down at a sloping angle towards the ground, whilst clearly
remaining engorged with blood-- or whatever coursed through the veins
of this magical being and Sanctuary guest. The site was incredible
for Tao to behold. The soft, golden glow and flicker of the bonfire
danced against the smooth, well-formed shape of Dar, whom his lover
had often privately found himself thinking of as being other-worldly,
possibly even a demigod of some sort. Dar's hard, upright cock stood
as the center, the focal point, of the entire tableau before the
Eiron's eyes.

As if sensing Tao's rapt attention on him, Dar pulled away from
sucking on Nyokrinn, peered over at his lover, and smiled. The
BeastMaster then pushed himself up with his feet, keeping his knees
bent, and let his tongue and hands travel down Nyokrinn's length as
Dar took slow steps towards Tao. The larger man reached the god's
bull-sized ball sac and briefly buried his face against it, taking in
a long, deep breath. Tao reached out and fondled Dar's cock,
starting at the head then running fingers down his length and back up

"Oh-- ahh!" Dar moaned in response, backing away from Nyokrinn's
crotch. The BeastMaster looked over at Tao, who was just a hand's
width away from him. Dar leaned forward and kissed his mate, the top
of the Sula's head grazing the god's balls.

It was as if all the strange, intense yet wonderful sensations from
the night's pleasures thus far came rushing forth all at once to
coalesce in this kiss between one man and another. Dar's mind was
blank, save being bathed in a vibrating, faint blue flame as he
grasped Tao's neck, pulling his lover in closer. Tao, also feeling
and seeing this still, yielded himself over completing, letting his
mouth be plundered, his lips sealed by the larger man's. Their
tongues darted about, slid against each other, and overlapped. Tao
held onto Nyokrinn's left calf for balance, while his right hand
roamed willy-nilly over Dar's wide, hairless chest. Tao grazed a
nipple, stopped his hand to pinch it. He felt his lover quiver in
response, bringing Tao close to the edge. He felt he'd surely burst
at any moment. The Eiron pulled away and gulped for air.

"Tao, I, I need..." Dar's voice trailed off, his eyes lidded in a
trance of desire.

Nyokrinn took a small step forward and turned His horned head to face
the men at his feet. His now green-blue eyes glowed and burned with
a fresh intensity. Neither Dar nor Tao could tell if the orange
glimmer within the pupils was due to the bonfire or an emanation from
within the god. His gray, ridged horns arched up to fade into the
night. A passerby would have found the site formidable at first,
this intense being of such virile, life-giving power. The distant
drumbeats thumped on unceasingly.

"Now, you shall even further unite with me," Nyokrinn boomed, His
voice a deep, gentle thunderclap. Seemingly in response, Sharak let
out a shriek from just overhead. The god turned His back again to
Dar and Tao, then squatted down on all fours, spreading His legs wide.

"Come forth in all your ready manhood. Let your heart and eager
flesh be your guide. I am ready and waiting!"

Dar and Tao stepped towards the enormous buttocks facing them, a body
of two full, golden moons of flesh. Tao knelt to the left of
Nyokrinn's backside, Dar to His right. The two men began to caress
this mass of shapely flesh, enjoying the subtle indentation on the
side of each ass cheek. Their hands wandered to the cleft. This
time, Dar went first, moving a hand into the crease, fingering the
passage opening. Nyokrinn grunted, a tone of urging and command
behind it. The BeastMaster did not hesitate. Holding his cock, he
eased it into the god, Who seemed to pull it inward like a hungry
infant suckling at its mother's breast.

"Ah!" Dar yelped in pleasure and surprise.

Tao edged closer, holding his throbbing cock, his arm up against
Dar's. The Eiron looked down at himself. He'd never thought his
manshaft could get so large; it was so full, hard, and ready.

Dar took Tao by the cock and gently pulled him forward. He wedged
himself up against Nyokrinn and his mate. Tao placed his left leg in
between Dar's slightly spread pair. The god leaned His arms and head
down against the ground, spread His legs ever-so-slightly more. The
Eiron beheld an open view of Nyokrinn's Dar-filled passage, yet the
hole was now large and not quite full. With the BeastMaster's left
arm placed over Tao's shoulders, the smaller man grabbed his own cock
once again and eased himself into the god. The passage entrance
stretched to surround itself 'round the Eiron's full length. For a
moment, Tao wondered if he could breathe. He was so close against
Dar and his manshaft so snugly enveloped while wedged side-by-side to
his mate's. One side of his cock felt a slippery, warm, damp wall of
flesh; the other felt the familiar, comforting hardness of Dar.

"Breathe, my dear little man," Nyokrinn's voice rolled forth, again
like gentle thunder.

Tao inhaled deeply, and everything changed. He felt nicely held and
relaxed now. The glow of blue flame shined more brightly in his mind
while the heat spreading over him grew warmer by just a notch.

"Let's move together," Dar whispered into Tao's left ear before
nibbling the lobe. The BeastMaster also felt a spreading heat over
him intensify slightly and saw more blue flame glowing behind his
eyes and over everything.

"Okay," Tao whispered back. On impulse, Dar leaned over to capture
his true love's mouth with his own. Their lips softened against each
other while tongues met to briefly dance. Dar pulled away and

"Great!" Dar declared.

He kept hold of Tao's shoulders as the two began to pull out then
thrust up inside of Nyokrinn.

"Yesss!" Nyokrinn hissed and thundered.

Tao encircled Dar's waist his his right arm. He turned to look into
the BeastMaster's eyes, his face so close against his mate's.

Dar met Tao's gaze and moved his arm down to hold the Eiron by the
waist as well.

"I love you," Dar stated, his face serious.

Tao had heard those words many times from his lover, had said them to
Dar as well-- but never in a moment such as this.

"Yesss!" Nyokrinn boomed in affirmation to Dar's simple declaration,
and tightened His anus against the men's cocks.

Tao took no time to reply. In unison with Dar, he pulled back and
thrust, pulled back and thrust.

The sensations now overtaking the men multiplied in amount and
intensity. Joltings of pleasure shot through Dar and Tao, from penis
tips to their heads and toes. Soon, everything was cast more-so in a
blue-ish glow for the two men. Each grasped the other more tightly
and, with his free hand, held fast to a buttock of Nyokrinn's. Their
thrusts grew harder, faster.

"Mmmm," the Horned One groaned, which ended in a throaty growl. He
remained smooth and dry, though droplets of sweat fell on His back
from those penetrating Him.

The Eiron and the BeastMaster each glistened now with a wet sheen.
The distant drumbeats picked up in tempo. Cock against cock, the tow
men pumped in and out to a fever pitch. They felt filled with blue
fire, all thoughts burned away. Heat and inner fire intensified even
further, pooling more hotly and brightly in each fellow's bowels,
balls, and manshaft.

"Uh! Ahhh!" Dar and Tao yelled simultaneously. A pleasant heat swept
through them, fresh fire added to what they already felt and saw,
running from cocks through their bodies then back again into their

Nyokrinn roared into the night. The fire behind them hissed and
crackled. He pushed Himself further up against Dar and Tao. The
Horned One tightened His anus yet again, squeezing out the pent-up
pleasure from his two lovers. So close to the edge now, Dar and Tao
each tensed up before thrusting one last time.

The blue flame within the BeastMaster and the Eiron had grown molten
in intensity like lava. The two men stopped, bursting forth from

"Aaahh!" they screamed. Dar and Tao bucked forward, overtaken by
explosion after explosion out of their cocks. They twitched, bucked
some more, jerking this way and that, yet still holding fast to each
other and Nyokrinn. Into the Horned One streamed their seed, their
inner substance.

Nyokrinn now burst from within as well. His enormous body shuddered
as His phallus shot forth thick, white liquid in large spurts, which
flooded the ground beneath His belly and chest.

"AHHH! Mmm!" Nyokrinn roared, easily as loud as Ruh the tiger could.

After a seemingly timeless period, the explosions subsided away,
leaving a spent Dar and Tao to fall forward against the wide,
generous back of the Horned One. The nature god lay flat against the
Sanctuary soil, while keeping his legs spread wide.

The BeastMaster came to as if from a dream, looked over at his mate.
Tao's eyes remained closed, but a widening grin betrayed that he was
not asleep.

Dar reached over and touched Tao's face, so serene, this man he loved
like water and air, the essentials for life itself.

Tao's eyes slowly opened, their hazel green deep pools of calm trust
and quiet joy.

"I love you, Dar," Tao said softly. "This is a night I'll-- I'll
never forget."

Just then, Sharak let out a piercing shriek and swooped down to perch
tightly on the top of one of Nyokrinn's horns, just where it curved
into a wide arc before ending in a downward-facing point. This noise
jolted both men out of their quiet bliss. The massive body shifted
beneath the two men.

"I heed the reminder of Sharak," the god said, breaking the calmness
further while the faraway drumbeats continued. "This night is far
from over. You men gave of your seed into me. Now, let me join with
each of you, to complete our union on this Night of Fullness."

Dar and Tao slid off of their mighty, pleasure-giving guest. They
stood up, as did the Horned One, and looked at each other, both of
their faces showing furrowed brows of puzzlement.

Sharak shrieked again, more softly this time, his dark brown-gold
feathers glinting in the firelight as he still grasped onto
Nyokrinn's right horn for a perch. The eagle tilted his head,
looking down intently at the BeastMaster, before he twitched his
beaked face just so to eye the smaller, dark-haired man. Then,
Sharak opened his wings, their span easily the width of Dar's arms
when fully outstretched from his sides. With a "whooshing" and
light "whipping" sound, the eagle beat his wings against the air,
released his grip from the horn perch, and flew back up into the

"Now, Dar, you shall go first, oh BeastMaster," Nyokrinn said in His
tiger-like voice, so deep, penetrating, all-encompassing. Dar,
though more alert now, still felt warm and calm, as if he glowed all
over with a gentle, blue flame. The Horned One stepped forward and
placed His giant hands on Dar's shoulders. Then, He stroked the
BeastMaster's face, neck, back, and buttocks before settling one hand
on Dar's cock, the other over his chest. All over again, the tall,
lithe-muscled man was suddenly hard, charged inside by the mysterious
inner blue fire and by Nyokrinn's touch, so warm, solid, yet tender.
In the blink of an eye, Nyokrinn swept Dar off his feet, his sides
gripped firmly by this beautiful, magical being. Nyokrinn's phallus
slowly hardened. He knelt down and lay the BeastMaster on his back,
grabbed each of Dar's ankles and spread his legs wide.

Thus began yet another miracle. Into Dar's rear passage the Horned
One entered, filling the great Sula with even more inner warmth and
blue fire. Dar saw nothing before him, save for Nyokrinn's large
eyes. They glowed blue-green now and everything else was sheer blue
light. For just a moment, though, through this veil of blue flame-
light, Dar saw a slip of night's darkness and the soft, wavering glow
of the bonfire. In this moment of lucidity, he thought he saw Ruh
the tiger a short distance away-- with another tiger, mounting it,
grabbing the back of its neck in his jaws. But, the image quickly
faded into the omnipresent blue.

When Dar was completely penetrated, filled with a pliable, firm
length snaking about up inside him, pulsing waves of heat and
comforting pressure radiated throughout his body. The BeastMaster
saw flashes of light: giant sparks of multiple colors against the
back drop of blue: red, orange, yellow, green...all the primary hues
he had ever seen and then some. The colors danced behind his eyes
and before them. These assorted sparks emitted patches of extra
warmth in the air and against his skin from face to toes. He sensed
the crown of his head seeming to open up, releasing, yet also
receiving, a white light into the amorphous blue. Dar vaguely knew
he was moving, being pulled back and forth.

He no longer knew who he was, as now a heavy, comforting heat and
multi-colored fire-- laced throughout with the blue flame-- bathed
over and into him. Dar never wanted this to end, could have lain
still for an eternity, but end it eventually did. His hard, tensing
cock reminded him of this and of what and who he was.

"Oh! Ooh!" Dar croaked out some moans. His mouth was then covered.
He welcomed the caressing, moist tongue, which eased down his throat,
but somehow did not gag or suffocate him.

Then the flashes of colors burst here and there like exploding
stars. Dar pumped hard against the warm flesh inside him and outside
against his cock. With each explosion of color, he grew tenser, just
ever-closer to the edge. For a moment, Dar wondered if he was dying,
if this was what happened when leaving one's body, this world.
Instinctively, he reached out, grasping at something, anything. He
found two things of hardness, something for each hand to hold tightly
onto-- tree branches? But, these shreds of rational thought quickly
burned away.

He held on tightly now, feeling vibrating and tingling sensations,
then jolts of pleasure, all originating from his cock, anus, and
bowels, which traveled through the rest of him, up and around his
face and scalp. Every part of Dar was....humming, down to each
particle of his being. He felt his face being caressed by a moist,
tender pressure and licked, which intensified the pervasive buzzing
and humming. Still he held on to the horns. Yes, that was it--
horns! Then, his hands were wrenched free of thier handles to the
physical world. Dar soon felt his left nipple and surrounding muscle
area being sucked and nipped, which sent even more jolts of pleasure
and new sparks of light through his mind and body. Next, a wide wet
tongue of gentle fire slid across his chest to meet his right nipple
before then descending against his belly (to linger for a while in
his navel) and, finally, his cock. His entire length grew wet and
warmer, as it was briefly held and sucked. More pleasure jolts and
sparks. Dar felt a gushing heat issue forth deep within him, his
bowels, his inner core. His body unable to hold back any longer, Dar
shuddered and came, feeling obliterated into shooting geysers of pure
pleasure. He spasmed uncontrollably, screamed silently into the
aether. There was no Dar, just pure streams of liquid, blue fire,
shooting this way and that, wracking and ripping through a mere blob
of flesh, into a massive expanding universe of warm, gentle blue.
This was heaven, paradise, nirvana or some such place, but Dar
couldn't hold onto any passing thought. He just felt, and was...

Slowly, the BeastMaster coalesced inside back into solid flesh. He
felt the soil beneath him, heard someone screaming (his own voice?),
felt waves of warmth and pleasure gently wash over him, grow weaker,
ebb away. He recalled the ripples of a pond against its bank when he
was a child, how they subsided after a a while when the stone he'd
thrown into the water had long sunk far beneath the surface. He
breathed deeply and freely, taking in gulps of air. He was alive,
yes, alive and somewhere, yes, here in the Sanctuary. He
remembered. He was Dar, the BeastMaster, last of the Sulas, lover of
a beautiful raven-haired man, Tao. He was...at peace. He heard the
distant drumbeats, felt his stomach and chest coated with a


He opened his eyes, saw Tao's face hovering over him, eyes filled
with concern, mouth twitching in confusion, uncertain whether to
smile or frown.

Dar reached up to touch that familiar, so comforting face. Tao
grasped Dar's hand, lay the side of his face into the BeastMaster's
open, sweaty palm.

"I am here and, I believe, all the better for it." Dar replied

"Oh, Dar, you sure went somewhere else, my love!"

"I sure did. But, then, I also didn't."

"Indeed. Well-said," Nyokrinn stated, pulling His length out of the

For a moment, Dar felt empty inside, hollowed out. This sensation
soon cleared away, however, and a pleasant warmth returned.

Nyokrinn stood up and stepped over to Tao.

"You have witnessed what you shall now have and feel, my dear little
man of many thoughts," Nyokrinn said, his voice a deep, soft rumble
as if a tiger or lion were quietly talking.

Tao stared back at the god, the beginnings of fear rising up in his
belly and throat.

"Um, uh, I--" Dar stopped this starting of Tao's nervous chatter by
tenderly taking him by the right ankle.

"Lie down, right beside me, Tao, my love, and everything will be
fine, beyond wonderful even," Dar said, the languid, contented look
in his eyes affirming this statement. "Trust me. I'd never
encourage you to do something that would harm you in any way, my dear
man Tao."

The Eiron lay down beside his lover, closed his eyes and took a deep

"Yes, you are learning quickly, my wonderful man," Nyokrinn said as
He knelt down over the smaller form. His great phallus hardened,
loomed over Tao, whose legs were now held upright and apart. The
Horned One placed an ankle of the man's over each of His mighty
shoulders. Then, He reached over and stuck a finger into Tao's rear

Dar watched intently, his shoulder and arm against Tao's.

The Eiron's face relaxed, grew slack. His eyes glazed over.

The next extended period of time was a great witnessing for Dar. He
now knew this, from immediate, direct experience, to be a great,
sacred rite. He paid rapt attention as Nyokrinn's enormous cock
entered Tao with inexplicable ease. Tao moaned softly. The nature
god leaned over further and slowly began to gyrate and thrust. Dar
knew just what Tao was surely feeling. Dar thought that, within the
flickering light from the bonfire, he detected a faint smile on his
mate's face, whose length had now fully hardened.

And so this divine union went on, the BeastMaster occasionally
lightly touching his lover's arm, brow, and chest. Nyokrinn covered
the smallish man with His massive form, kissing and licking Tao's
entire face, neck, nipples. Like He had done to Dar, He enveloped
the Eiron's nipples and surrounding chest area with His mouth and
sucked and nipped. Tao's entire chest and stomach were licked and
kissed, with a little extra time spent on the Eiron's navel. Lastly,
Nyokrinn flexibly bent Himself over Tao's cock which He briefly
sucked, taking it all down His throat.

The BeastMaster found himself, surprisingly, considering his constant
throes of passion and huge releases of the night thus far, hardening
up while he watched Tao squirm in ecstasy, seemingly lost to this
world like Dar had just been.

"Oh! Ahhh!" Tao yelled. Soon, he was screaming, though not in pain.
Dar sensed the overflowing, almost bursting place his mate had now
surely reached. Indeed, Tao's cock twitched, pulsing upward and
outward, hardening and lengthening further. Nyokrinn reached down
and stroked it, evoking more yelps and belly-deep groans and screams
from the Eiron.

Dar propped himself up on his side and absentmindedly fondled his
manshaft while he watched.

The drumbeats rolled a long from far and wide, seeming to travel on
the light breeze.

A low growl from the outer edges of the firelight drew Dar's
attention away for a moment. He turned to see Ruh still mounting his
mate whom he had found and brought back with him to the Sanctuary.

Everything hummed along with an ever-present warmth. The Sanctuary
had become a place of couplings and loving pleasure.

Dar jerked back around to Tao, as the latter man screamed one long,
final time before tensing up and shaking all over. Out of his cock
spouted an arching stream of viscid, white man-juice, some landing
against Dar's shoulder. Dar craned his neck to lick at it, a sticky,
warm, lightly salty feel and taste permeated his mouth and nose.
More of the white liquid shot forth out of Tao, though each stream
grew shorter, eventually ceasing. The Eiron bucked up and down, from
side to side, while his back alternately arched and relaxed. His
head lolled about.

In unison with Tao's orgasms, Nyokrinn roared as He too came,
releasing His magical seed into Tao. He grasped the smallish man's
inner thighs, threw His mighty, hairless, horned head back and let
His long-winded roar pierce the night. The dark-haired Eiron kept
bucking and jerking about, his breath deep but uneven, little moans
and whimpers occasionally escaping past his lips.

Finally, stillness. Both Tao and the Horned One had stopped moving.

Dar reached over to touch Tao again, but the nature god took the
Eiron's limp arms and pulled him up into a sitting position,
embracing the raven-haired scholar. Tao's head lay against a
shoulder of Nyokrinn's, like a child in the arms of a caring adult.

"Come," the Horned One beckoned to Dar who crawled on hands and knees
over to the two. "Cover him from behind with yourself, oh great
BeastMaster," Nyokrinn requested.

The Sula man did so, feeling the now very familiar intense warmth
radiating from Tao and the nature deity. Dar's chest, midriff, and
groin were flush against his mate. The BeastMaster's arms not only
held his lover, but grasped the massive shoulders of Nyokrinn. The
Horned One's long arms fully encircled both men. Dar enjoyed the
god's firm hold along his upper back. The blue firelight and its
heat returned for the BeastMaster in his mind and body, but in a less
intense way than before.

The three held each other like this, Tao nicely wedged between his
mate and Nyokrinn, the Eiron still being pleasantly filled up inside
by Him. Dar always felt content and secure while protectively
covering, with his own body, his true love from behind like this.

Nyokrinn began to stir. He released His grip around the BeastMaster,
grasped Tao's slender hips, and pulled His now flaccid phallus out of
the Eiron's rear passage.

Tao took a loud breath and opened his eyes. Dar was there to catch
him as he began to droop forward, a vague, weak attempt to reach for
the retreating Nyokrinn.

Instinctively, the BeastMaster brought his arms around Tao's waist.
He pulled the Eiron into his lap, nuzzled his face into Tao's neck.
Dar knew how Tao felt at this moment, knew how the sense of emptiness
inside would soon clear away, to then fill with warmth instead.


Tao reached up to stroke his lover's honey-blonde locks.

"Yes, I'm here, again...with you," Tao replied with deliberation. A
smile formed on his lips. "By the gods-- the Great Horned One-- I'm
here, more than ever," he whispered deeply.

Nyokrinn stood nearby, now towering over, yet again, His two sitting
hosts-- though who truly was the host was debatable, owing to the
Horned One's being, for eons, the god of, and over, all the woods and
jungles across all the lands, the Land.

"Oh, rise up, good men, before I depart from here," Nyokrinn
beckoned, his arms outstretched.

Dar and Tao did so, walking over to the god, their arms around each
other's waist. With no further instructions, they joined hands with
the Horned One, forming a circle.

"I leave you to your love." Nyokrinn then released His friends'
hands, looked intently into the eyes of each man, turned away, and
walked off into the night.

Dar and Tao exchanged a long, tender embrace.

"Let's go to sleep. I feel great, but I'm tired," Tao stated.

"Yes, let's do that, Tao, my love."


Tao awoke in the early morning light, his entire backside snuggled up
against Dar. They lay together in their most frequent, favorite
position for sleeping. Ruh lay before him, eyes closed, his mate
still present, who leaned still and quiet against the BeastMaster's
feline friend.

Tao felt something beneath him: flowers. He noticed a major change
to things. A rainbow coloring of flowering plants blanketed the
ground in strips and patches. Most of them grew, rooted in their
places, as if they had been planted as seeds or seedlings a moon or
two ago. He recognized violets, a few assorted orange, yellow, pink,
red, and white lilies, but the others, so varied in color, shape, and
size from each other, he did not know, could not recall seeing before.

Embers crackled from the remains of a great fire. Kodo and Podo
happily and greedily foraged about among a layout of fruits and
numerous other edible items from the jungle-forest.

Memories of the previous night flooded back into Tao's mind. The
drumming had ceased, replaced now by bird calls and chatterings and
other animal sounds. Not knowing what else to do, Tao smiled and
snuggled his naked body back against Dar, who stirred. The
BeastMaster's arms around the Eiron loosened and the larger man's
weight shifted. Suddenly, Tao lay flat on his back with Dar atop him.

"Good morning," Dar seemed to purr out this greeting.

"Good morning, Dar," Tao smiled, his eyes betraying a sparkle.

The BeastMaster nuzzled his face into Tao's neck, eliciting a giggle
from the darker, smaller man.

"Ticklish as always," Dar said with a mischievous grin.

"Yes, and you always manage to look great in the morning, even after
a night of--"

"Fun?" the BeastMaster interjected.

"Yes, fun, and more, if I may say so, love."

"Well, then, I say we start this day with some," Dar said, then
brought his mouth against Tao's, plunging his tongue into it.

Tao could not-- did not want to-- resist. He invited this sudden
ardor of Dar's with his own, feeling himself grow hard against Dar's
warm weight.

Dar hardened up instantly as his tongue hungrily darted about in
Tao's mouth, to finally settle against his lover's tongue and rest
there for a bit.

Tao moved his hand down, wedged it in between he and Dar, and felt
the BeastMaster's cock.

Dar pulled his face away and rolled his back onto the ground,
exchanging positions with Tao.

"My, aren't we frisky this morning?" Tao grinned.

"Uh, huh," Dar grinned back, his eyes looking brightly into the

The tall Sula slid his hands down Tao's slender back, stopping to
grab an ass cheek. He began to rub up against the smaller man, who
produced the slightest of moans. Dar positioned himself just so,
bringing his manshaft flush against Tao's.

Tao kissed his large lover, taking the BeastMaster's upper lip into
both of his, letting his tongue slide over the captured flesh.

Dar responded with a contented, "Mmm."

He pressed two fingers against the firm spot behind Tao's scrotum, in
between his legs.

"Oh, Dar!" Tao gasped as he rubbed hard and fast against his lover.
He gripped Dar behind each shoulder as he pumped to and fro, cock
against cock, though his balls a bit forward from Dar's, which added
some other pleasing sensations.

A thick droplet of moisture seeped out of each fellow's manshaft,
providing some light, pleasant lubrication to the lovemaking.

With his free arm and hand, the BeastMaster clasped Tao's waist,
returning each pelvic rub with his own.

"Dar, I'm-- oh, ah!"

"Me too!" Dar panted and opened his mouth while looking longingly at

Tao lay his mouth against Dar's and tongues quickly met and thrust
about. Then the Eiron pulled his face slightly back, keeping his
eyes intently focused on his lover's gray-blue ones.

"Oh, yeah!" Dar rumbled deeply.

"Uh, huh!" Tao almost shouted.

First Dar tensed up, followed a moment later by Tao. A spreading
warmth covered the skin over Tao's stomach and lower chest. He felt
Dar's whole body shake, his pelvis buck up off the ground. The Eiron
then came hard and fast against the smooth man beneath him.

Collapsing onto Dar, he squeezed his lover's shoulders as he
continued to orgasm.

Dar grabbed Tao's buttocks hard as his own spasms of pleasure

The larger man then moved his hands up and ran them through Tao's
thick, black hair. Dar kissed Eiron's mouth, his cheeks, licked and
nibbled his earlobe.

Tao returned the BeastMaster's generous kisses, stopping to give a
lingering, soft, and deep mouth-to-mouth one.

Their balls and cocks spent of seed for now, the two men lay still,
holding each other tenderly.

"Dar, my lovely man?" Tao asked after a short silence.

"Yes, my dear man of many questions?" Dar replied, smiling.

"Really, now, do you remember yesterday afternoon and last night, who
came to visit, and what transpired?"

'Transpired. Always using a big word or two,' Dar mused before
responding. "Well, I think I remember a lot of the afternoon and
into the night. I recall there being much pleasure, with you always
there with me, and that meeting with the Horned One. Oh, what's?"

"Nyokrinn. He is best known as Nyokrinn," Tao quickly
answered. "Incredible, wasn't He?"

"Yes, Nyokrinn. Incredible to say the least! But, remember too, He
went away as quickly as He came, leaving you and me together...with
our love."